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It doesn’t feel right, right? It hurts at so much when you follow someone but they don’t follow back on Twitter? Every time you follow someone on Twitter, you expect them to acknowledge it by following you back. Unless of course, you’re following a mega-celebrity or an influencer who might not follow back.

Sometimes being followed back on Twitter might mean so much to you that you may even ask a celebrity to do so. For example, here’s someone from India who tweeted asking a follow back from the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and luckily so got a follow back.

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Such is the importance of being followed back on Twitter. And, if you have more than hundreds of Twitter accounts who you follow but they don’t follow back, then I believe, you need to find who they are, and maybe not follow them too.

How to know who doesn’t follow back? It’s simple to know if you use Circleboom. With Circleboom, you can get the entire list of Twitter accounts not following you back in seconds. Here’s how to use it.

Using Circleboom to find Twitter Accounts Not Following Back:

  • Login to the Circleboom App by authenticating your Twitter account.
  • Go the Circleboom menu on the left and select -> The Circle -> Not Following Back.
  • Circleboom will list all the Twitter accounts who don’t follow you back.
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  • To unfollow any account, click on the red Visit button next to their Twitter account and unfollow them on Twitter.
  • If you don’t want to unfollow a Twitter account even when they don’t follow back, you can add them to a whitelist. This will make sure that you don’t get this Twitter account in your search results the next time you look for not-following-back.
  • By default, Circleboom hides Twitter accounts that you’ve visited using Circleboom in the last 30 days. If you wish to unfollow them too, uncheck the checkbox.
  • If you only want to unfollow specific Twitter accounts, you can search for them using the grid power search. Using the search box, you can filter Twitter accounts by names, keywords, location, and language.

Other than not following back, you can also use Circleboom to find spam, inactive, overactive, and fake Twitter accounts that you follow. Unfollowing these accounts can help you clean your Twitter account of unnecessary Twitter accounts and make way for new accounts.

Is Circleboom helpful?

Circleboom is a one-place Twitter management tool as you can manage your entire Twitter account using Circleboom. It can help you remove accounts who don’t follow back or are fake/spam. It also helps you in finding new Twitter accounts to follow.

Other than follower management, you can use Circleboom to schedule your tweet, automate article publishing from your Twitter account, get Twitter analytics, and more.

Learn about all Circleboom features here.

For any difficulties and queries, check out Circleboom’s help section here.

Get informed with everything Twitter with our blog section.

And, last but not the least, learn about pricing plans so you make the right choice.

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Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on February 6, 2020.

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