Pinterest Management: 8 Tips to organize Pinterest boards!

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Did you know that 433 million use Pinterest every month? Pinterest is the destination place where individuals come for fresh ideas and try new things. Most of the Pinterest users come to the platform to get inspired before their purchase actions.

By constructing an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, you can easily reach a new audience, boost your online presence, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions such as sign-ups for newsletters, ticket promotion, and sales.

Indeed, 80% of weekly Pinners have found a new business or product on Pinterest. And according to Pinterest figures, the volume of Pinners and boards is expanding year after year.

But it isn’t easy to stand out from your competitors. One of the essential know-how to be successful is to know how to manage Pinterest boards. In this blog, we explain the best ways to manage multiple Pinterest boards and pins so that you can take your Pinterest strategy to the next level.

Then, let us start by explaining what are Pinterest boards and pins in detail.

What are Pinterest boards and Pins?

A Pin is the main post that has been published on Pinterest. Pins are the bookmarks that individuals use on Pinterest to save stuff they like. They can be photos or videos, and they can be linked back to the original source, just like a website bookmark. Users can browse for Pins, save their favorites, and learn more by clicking on a Pin.

Pinterest boards are virtual mood boards. You can use boards to save, gather, and organize your Pins. Many people use boards to organize their Pins by subject or theme. You may, for example, construct a board for the planning of a new product line, an event, or decoration inspiration.

How to create a Pinterest board?

If you use Pinterest for business purposes, make sure that you have a business account, as it allows you to use different tools and features like Pinterest Analytics.

If you opened a personal account for professional reasons on Pinterest, you can convert it to a business account. Your following and Pins will stay the same as you switch, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

If you don’t know how to create a board from your business profile, you can check the guide here created by Pinterest.

Also, you may also need to know how to delete Pinterest pins and boards. If you do, please check our detailed guide here:

How to manage Pinterest boards?

If you want to take your Pinterest strategy to the next level and be an expert on how to manage Pinterest like a pro, we recommend you check the tips below.

#1 Make use of different types of boards

Different kinds of boards can help you manage Pinterest boards with a specific goal.

Group boards are similar to ordinary boards; the difference is multiple users can post content to these boards. Since everybody can collaborate, this format is great for marketers who want to communicate ideas or goals with their crew.

A secret board is only visible to the creator and invited members. You’ll notice a lock icon next to the board title when you make one. Secret boards are great for private planning; for instance, if you want to create a digital mood board for your upcoming launch, you can create a secret board and collaborate with your team as you work on it.

You can manage Pinterest boards with your collaborators as a secret board before making them public.
You can manage Pinterest boards with your collaborators as a secret board before making them public.

Protected boards, like secret boards, remain at the end of your Pinterest account and are only visible to you. But, if a Pinner has a direct link, the Pins on the protected boards can be viewed on Pinterest.

#2 Manage Pinterest boards in one place

If you have multiple Pinterest accounts with multiple boards, things can get messy and disorganized quickly. You have to switch accounts every time you need to post something.

If you are tired of this mess and want to manage Pinterest boards of your different accounts in one place, Circleboom Publish is the best answer for you. The tool allows you to connect multiple accounts to its dashboard and manage Pinterest boards on a single dashboard.

You can post or schedule your content directly from Circleboom Publish. If you want to post the same content to different boards, Circleboom also allows you to do that.

Circleboom’s Pinterest scheduler
You can manage multiple Pinterest profiles and boards on Circleboom

What’s more, if your post isn’t ready yet, Circleboom Publish offers you a ready-to-use template with the best sizes for Pinterest. You can design your content using this template and the features of Canva, one of the best design tools.

Circleboom offers handy social media templates
You can select a ready-to-use Pinterest pin template

With Canva’s unlimited graphic features, you can enhance your Pinterest pins. If you manage Pinterest boards for different accounts, it may get harder to create eye-catching content consistently.

At this point, you can get help from the built-in version of the Canva design tool. So, with Circleboom Publish, you can manage the whole process starting from the designing to publishing or scheduling on a single dashboard.

Canva extension on Circleboom Publish
You can design eye-catching content for your Pinterest posts using the built-in design tool, Canva on Circleboom Publish.

#3 Organize your Pinterest boards into sections

You need to be organized and bring order out of chaos if you want to be successful on Pinterest. If that is what you are looking for, Pinterest Board sections are the answer for you.

You can create logical sections based on your preferred categorization to offer your visitors a way to find exactly what they need. Board sections are one of the key features to manage Pinterest boards in a more organized way.

manage pinterest boards, how to manage Pinterest boards, Pinterest boards and Pins
You can create sections under a specific board to manage Pinterest boards in a more organized way.

For instance, let’s say you have a home decoration business and want to create a board for living room decoration. You can create specific sections for different styles like minimalist, bohemian or modern so that your visitors can easily find what they are interested in.

Or, if you want to create a board for your upcoming launch, you can create sections for different products where you can add detailed product shots of each item.

Below, you can find the mini-guide for creating sections to manage Pinterest boards.

  • Open your Pinterest account.
  • Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the page. Then select the board you want to organize.
  • At the bottom of your screen, click the + icon, and select “Section.”
  • Give your section a name, and click Add.
  • At the top of your board, click “Organize” and pick the Pins you wish to transfer to your section. Then, select “Move” from the top of the screen.
  • Click the “Save” button next to the section where you wish to relocate your Pins.

