Why does my Instagram show I am following people that I never did?

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How you ever paid attention to something ‘strange’ in your Instagram account, like following people that you never did?

According to Statista, over 3.6 billion people are currently using social media, and it is estimated that the number will reach out 4.41 billion by 2025.

Online networking has become one of the most popular activities worldwide in the last two decades. Social media could have penetrated nearly all layers of society. However, this increase cannot be explained with a single-sided view, which gives all the credit to social media platforms. We should have a broader perspective in this context. For instance, while social media platforms appeal to computer users in the first decade of the millennium, it has changed drastically by the 2010s. Mobile phone use caught up with computer use by October 2020.

In such an atmosphere, social media platforms began to shift their focus on mobile phones because of the dominating increase of social media users who follow the platforms through their mobile phones. And to do everything may not be possible every time on social media platforms. Many social media companies keep some utilities on the platforms limited. That’s why many use third-party applications on different social media platforms. Unfortunately, many didn’t pay attention to those applications’ reliability. And that causes a deadly problem for their account security.

Let’s think about an example on Twitter. If you want to delete tweets in bulk or delete your Twitter Archive, Twitter does not provide such a utility for that. So, you need to do it yourself or go for an anonymous and insecure third-party application. It would have access to your Twitter account. It means, since then, you are not the only one who controls your Twitter account. Due to that, you should be very careful while authorizing an application and look for a certified, fully secure application like Circleboom. It provides a safe platform for you to have a safe and efficient online experience. Circleboom keeps your date secured and keep away from any malicious software and third-party interference.

That’s why does Instagram show you following people that you are never followed:

If you have something “strange” like following people who you never did, you probably have permitted one or multiple unauthenticated apps for those unwanted actions. Most probably, you had permitted to an unsecured website or had fallen into trap one of an ill-intentioned third-party application.
However, you can take back full control of your Instagram account while applying a few steps listed below:

Step #1: On your computer, go for the Instagram website.

Step #2: Click on the user icon located on the top right of your screen.

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Step #3: Go to Instagram settings and select “Apps and Websites.”

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Step #4: There, you will see a list of the applications and other services to access your account.

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Last Few Words:

Today, we may authorize third-party applications without giving significant attention at all. Many of us have a Google Account today, and we store an essential part of our private data (if you are an Android user, your mobile phone data includes too) there. Let’s consider you are a give an anonymous, third party application. Many third-party applications link each other among those unreliable third party application. As a result of that, a broad, unauthenticated web in which your account information may be accessed without your permission. So, you should be very careful while giving authority to a third-party application or service to have to access your account.

Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on November 13, 2020.

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