Why won’t Instagram let me use hashtags in the comments?

7 min readMay 4, 2023
Hashtags don’t work in Instagram comments

If your hashtags don’t work on Instagram comments, there should be a problem with your account because it is quite common to use hashtags on Instagram comments.

Comments are basically more spaces for Instagram hashtags! If you use relevant hashtags with your comments, you can boost 3x your Instagram engagement!

What could be the reason why Instagram won’t let you use hashtags in comments?

Sometimes people have problems with Instagram accounts. For example,

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Here I listed the reasons why Instagram won’t let you use hashtags in comments and the one solution that will erase all problems!


Reasons why your hashtags don’t work on Instagram comments

One of them could be the reason why you can’t use hashtags on Instagram comments:

#1: Instagram flagged your account

Instagram hashtags may not work due to various reasons, and one of them is the misuse of hashtags. Instagram has set stricter guidelines for hashtag use to limit spam and enhance user experience.

However, this crackdown on hashtag misuse can unintentionally hurt accounts that are not spamming. Spammy hashtag offenses can result in a shadowban on your account, which limits your reach to only existing followers.

Common hashtag mistakes that can cause a shadowban include using irrelevant or banned hashtags, using the same hashtags for every post, or using trending hashtags.

To fix the issue, remove any banned or misused hashtags from previous posts, avoid using hashtags for a day or two, or report the problem to Instagram. If the problem persists, creating a new Instagram account may be necessary.


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To avoid shadowbans in the future, it’s essential to understand common hashtag mistakes and improve your Instagram hashtag strategy.

#2 You overuse irrelevant hashtags on your posts

To avoid the issue of Instagram hashtags not working, it’s important to use only hashtags that are related to your posts.

In the past, Instagram users could increase their engagement rates by adding popular or trending hashtags to their captions. However, this practice is now detected as spam by Instagram and may lead to shadowbanning.

Moreover, adding irrelevant hashtags like #we, #you, or #the won’t increase your engagement rate either, as they are not likely to be searched for or followed by users.

Therefore, it’s recommended to use only relevant hashtags that cater to your posts and niche. This strategy can help you to reach your target audience and gain more followers while also improving your engagement rate.

#3 Avoid using banned Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are often banned on Instagram when users add them to posts that contain inappropriate or explicit content.

Some hashtags are obviously inappropriate, while others like seemingly innocent ones such as #books, #desk, and #kansas can also be banned. Instagram even banned the hashtag “#happythanksgiving” due to the high volume of spam associated with it.

This is why it’s essential to research your hashtags before using them. If you use banned hashtags, your account may get shadowbanned, which means that only accounts that follow you can see your posts.

This limits your reach and makes it impossible to reach new audiences. You can easily figure out whether a hashtag has been banned by using the search bar to look it up and check the Recent tab. It’s a good idea to look up new hashtags before using them and to keep a list of banned hashtags that are relevant to your niche or industry to avoid accidentally using them.


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#4 Do not use the same hashtags again and again

Using the same block of hashtags in every post can limit your reach on Instagram. This is because Instagram can recognize when you’re using hashtags solely to boost your numbers rather than to provide valuable content to users following the hashtag.

If Instagram identifies this as spam, it may shadowban your posts and profile. To avoid this, it’s best to switch up your hashtags and create a list of 40–50 relevant ones that you can rotate for each post.

You can keep track of these hashtags in a spreadsheet and mix up their order and combination for each post. This will not only keep your account in good standing but also diversify your reach and help you discover new hashtags that work effectively for attracting your target audience.

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#5 Too broad hashtags

To grow your Instagram account using hashtags, it’s important to steer clear of choosing overly broad hashtags. While broader hashtags can expand your reach, using more specific ones that are relevant to your niche or industry will likely help you gain new followers and increase engagement.

Specific hashtags are more searchable and likely to be used by people who have an active interest in your niche. Using specific hashtags will also increase the engagement rate as compared to using broader ones.

#6 Too competitive hashtags

Using a large number of highly competitive hashtags can be detrimental to your Instagram growth, just like using broad hashtags. Although some users believe that using the most popular hashtags is beneficial because of the high number of existing posts, it can be challenging to gain visibility when using hashtags that already have over 1 million posts.

Because so many users use the most popular hashtags, your posts will only appear in the hashtag’s recent feed for a short time. This is due to the fact that new posts are added to the hashtag every few seconds, making it difficult for your posts to stand out.

#7 Using too many hashtags

The question of how many hashtags to use on Instagram is a common one, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some experts recommend using only 5–10 hashtags per post, while others suggest using a maximum of 30.

The truth is, the optimal number of hashtags varies for each account. To determine the best number of hashtags for your brand, you should conduct a test by posting several similar posts with different numbers of hashtags and seeing which ones perform the best. It may take a few trials to identify a pattern, and you should repeat the test periodically since Instagram’s algorithm changes over time, and your strategy should evolve with it.

#8 Technical issues

If you find that your hashtags are not producing the desired results, it may be worthwhile to verify if there are any spelling or formatting errors. Misspelling your hashtags can prevent users who search for the correct spelling from seeing your posts. Additionally, it is critical to avoid using punctuation in your hashtags because this will cause broken hashtag links.

In certain situations, the cause of your hashtags not working may not be due to any of your mistakes. As Instagram evolves its platform and algorithm, technical issues may emerge periodically. Instagram has issued statements in the past acknowledging these types of situations.

What is the solution?

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Final Words

I listed 8 possible reasons why your hashtags do not work on Instagram comments. One or some of them could be the reason for you!

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