Why do people want to delete their old tweets?

Some of us find it hard to believe that people would want to delete their old tweets, something that marks who they are. We don’t like changing opinions and content being removed once posted. But, deleting old tweets is a very common practice on Twitter and there are many supporting reasons why people want to do so.

Infact, at times, deleting old tweets is the only way forward, the clean slate that allows you to start afresh. In this article, we will look at some of the most common reasons why people want to delete their tweets. Have a look at them and see if you can relate as well.

Change in niche/industry/job:

Many of us resort to Twitter to post industry updates or job updates while working. But, when you change your industry or job, you want your new colleagues and followers to only interact with your present without questioning your past job history. To avoid unnecessary discussion, many people feel it’s best to delete all tweets related to old jobs.

Change in political ideologies:

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha @adhirrcinc tweeted something very aggressive about #China after the fist fight between Armies of the two countries.
Adhir Ranjan had said that India can clip Chinese wings very easily. But Rahul Gandhi forced him to delete that tweet.

- Rajiv 🇮🇳 (@_RajivTweets) May 13, 2020

Political tweets are definitely one of the most deleted tweets because people have fickle opinions when it comes to politics. Many people change their opinion about leaders with their changing governance or political pressure or fear can also scare them. When this happens, they rush to delete old opinions and tweets. Many politicians are also seen deleting old tweets with changing alliances.

Change in relationships:

A problem common to all generations, changing relationships result in people deleting old tweets. People like to get rid of photos or tweets they have posted with their ex. All those love posts that make you grieve and no longer makes sense need to be removed to move forward.

Sudden change in thoughts:

Have you seen yourself rushing to Twitter when you are really mad at something and posting embarrassing tweets? Few hours later you are regretful of your own tweet and you want to delete it. This has happened with all of us. When our anger subsides, our emotion changes, we feel our tweet exaggerated and want to delete it immediately.

Lack of relevance:

Some tweets just don’t make sense after a certain period of time. They look like blabbering that you want to get rid of. Many people like to clean their Twitter account of tweets that seem like complete nonsense over time.

Tweets sent in inebriated state:

I keep seeing such millenial tweets. “What are your most on-brand stories from your teen years?” God I hate my generation.

(P.S. I may be drinking and delete this later, who’s to say)

- Denise Ruttan (@PassageofSpace) May 16, 2020

Familiar with drinking and tweeting? While we cannot delete messages or emails sent out when drunk, social media posts are something that definitely gets deleted after sobering up. People do delete embarrassing tweets sent out when drunk if they find them out of context later.

Erase old memories:

Have you had an unhappy period when you took to Twitter to share all pain without any gain? Well, erasing old memories is another very common reason why people delete old tweets. They want to put behind those bad days and any tweets or social media posts associated with them.

Lack of engagement (retweets/likes):

Many influencers, celebrities, or common people may end up deleting tweets that don’t receive high engagement. Retweets/likes/comments are a sign of their popularity. And, tweets with low engagement weaken their Twitter account and they prefer to have them removed.

Save face in front of family members:

Your father suddenly follows you on Twitter and you rush to delete all your party tweets or tweets that he would not approve of? Well, yes, many new family members begin to follow, we rush to delete tweets that we don’t want them to see.

How to delete old tweets?

Whatever be your reason to delete old tweets, there’s one solution for all your problems. Circleboom, a Twitter tool, can help you delete tweets by filtering using keywords, hashtags, mentions, date, language, so you can delete any tweet that you want to. There’s an option to delete all tweets if you want to begin again. Check out all the features to delete old tweets easily and efficiently.

Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on May 18, 2020.

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