How to Automate Pinterest Pins Like a Pro?

6 min readFeb 28, 2024
Learn all about how to automate Pinterest pins.
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The constant churn of content creation and scheduling on Pinterest can be really time-consuming. That’s where you need to start thinking about automating Pinterest pins. However, before we delve into robots taking over your account, let’s be clear: Excessive automation is against Pinterest’s community guidelines. So, this article will cover some safe ways and tips to automate Pinterest pins as a way of Pinterest automation. We want to enhance our strategy by freeing up time for the creative spark humans bring, not replace human connection.

So, how do we automate Pinterest pins like pros while staying in Pinterest’s good graces? There are actually two main aspects: automating the content creation and posting, but there are a lot of details into both. So buckle up, because we’re about to delve into advanced methods and strategies you won’t find everywhere.

Automate Pinterest Pins via Automating Your Pinterest Content

Achieving Pinterest automation through automating your pin creation process can be done in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

1. Batch Your Content to Automate Pinterest Pins

One of the easiest ways to automate Pinterest pins is to batch-create your content. And for this, first comes in the content creation. Dedicate specific days to create stunning, high-resolution visuals and write compelling captions for a week or month’s worth of pins. This allows you to batch-create content efficiently and avoid the last-minute scramble. And to speed up this process, you can always benefit from pin templates.

2. Use Pin Templates to Automate Pinterest Pins

Using pin templates to batch-create pins for different topics and niches is another way to automate Pinterest pins. This way, you can save time and maintain a consistent identity on Pinterest.

Pin templates are pre-designed layouts that you can use to create pins quickly and easily. You can use templates to create pins for different purposes, such as:

  • Promoting your products or services,
  • Sharing tips or advice,
  • Educating your audience,
  • Inspiring your followers, and
  • Entertaining your fans.
Pin templates help you automate Pinterest pins.
Spoiler alert: There’s a Pinterest automation tool that offers pin templates.

3. Automate Pinterest Pins by Creating Pins From Different Sources

Cloud storage: You can use cloud storage platforms like Google Photos to store the images and videos you want to pin.

Other social media platforms: You can also use other social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, to create pins from your posts, stories, tweets, or videos.

The article below talks about creating pins from other social media posts through the example of Instagram:

4. Let AI Help You Automate Pinterest Pins

Generative AI is the big thing nowadays, and it seems like it’ll stay on top for a while. So why not benefit from it? Get your titles and descriptions written by a text generator, for example, and you’ll benefit from the power of artificial intelligence to help you automate Pinterest pins.

It will not only help you find the most relevant keywords for your pins, but you can also use it to generate your hashtags, both of which contribute to the increased visibility of your pins.

Now that we’ve discussed the content creation step of automating Pinterest pins, the next step is posting.

Automating Pinterest Pins Through Auto-Posting and Scheduling Pins

There are two ways to schedule pins in advance: using Pinterest’s native features or using third-party tools. But to utilize scheduling, you first need a content calendar, and know how to utilize your boards efficiently.

A Calendar is a Must to Automate Pinterest Pins

Planning is key! Develop a content calendar specifically for your Pinterest strategy. This calendar should map out your pin ideas in advance, including themes, topics, and visuals. By planning ahead, you can batch-create content and schedule pins efficiently. It will also allow you to stick with the best time to post on Pinterest to get the maximum exposure and engagement.

Advanced Tip: Integrate your Pinterest content calendar with your overall marketing calendar. This ensures your pins align with broader campaign goals and create a cohesive brand message across all platforms.

Automate Pinterest Pins by Scheduling Pins to Multiple Boards

Scheduling pins to multiple boards at once saves time when cross-promoting content across different boards. Optimize your boards to increase their visibility and attract your target audience. Utilize relevant keywords in your board titles and descriptions, and ensure your board covers are visually appealing and accurately reflect the content within.

Using Pinterest’s Native Scheduling to Automate Pinterest Pins

Pinterest allows you to schedule your pins in advance using its native pin scheduling feature. You can do this from your desktop or mobile app. Then, you can view, edit, or delete your scheduled pins from the “Scheduled Pins” tab on your profile.

This allows you to schedule your pre-created pins for optimal engagement times. And to find these times, you can analyze your analytics– it could be specific days of the week or times of the day.

However, it comes with some limitations. First, you can only schedule your pins natively on Pinterest if you have a business account. Moreover, you can only schedule them up to 30 days in advance, and have a maximum of 10 scheduled pins at once.

Using Third-Party Pinterest Automation Tools to Automate Pinterest Pins

Due to these limitations, you may want more flexibility and features while scheduling your pins. For that, you can use third-party tools that integrate with Pinterest. But why not go for a one-stop shop that helps you with all these processes if you’ve already decided to use an external tool? Let’s name that Swiss army knife: Circleboom Publish.

As a Pinterest automation tool, if not the best Pinterest automation tool, Circleboom Publish offers much more than just a Pinterest scheduler. Instead, it also helps a ton while creating Pinterest pins too.

  • It has Canva as built-in, coming in with pin templates to streamline it all down to one dashboard. It also integrates with your Google Photos, allowing you to post your pins directly from there.
  • It works for multiple platforms on top of Pinterest, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so that you can always go for cross-posting.
  • Circleboom has ChatGPT integrated, so the fanciness of AI is here as a Pinterest description generator, including the ability to add emojis and hashtags, set the tone of voice, and even translate your existing texts.
  • When it comes to scheduling, you can set your own calendar or pick the best times to post, automatically given by the platform, with a single click. Then all you need to do is put your pins in queues.
  • You don’t have to have a Pinterest business account, neither are you limited with the number of scheduled posts or dates you can schedule them for.
  • It also allows you to manage multiple Pinterest accounts and boards simultaneously, saving you from the hassle of logging out and back in time and time again.
Circleboom is one of the best Pinterest automation tools to automate Pinterest Pins.

The best part? It offers a 14-day free trial for you to experience all these for yourself to automate Pinterest pins both via content creation and scheduling.

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To automate your Pinterest pins effectively, you need to automate your content creation and posting processes. Though there are several ways to do that, using an all-in-one tool like Circleboom will help you automate Pinterest pins while saving time and effort.

Remember, automation is a tool, not a magic wand. While it can free up your time, don’t neglect the human element. Personalize your content, respond to comments, and engage with the Pinterest community to maintain authenticity and build lasting connections.




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