What are audio tweets? How to tweet a voice/audio tweet right now

What are audio tweets

  • Audio tweets capture up to 140 seconds of audio per tweet. When you create an audio tweet, you record your voice up to 140 seconds and post it as a tweet.
  • If you cross the time limit, you can continue talking as a new voice tweet will automatically start and get added to the thread.
  • Each audio/voice tweet is published with audio attachments that people can play.
  • The audio attachment will have Twitter user’s profile image displayed. Once an audio tweet is published, the profile image within the tweet will remain the same even if you change your profile picture later.
  • The audio tweet minimizes as an audio dock at the bottom of the screen that can continue playing even when you close the Twitter app on iOS device.

How to record a voice/audio tweet

  • Tap the “Tweet compose” icon. You will see the voice icon, click on the voice icon.
  • Click on the “red record” button to record your voice tweet and click “done” when finished.
  • If your voice tweet is longer than 140 seconds, your tweet will be recorded as threaded tweets up to 25 tweets. You can also add text to your audio tweet.
  • Once done recording and adding text, click on “Tweet” to publish.

Ready to record your first voice tweet?



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