Who to Follow on Twitter? Find Twitter Accounts to Follow by Niche

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Twitter has more than 336 million active users and finding the right Twitter accounts to follow in your niche could be a tedious task. Often, businesses and bloggers are looking to connect with accounts in their niche and have difficulty finding who to follow on Twitter.

There are several criteria that people have before they begin following Twitter accounts. Some of them are:

  • They are looking for accounts to follow on Twitter from a particular geography.
  • They want to follow accounts with a certain minimum follower count.
  • Some people only want to follow accounts that tweet on specific topics or hashtags.
  • There could be requirements like following Twitter accounts who are not inactive or do not spam.

Whether you’ve all the specifications from the points above or some of those, when you attempt to find accounts to follow on Twitter, you will spend hours behind the screen, and end up following random accounts.

But, if you decide to use Circleboom to find followers on Twitter, you could reduce your working time to a few minutes. Why Circleboom is the perfect solution? Here goes the 4 ways how Circleboom helps you in finding the best Twitter accounts to follow in your niche.

4 Ways Circleboom helps in Finding Accounts to Follow on Twitter

1. Find Who to Follow on Twitter by exploring Follower Lists of Top Accounts in your Niche:

Get complete follower list of your competitors, influencers, market leaders, bloggers, by using the “Find Followers” feature of Circleboom. Using this feature, you can easily find new potential followers for your account.

Just type in the Twitter account handle of the user you wish to get follower information on, and hit “Show Followers”

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You will get a complete list of their followers with their information like number of followers/followings, number of tweets, last tweet,and Twitter bio. You can directly follow the accounts from the Circleboom dashboard with no extra effort. You can sort by followers to find accounts with maximum follower count.

2. Get the Complete Friend List of any Twitter Account:

There are a lot of times when you aren’t interested in all the followers of an account, but just the accounts they follow. With Circleboom, you can get the friends list of any Twitter user.

Just select “Find friends” from the Circleboom’s dashboard and enter the Twitter handle. You will retrieve the entire list of accounts they follow.

3. Find Accounts by Hashtags:

With Circleboom’s instant hashtag search, you can find accounts tweeting on any hashtag by just typing in the hashtag. There’s even a “grid power search” feature to instantly customize your search results as you type them.

This feature is quite useful because mostly you have a few hashtags that you’re targeting and wish to follow accounts that tweet on similar hashtags.

4. Find Account by Keywords:

Do you have certain keywords in your niche that you wish to target? Then you can just head over to “Smart Search” in Circleboom and enter your keyword. You can also enter all the filters like geography, follower count, and account information to get the most accurate list.

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You can even repeat search history by clicking on your previous searches and save your time filtering the same results again and again!

What’s your call?

Circleboom is the perfect solution to your question, “who to follow on Twitter?” You can learn more about the pricing here and experience the tool yourself.

If you’ve any questions regarding the article, let me know in the comments below.

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Originally published at blog.circleboom.com on December 19, 2018.

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