Why should I delete pictures of my ex

  • How to get over your ex?
  • Should I delete pictures of my ex on social media?

How to delete pictures of your ex on Twitter

If you have found an answer to the question in your mind, “should I delete pictures of my ex?” It is better to take action immediately. You can delete all your tweets and Twitter media about your ex within a few steps listed below. So, let’s dig in:

Delete all tweets by date:

It checks all your Twitter media by tweets’ dates. Via selecting the “Start Date” and “End Date” you can spot and delete tweets by a certain time.

Delete all tweets by word:

With this feature, you can shortlist your Twitter media that contains particular hashtags, mentions, or any specific words on it.

Delete all tweets by language:

Via the language filter, you can mass delete Twitter media in specific languages. Just choose the language to filter the tweets you are seeking.

Wrapping Up

Circlebom would help you to delete all your tweets about your ex. For further, such as bulk deleting your leftover Twitter likes and retweets from your ex, check out Circleboom for an all-in-one, complete account management. Circleboom is an awesome social media management tool to control everything related to your Twitter account.



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