Why is Twitter visual vital for effective Twitter marketing

5 min readJan 7, 2021

Do you know that Twitter is an excellent platform to boost your sales?

Twitter has 330 million monthly and 145 million daily active users. Moreover, 30 million of these daily active users are US citizens. That means %20 of all daily Twitter users are coming from a culture that is fond of shopping. So, If you are struggling with your business and looking for a great way to boost your sales, a successful Twitter strategy is all you need.

Most people tend to ignore or underrate Twitter as a marketing platform. Twitter is much more than a simple place to share people’s thoughts and tweets randomly. You can use it as an incredible tool to set up your Twitter marketing strategies to take your business to the next level. Herein, Twitter visuals may be the most useful and practical tool to appeal to your Twitter marketing strategies.

Why is Twitter visual vital for effective Twitter marketing? Because;

· People can perceive visual Twitter content faster than text-based ads.

· Visually supported Twitter contents are tending to get %94 more views.

· If you support your tweets with infographics, those Twitter contents can be shared up to 3 times more on social media.

· Twitter visuals have an average %35 boost in retweets.

How should we prepare and use Twitter visuals? Here we have compiled a few ways with unique examples from Twitter to boost your Twitter marketing in 2021.

Avoid boring stock images and create attractive visual tweets

The use of boring stock images is a common mistake made by many brands in creating an attraction-grabbing visual presence on Twitter. It is better to have fresh and eye-catching content to draw your target audience’s attention.

You need to create your voice, which can make an impression on your targeted audience.

You will not always have time to take original pictures for each of your tweets. You can make some ‘re-arrangements’ on the Twitter images you have already used or directly on stock images in such a situation.

Use attention-grabbing, vibrant colors all the time

It is much better not to use dull or generic colors for your Twitter marketing campaign. Most graphic designers expect bright colors to control social media and website visual styles in the near future.

Infographics: The win-win for Twitter visuals

Infographics? Yes, that’s right. They will be quite a suitable medium for an effective Twitter marketing strategy in 2021.

We have already above-mentioned that “if you support your visuals with infographics, those Twitter contents can be shared up to 3 times more on social media.”

Infographics are quite popular on particularly on Twitter because they are generally simple visual representations of data. That data sets can be about everything, but data and visuals should be compiled harmoniously.

Don’t Forget the Germ, Illustrations!

The Twitter visual pattern that tends to draw more people is the original illustration. Illustrations can make complicated products or concepts easy to understand. Similar to colorful use, brands drive illustrations through all aspects of design. Let’s allow illustrations to help you make the product look more human, genuine, and attractive.

However, next to these steps, you will need a fully automated Twitter management solution for your Twitter account. Because tracking and monitoring your target audience’s expectations and user insights is vital for successfully applying Twitter marketing strategies.

For complete Twitter marketing, you need a comprehensive Twitter management tool to manage your Twitter marketing strategies.

First, it needs to clean your Twitter account out of previous Twitter visuals you have used. While using social media platforms like Twitter for successful marketing, your tweets must directly grab your targeted audience’s attention. So, you should delete all old Twitter visuals that can mislead your users about your account.

Via the Circleboom Interest Cloud, you can get information about your followers’ user insights. To create better visuals on Twitter, which can address your target audience, it is crucial to monitor your followers’ user insights properly.

Timing is maybe the most critical point to be implied for Twitter marketing strategies. So, Best Time to Tweet analyzes your followers’ all tweets depending on their sending times. Thus, it becomes possible to detect the best time to tweet statistically.

Don’t forget that posting your Twitter visuals at the right time allows you to get more engagement and more followers on Twitter. If you get the right to send your tweets with unique visuals, your tweets’ visibility will cascade with higher and higher engagements.

Let’s consider you have a busy work calendar, and you are having difficulty following the Best Time to Tweet feature. The solution is quite simple. Circleboom’s social media publisher will provide you an excellent opportunity to schedule your content to be sent at the right time when your followers are mostly online.

Wrapping Up

Twitter marketing has seen a massive increase in the marketing world after Instagram and Facebook in recent years. Twitter has been becoming the rising channel for most brands and influencers, journalists, and politicians worldwide. Once you use Twitter visuals properly, they would greatly help your Twitter marketing or pr campaigns.

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