#4 Schedule Pins to manage Pinterest boards

If you want your boards to attract more visitors and increase their visibility, you need to provide consistent content. As the number of your boards increases, it gets harder to manage Pinterest boards.

At this point, I highly recommend you to check the ultimate social media management tool, Circleboom Publish, to schedule your Pins for all your boards. As you schedule your pins in one sit, it gets relatively easier to manage Pinterest boards and pins.

You can determine the exact date and time for Circleboom Publish to auto-post your content. What you can do is, once your content for the upcoming week is ready, you can dedicate a time slot to schedule your pins with Circleboom Publish.

You can check the tutorial below to learn how to manage Pinterest boards with Circleboom Publish.

Or, you can create a post queue with Circleboom Publish. All you need to do is set the timing preferences for your pins and add your posts to the queue. Then, Circleboom Publish will auto-post your content at the exact time you designated.

Queue settings on Circleboom
Set your time intervals and let Circleboom share your pins automatically

Circleboom Publish also offers its users an advanced planning tool with which you can specify the timings of your posts for certain days.

manage pinterest boards, how to manage pinterest boards
You can manage Pinterest boards by scheduling your content in one sit.

#5 Be careful with your board name and description

A typical pitfall is to overlook the title and description of Pinterest boards. You should consider Pinterest as a search engine. Pinterest’s algorithm can’t tell what an image or a board is about just by looking at the visual. Your descriptions deliver this job.

The quality of your descriptions might be the difference between having a successful online presence or being hard to find. So, the title and description of your boards help them to get a good appearance in Pinterest search results.

Thoughtfully crafted Pinterest board descriptions draw more followers, which increases engagement in your pins and brings more traffic to your site.

Board descriptions, like Pin descriptions, have a character limit of 500.

To add a Pinterest Board description, navigate to the board you want to describe and select the Edit option from the three dots menu next to your board’s title. Then, you can add your description in the area “What’s your board about?”

#5 Collaborate with others to manage Pinterest boards

Pinterest also allows you to collaborate with other people while you manage Pinterest boards. Creating a group board is an excellent way to share ideas and inspirations with other people.

Only you can manage the settings of a group board as the board’s owner. You can invite other collaborators to your current boards to switch them to Group boards. All you need to do is click the “+” icon next to your profile picture on the board’s page.

Then, you should decide on your preferences regarding permissions and invitations. After you complete all the settings, you can either get an invitation link or find and add others via the search box.

Pinterest boards with collaborators
You can collaborate with your team members to manage Pinterest boards.

If you have further comments for specific Pins, you can add them as a note for the other collaborators to see. You may also use a star to indicate your favorite Pins on your group board, and afterward, you can filter your group board to view your and your collaborators’ favorites.

If you want to manage Pinterest boards for upcoming launches or events, collaboration on Group Boards can help you in the planning phase.

#6 Archive Pinterest boards to get organized

If you have Pinterest boards that you don’t use anymore but are not sure about deleting them, you can archive them to manage Pinterest boards in a more organized way.

When you archive a board, you will no longer be able to save Pins to it. Pinterest will remove it from your profile page and no longer use it for suggestions.

You can archive the Pinterest boards
You can archive the boards you don’t want to be visible anymore instead of deleting them permanently.

Meanwhile, the board’s Pins are still active on Pinterest and may be found through searches.

If you want to reverse your action in the future, you can easily unarchive your board.

Pinterest is an amazing platform to promote your products/services and grow your business online. If you want to know the best tips for an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, check our detailed guide here:

#7 Organize the order of your boards on your profile

Appearance is everything, especially on visual-oriented social media platforms.

You can organize your profile’s boards in a manner that works for your priorities. You can sort your boards automatically by arranging them in alphabetical order or by the last board to which you saved Pins, or manually by dragging and dropping them.

Organizing the order of your boards based on priority makes it easier to manage Pinterest boards.
Organizing the order of your boards based on priority makes it easier to manage Pinterest boards.

You can put your core business boards at the top and then add those with more niche purposes. Or, if you have seasonal boards and pins, you can take them to the top to make them more accessible.

#8 Merge Pinterest boards and sections

When you realize that it isn’t meaningful anymore to keep two boards or sections separate, and it will be better to manage Pinterest boards as a single one, you can simply merge them.

Unfortunately, as you merge a board or section, the merged board’s followers won’t be transferred to the new board. Also, you need to be careful about the privacy settings of the boards, as the destination board’s privacy settings remain valid. So, if you want to merge a hidden board with a public one, it will automatically become public.

You can merge multiple Pinterest boards
You can merge multiple Pinterest boards

To undo a merging, you need to create a new board or section and transfer the Pins to this board one by one.

Wrapping Up

As you create more and more boards, your Pinterest profile may look like a mess. You may have a hard time finding what you need, and more importantly, your visitors will indeed have some difficulties navigating.

It gets much more challenging to manage Pinterest boards if you have multiple Pinterest accounts. In this blog, I tried to gather the best tricks that might help you manage Pinterest boards and pins. Overall, it definitely looks like Circleboom Publish can help with your confusion and operational workload.

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