Where to start and how to use Twitter Communities: All you need to know

Twitter is great for keeping up with breaking news and keeping up with individuals you already are interested in. Still, some might say the lack of discovery tools or the absence of structured community spaces make it difficult to connect with people you aren’t actively looking for.

The Twitter communities have arrived on stage, as announced by Twitter last month.

Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities

Taking diverse audiences with various norms, standards, and degrees of expertise and gathering them all into a single digital area to cohabit and gain without the social media environment appears to be rather unconventional. But we all managed to adjust.

However, people looking for like-minded people on social networking sites have developed new ways to meet this urge. Like Instagram stories from close friends, Facebook groups, Clubhouse rooms, the entire Reddit society, and now Twitter communities showcase an alternate dimension for talking with individuals who are happy to be on the same page with you.

What is Twitter Communities?

Twitter Communities are meant to make it simpler to connect with those who share the same interests. Instead of tweeting to their standard set of followers, users would join these new social hubs and tweet straight to other individuals with similar interests. Those tweets will remain public, but only other community members will be able to respond.

Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities

That’s the concept behind the company’s new Twitter Communities feature, which allows users to form semi-public groups where only members may participate in discussions.

Given Twitter’s nature as a text-based daily fight for attention, Twitter communities that respect and appreciate similar things can be an urgent need.

Because in the current stage, a slew of undesirable content is easy to emerge on the platform, such as disinformation, influence operations, frauds, harassment, and more.

The consequence is too frequently a social network that looks full of traps for people with even a fairly big following. Maybe you tried to say a decent thing, someone will misinterpret it, and you will find yourself spending an afternoon defending yourself to people who seem eager to misunderstand you.

How to use Twitter Communities?

When you join a Twitter community, you may tweet directly to that group instead of tweeting to all of your followers. Only member users of the same community may respond and join the discussion, keeping it personal and relevant.

While you still can only Tweet to your community for a targeted discourse, Community pages and timelines are open to the public, allowing anyone to read, comment, and share Community Tweets.

How to join Twitter Communities?

Moderators choose the topic of Communities, establishing Community rules, and invite the individuals who will make it a wonderful location for discussion. To keep things in order, moderators define the Community rules and invite others to manage their space.

Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities

Currently, Community creation is restricted, but Twitter will enable more individuals to form new Twitter Communities in the coming months, allowing everyone to discuss whatever they choose. Some of the first Twitter Communities that Twitter is experimenting with revolving on prominent Twitter chats.

Dogs, weather, footwear, skincare, and astrology are just a few examples, with many more to come, illustrating the flourishing and unique topics on Twitter. But currently, to join Twitter communities, you must be invited to a Twitter Community by a moderator or another member at a time. When people join a Twitter community, they will receive five (5) invitations to recommend additional people to join Twitter communities.

How to start a Twitter community?

As we mentioned above, there is no foolproof way to start a Twitter community right now, but waiting to see what Twitter will do about discretion over creating communities on Twitter.

Until that decision, if you are interested in starting a Community on Twitter, use this link to contact them.

Look at the example communities on Twitter below:

  • Shawty Astrological, who has 111,000 followers on Twitter and tweets about horoscopes, is now a moderator in the astrology community. And, given differing viewpoints on astrology, memes, and certain offensive jokes, Twitter groups can be a safer place to share information and expertise with like-minded people.
  • Matt Nelson is the creator of We Rate Dogs, a 9 million-follower account that is now a moderator of Twitter’s dog community. More engaged followers can join together under that group, in addition to adorable photographs and lots of comments on them.
  • Josh Ong, who moderates a Twitter community on non-fungible tokens, added that discussing the intricacies of cryptocurrencies in front of all followers is tough. Because technical language, our own memes, ay make the NFT discourse extremely high-context. When it makes sense, communities allow individuals to divide such talks.

How do Twitter communities work?

Communities may be accessed via a dedicated tab at the bottom of the iOS app or the sidebar on Twitter.com. On Twitter for Android, users can also view Community Tweets, with additional features coming shortly. Direct Messages may be used to invite anybody from anywhere in the world to join a Community.

