What is “Twitter over capacity,” and how to fix it?

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Why Twitter is over capacity

Twitter management is not always flawless.

Sometimes your actions on Twitter can be simply rejected with a “Twitter is over capacity” warning.

Actually, it indicates that too many queries are currently being made, overloading the Twitter servers beyond their capacity. Some users must wait because of the overload.

This is a hot question that people are looking for answers on public spheres like Quora in this example:


Why is Twitter over capacity?

For a number of reasons, Twitter servers could become overloaded. It might occur if too many people use the platform, which would cause the server to process more requests quickly. The “Twitter Over Capacity” message is displayed to users when the server’s traffic processing capacity is exceeded.

Also, you might see the “Twitter is over capacity” error when you try to upload a custom background for your Twitter profile. It happens because you attempt to use an image format that is not supported or an image that is larger than what Twitter allows.

To prevent this from happening, you should know the image dimension requirements of Twitter.

Not just for Twitter profile background, but for images that you want to use with your tweets, you can get the same “Twitter is over capacity” error if you attempt to use the wrong image.

You can find the best Twitter images with the correct size by using Canva. Not just for Twitter but for all social media platforms, you can use Canva to design social media pictures.

On Circleboom Publish, you have Canva built-in extension. So, you don’t need a paid Canva subscription. Circleboom allows you to create and design social media posts with proper images.

Design Twitter images

How can you understand if Twitter is over capacity?

Twitter gives the signal, “Twitter is over capacity,” but there are other ways you can understand that servers are overloaded.

Slow response time or status update failure

You can change your status (Tweet) on Twitter to 280 characters or fewer. Twitter will notify you when you go above this character limit and won’t publish the Tweet. Usually, the Tweet becomes live as soon as you press the publish button.

However, if you observe that it takes some time to post the Tweet or that the page does not load even after you press the button, Twitter is probably over capacity.

You might or might not get a Twitter error message in this situation. What could be worse than not understanding the reason your Tweet hasn’t been published yet?

Anyhow, the best course of action in such a situation is to copy-paste the Tweet into a text editor and repost it as soon as Twitter resumes operations.

Or you can use Circleboom Publish’s Twitter Scheduler to create your tweets. Even if Twitter is over capacity, Circleboom will take your tweet to your outbox and save it. This way, you won’t lose your tweets and threads when you are unable to send tweets.

Circleboom — Twitter Scheduler

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If you cannot follow

The appeal of social media sites like Twitter is that they make connecting with famous individuals and businesses simple. This enables you to speak with them directly.

But the sad thing is that Twitter occasionally forbids users from following other users. Once more, this indicates that Twitter is at capacity. You must wait for a little before attempting to follow users again.

If this situation insists, you way create Twitter lists with those accounts. This way, you will be able to see their Twitter posts until you actually follow them.

Retweeting fails

Retweeting is a function of Twitter that enables you to distribute a Tweet sent by another user to your followers. As a result, more people see the Tweet and learn more about its author.

Additionally, users can comment on and engage with the retweets. Simply click the retweet icon located under the tweet whenever you wish to share it with others.

However, the Twitter service is probably overloaded if the retweet is unsuccessful. When you utilize Twitter third-party apps, this frequently occurs. All you can do to fix this is get a cup of coffee and attempt retweeting again after a time.

Twitter App slows down

The Twitter mobile app is the most popular way to use Twitter. Users of the app can remotely access all of its features and change their status as needed. Additionally, mobile applications operate more quickly than web browsers.

However, the problem with the Twitter mobile app is that it doesn’t provide error messages when it becomes overloaded. Instead, the app begins to lag. You then realize that Twitter is reached its maximum capacity. So, before reaccessing Twitter, you’ll need to wait a while or delete its cache.

Website is not accessible / 503 page

The frequent occurrence of the 503 Page on Twitter, which indicates that Twitter servers are overloaded, is another issue that Twitter users frequently voice.

This page is a sign that Twitter is over capacity if you’ve ever seen it. And it will take a while before you can utilize Twitter’s services again. Why not take some time off and return to Twitter later?

How to fix if Twitter is over capacity

As you can see, there is more than one signal to understanding if Twitter is over capacity. You should create new Twitter media if it happens because you attempt to use a not-supported image.

For example, you can use Circleboom Publish’s Canva built-in tool to create Twitter-friendly designs.

But, if Twitter is over capacity for other reasons, the only thing you can do to fix it is to wait. Most of the time, this problem will be solved after a few minutes.


If you are a Twitter user, you have stumbled upon the error “Twitter is over capacity” once.

There are several reasons for this happening. But there are not many alternatives. If this happens because you try to use a custom background image that isn’t allowed, you can change it, and the problem will be solved. If it is because of other reasons, you should wait for a few seconds.

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