Why well-known businesses prefer Circleboom

It is common knowledge that social media marketing and management are vital for establishing and empowering your brand. This is true for both companies’ brands and personal brands. However, keeping up with social media accounts can be a messy business.

If you want to establish a good target marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy, you need to make your decisions based on data-driven analysis and interpretations. These analyses are provided to you by third-party social media management tools.

Then, let us invite you to meet Circleboom.

What is Circleboom?

Circleboom is an all-in-one social media management tool that will help you grow your Twitter account with many features it offers. Circleboom guides you to build a 360° Twitter marketing strategy to reach your target audience while saving you time and money.

There are many social media management tools on the market. It can be hard for you to decide which one suits your needs the best. When it comes to Twitter management tools, Circleboom stands out from all other tools.

You can schedule your tweets, monitor user analytics, follower growth graphs, follower insights and find your target audience with its smart search tool.

Your security and privacy come first

As Circleboom, we respect the rules and policies regulated by Twitter, and we apply these rules on our platform. As of the beginning of 2018, Circleboom has successfully passed Twitter’s strict controls and has not received any rule violation warnings since then. If Twitter decides to change any rules and regulations, we’ll comply with them as we’re fully compatible with current Twitter policies and aim to remain so.

If a Twitter management tool allows any bulk and automated requests for profile management, you need to be careful. These actions violate Twitter rules and, therefore, could endanger your Twitter account. Your privacy and your Twitter account’s security come first for us. These actions are not allowed on our platform as they don’t comply with Twitter’s rules.

That is why many international companies such as Netflix, Bayer, Soundcloud, Intercom, Roche, Gamestop use Circleboom as their Twitter management tool.

5 Excellent Twitter Management Features of Circleboom

Circleboom is an all-in-one Twitter management tool to monitor and analyze your Twitter profile. Using the features discussed below, you can easily get more followers on Twitter and expand your business.

#1 Discover & Publish

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right content for your target audience. Circleboom’s Publish Tool helps you find new content related to your interest areas and fits your social media marketing strategy.

Save time by automating your content on Twitter

You can find what you are looking for among more than 122,000 blogs and websites under 300 categories curated by Circleboom. You just need to define your interest areas regarding your target audience and social media marketing strategy, then Circleboom will provide you a selection. This is one of the best features of Circleboom that stands out from the other social media management tools.

You can also schedule your tweets and organize a posting queue with precise timing using your post frequency, start and end time settings easily with Circleboom.

#2 My Tweets

Keeping your Twitter page clean may be difficult after a while. With Circleboom’s excellent My Tweets tool, you can list, filter and sort your retweets and delete undesired retweets one by one or in bulk.

If you want a completely fresh start, you can easily clean up all your tweets and replies or cherry-pick the ones you want to remove. With the help of this Twitter management tool, you can have a more attractive Twitter page to get more followers on Twitter.

If you want to remove tweets with specific @mentions or #hashtags, you can use the free-test search option of Circleboom and clean up your tweets with a specific deletion criterion.

If you change your mind about your likes or think that your past likes don’t comply with your new target marketing strategy, Circleboom can help you find specific tweets you liked before and easily unlike them.

Further, if you want to remove all your likes by using unlike all features of Circleboom, you can unlike them all and have a fresh start to build a new social media marketing strategy.

#3 Smart Search

There are millions of people on Twitter, so reaching out to your target audience can be a difficult path. Circleboom is here to help you to construct an effective target marketing strategy. With the smart search tool of Circleboom, you can easily reach out to people who have the same interest as you.

You can search for hashtags and keywords through the bio and tweets of Twitter users. This social media management tool will definitely help you to build a proper target marketing strategy by saving you time and money to reach your target audience with one simple search.

Even if you construct a good Twitter marketing strategy, the process can be costly in terms of money and time. As Circleboom, our priority is to listen to our customers carefully and equip them with all the Twitter management tools they need.

This unique Twitter management tool of Circleboom allows you to reach your target audience easily while saving you from many costly efforts.

#4 The Circle

Having an attractive follower/following ratio will surely help you to increase your followers on Twitter. The very first step to have a healthy follower/following ratio is to identify non-followers, inactive users, fake and spam accounts and get rid of them.

This solution may sound easy, but it is definitely time-consuming. With Circleboom’s The Circle Tool, you can identify them all with only one click.

#5 User Analytics

One of the fundamental necessities in every social media marketing strategy is to know your target audience! You can find many different recipes for an effective target marketing strategy, but every one of them emphasizes the importance of knowing what your target audience needs and desires. Circleboom provides comprehensive demographic data and insights into your followers.

You can learn your followers’ language and gender stats, their characteristics and your tweet stats and follower growth with Circleboom’s User Analytics tool. You can learn what your target audience is interested in with the interest cloud that Circleboom provides and build your Twitter marketing strategy based on data-driven facts.

Final Verdict

Besides the quality of the Twitter management tools Circleboom provides, we are very proud to say that we value our customers and their needs. We assure you that your security and privacy are our first priority.

We are here to enhance your experience by keeping your data safe and answer your needs with easy and quick solutions. With our 24/7 live customer support, our team is ready to assist you with your queries.

That is why Circleboom is preferred by Unicef, BBC News, NBC, Euronews, The Boston Globe and many others.

If you want to grow your business by reaching out to your target audience, Circleboom is here to guide you while saving you time, money and effort. Sign up to try for free to see if Circleboom suits your needs, or if you have any further questions, contact us.

Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on April 9, 2021.

Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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