Follow Twitter Communities (@hicommunities) and get the latest news.

Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities

Tweeting in a Community

You can Tweet into a Community once you have joined it. All Community Tweets (even Quote Tweets) will be displayed in the community and injected into users’ timelines. These Community Tweets wouldn’t be sent to your followers’ home timelines, unlike Tweets to your followers. Your Twitter profile does not display community tweets.

Before you send a Tweet, select your audience by hitting on Everyone (which will send it to all of your followers) or a specific Community (if you join to more than one, you will see them as lists under My Communities).

Viewing Tweets from the Community

You will see the Communities tab in your Twitter app on iOS or the sidebar on twitter.com if you are a member of one or more Communities. When you go to the main Communities page, you’ll see a Communities timeline that only shows Tweets sent off to the Communities you’re a part of. You may also go straight to a Twitter Communities page to get a timeline for that particular community.

Look at Twitter Help about Communities for more.

Bonus: How to get the maximum benefit from Twitter Communities to increase engagements organically?

Until the day arrives, you can still try other tools and strategies to find like-minded individuals, peers, or only some online friends that talk and thinks similar things to you. Long before the Twitter communities concept or Clubhouse rooms, Twitter user analytics can provide your organized data to sort out similar profiles on Twitter.

Smart Search

Circleboom Twitter is a multi-functional Twitter management and Twitter analytics tool. That’s all said, one of the perks of these features is the Smart Search tool.

With smart search, you may look for certain terms in user bios and tweets, among other things. Identifying influencer accounts or any other peer accounts in a particular subject area can help you locate new prospective followers if you’re interested in a particular subject.

Users are more likely to follow someone who has a similar area of interest to them. When you follow Twitter individuals who have similar interests to the ones you have in common, the chance of being followed back increases.

It is essentially another data-driven method of building your own Twitter community based on your preferences and interests.

Live Keyword and Hashtag Search

Instant Hashtag / Keyword Search can help you locate your focus group, or so to say, your Twitter community.

The instant Hashtag / Keyword Search feature of Circleboom allows you to search tweets for certain keywords or hashtags without waiting for results. In the event that you are interested in a specific TT (Trending Topic), you can initiate a search for the users that are currently tweeting about that topic. The rest is up to you. You can follow them or DM them. And also reply to their tweets or retweets.

Interest Cloud

If you want to work with your existing audience and increase engagement, you must first learn who they are and what they want. Even though your Twitter community primarily comprises friends and people you know, you cannot be certain of what they read, mention, or follow daily.

However, you may discover more about the interests of your followers by using Circleboom Twitter Interest Cloud. This feature allows you to modify your communication strategy in response to the information you get.

As a result, what exactly is the plan of action? With information from your followers’ profiles and hundreds of tweets, Interest Cloud compiles an up-to-date collection shown in a dynamic graph to show you what your friends and followers are thinking and talking about.

Last but not least, here we suggest one more trick for you to establish your Twitter community.

Best Time to Tweet

Do you have a clear idea of how many of your followers are active on social media at any particular time? But now, you can analyze the best time to post on Twitter if you want to enhance the amount of communication you have with your followers or if you want to find out what works best in your particular time zone.

the best time to tweet
the best time to tweet

Using Circleboom, you can monitor all of your followers’ Twitter actions during their tweeting hours to determine the most efficient time to tweet. The results will be presented visually in the form of a smart graph as above. And after you figure out which period works best, you can even schedule your tweets for that specific time and get more engagement.

Wrap Up

Recent years have seen a boom in the popularity of Facebook Groups, Reddit, and especially Discord. The latter two have been developed from the bottom up to facilitate the kinds of group conversations. And looking at the current scenario, Twitter is only now getting around to integrating into its core platform.

While Twitter communities have a fair shot, given that they are still in the early stages of development, you can still figure out how to understand and build your community by other means.

Consider the Twitter analytics tool to have a deep understanding of your Twitter community.

Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on October 7, 2021.

Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network