Who uses Tik Tok the most? 15 mind boggling Tik Tok statistics in 2020

#1 Tik Tok Statistics: Monthly Users:

  • Tik Tok has 800 million active users worldwide.
  • Tik Tok has many users from the Asia market. It has 400 million active users from China and 119 million daily active users from India. The app is very popular in other Asian countries like Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • The app is currently available in 141 countries worldwide.

#2 Tik Tok Statistics: App Installs:

  • The app was downloaded 113 million times in just February 2020. This makes it the most downloaded non-gaming app of the month. This number also breaks all the previous download records of Tik Tok itself.
  • In 2019 Q1, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app on the Apple app store. The app had more than 39 million downloads.
  • Tik Tok has also crossed more than 1 billion download mark on both App store and Play store. The app has just 667 million first-time downloads in 2018 itself.

#3 Tik Tok Statistics: Demographics:

  • Used primarily by youngsters and teens, Tik Tok has 49% teenagers on the platform.
  • 41% of Tik Tok users are aged between 16 and 24.
  • The number of adults using Tik Tok in the US has grown by 5.5 times in 2019 reaching 14.3 million users.
  • Tik Tok is used by 2 million more women than men in the US.
  • In India, in 2019, 90% of Tik Tok users were male.
  • In Japan, Tik Tok is used by both genders in similar numbers.

#4 Tik Tok Statistics: App Engagement:

  • In its first year of launch, Tik Tok reached 1 million video views per day.
  • 68% of Tik Tok users claim to watch someone else’s video on the platform.
  • Tik Tok had the highest average engagement rate compared to Twitter and Instagram in 2019. For more than 100,000 followers, engagement rate on Tik Tok is 5.3% while on Instagram is 1.1% and Twitter is 0.3%.

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