Edit and post on Instagram from Mac or PC: 3 Easy ways to go!

8 min readFeb 22, 2022

Social media platforms are available on many devices. You can access them wherever and whenever you want on mobile phones. Nowadays, it is widespread to use these platforms on smartphones.

Also, social media companies have launched different features that can be used only on smartphones, desktops, or both.

At first, Instagram has focused on basing its product on mobile ones. Users were not allowed to post on Instagram from Mac or PC. Instagram has given up insisting on excluding the feature to post from the desktop.

Can you post on Instagram from Mac or PC?

Instagram users can post to Instagram from Mac or PC since October 2021. According to Techcrunch, the company could realize the increase in the use of desktops during the pandemic, Covid-19. Then, it has widened the ability to post on Instagram from devices other than smartphones.

Similarly, an editing feature has been made available through a particular tool, Creator Studio, enabling using this feature on Instagram from computers.

Why is the desktop preferred for social media usage?

There is no doubt that mobile phones are convenient online on social media platforms. You can carry them everywhere with almost endless connections with the Internet via either Wifi or cellular data.

Apparently, social media platforms are used more on smartphones than on computers. It does not need to be either/or situation. The use of desktops does not cease to be an option.

A way of taking a break at work

People working on computers or in a workplace tend to have a break from work by surfing on social media channels on a computer web browser.

Even though some companies try to put restrictions on the use of social media during work time, many people spend their break time at work by being online on these social media channels.

The comfort of a keyboard

Computers make using social media highly easy with their keyboards. Particularly, if you want to prepare a text to post on these platforms, it would be less exhausting to type, edit, and publish.

In addition to producing texts, searching for content on social media with their desktop version would be easier and quicker than mobile devices. Reaching mobile phones is indeed easy due to their portable feature, but browsing what you want is also reasonably available on computers.

Options of design

Not only for professional accounts but also for personal ones, you may want to prepare your posts in detail. It is mostly about creative design that includes searching for the visuals and templates, choosing to download, editing them on another program, etc.

Hence, some people might favor using social media on computers rather than on smartphones for particular reasons.

How to post on Instagram from Mac or PC using a native Instagram web?

Since Instagram is a platform based on visual communication in which mainly photographs, pictures, and videos are circulating, it would be significant to post to Instagram from Mac or PC.

Step #1: Navigate the website of Instagram, www.instagram.com/.

Step #2: Log in to your account on Instagram.

Step #3: Find and click on the plus symbol, at the top of the page, on the right-hand side.

This is the same symbol you use to publish posts on the application on smartphones.

Step #4: You can pull the photos and videos into the “Create New Post” window appearing after clicking the plus symbol.

Or, you can click on the “Select from computer” box. The maximum number of files you can choose is 10.

Step #5: Likewise you do in mobile devices, you can arrange your picture or video ratio by clicking on the frame symbol.

You can click on “Next” to reach the built-in effects in the “Filters” and “Adjustments,” where you can arrange the contrast, brightness, and fade.

Step #6: When you want to pass the Filters and Adjustments sections, you can click on Next.

Then, you can write a caption for your post, add a location via the “Add location” part, use “Advanced Settings” to prevent receiving comments.

Step #7: Click on “Share” when you think you are ready to post on Instagram from Mac or PC.

How to edit your content and post to Instagram from Mac or PC using Circleboom Publish?

There is another option, an instrumental one that you can choose to post and edit on Instagram from Mac or PC. Circleboom Publish can offer you many features to ease your effort to manage your professional Instagram account on a computer web browser.

Particularly, if it is the case of the Instagram account of your business, you would find the posting and editing of the posts on Instagram from a desktop more preferable than the mobile devices.

Step #1: Navigate the website of Circleboom Publish. If it’s your first time on Circleboom, please continue to submit your email and click on the blue “Get Started” button.

If not, click on “Get started/ Login” with Circleboom Publish. After clicking on the Circleboom Publish section, you will arrive at the related page.

Step #2: Log in to your Circleboom Publish account.

You can enter your email address and password. Then, click on “Login”.

Step #3: After navigating the main dashboard, you can find the “Create New Post” section in the sidebar.

Click on Create New Post to arrive at the page to prepare posts and manage your Instagram account.

Step #4: Click on the box under “Select Account”.

If you wish, you can also choose multiple Instagram accounts.

Step #5: Click on the Instagram account you matched with Circleboom Publish.

Then, click on “Done” to begin creating content to post on Instagram on your desktop.

Step #6: Create your post in the box under Select Account.

Additionally, you can benefit from the side features Circleboom Publish presents. You can comprehensively design your posts by utilizing design tools such as Unsplash, Giphy, and Canva.

Click on “Design on Canva” and Select “Instagram Post”. You can create your posts with various built-in designing tools on Canva.

Step #7: After you create your Instagram post by preparing the visual and verbal parts, you can decide what to do with the post. You can simply click on “Post to publish immediately.

Or, you can arrange the time in advance to publish it by clicking on “Schedule it” and putting it in a queue for later by clicking on “Add to my Queue”.

Here you can get help from the video instruction to use the Instagram management tool on Circleboom Publish:

How to edit posts on Instagram from Mac or PC with Creator Studio?

Sometimes you may want to change some features of your posts or finalize the content as you wish. In these times, you can easily edit posts on Instagram from Mac or PC.

You can use the Creator Studio for Instagram. It is a feature through which you can manage your Instagram account.

Step#1: Navigate Creator Studio, find the symbol of Instagram at the top of the page, and click on it.

Step #2: Enter your Instagram username and password to connect to Creator Studio.

Step #3: After connecting your Instagram account to Creator Studio, you can go to Content Library to edit posts on Instagram from Mac or PC.

Step #4: You can choose the post to change things.

Step #5: Click on the Edit section at the top of the page.

Step #6: You can work on the post. The part of “Advanced Settings allows you to restrict receiving comments or tag other accounts.

Step #7: Click on Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Circleboom Publish with my non-professional Instagram account to post and edit on Instagram from Mac or PC?

To use the Instagram scheduler, you need to convert your regular Instagram account into Instagram Business Account. It is effortless to transform your non-professional Instagram account into the professional one.

Can I use Circleboom Publish for my multiple business Instagram accounts?

Yes! You can add more than one Instagram business profile on the management tool of Circleboom Publish to post to Instagram from Mac or PC.

Is it possible to post an Instagram Story from a desktop?

Instagram is a mobile-centered social media platform. You cannot post Instagram Story, Reels, IGTV content, or broadcast a live video from Mac or PC. Therefore, not all features are available to be used from desktops.


Mobile devices and social media platforms are a good match for each other. Some social media companies base their spaces predominantly on mobile ones. Instagram has been one of them. Nevertheless, it has launched some features, previously used only on mobile, for desktop use.

The use of social media from a desktop has peculiar ways to make your experience easy. Now, you can post and edit on Instagram from Mac or PC.

You can spend less time and energy managing your Instagram account for your business by utilizing Circleboom Publish. Working on Instagram via these management tools would be easier than working on smartphones.


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