Use Midjourney to generate AI profile pictures for social media!

4 min readMay 8, 2023


First impression matters!

In real life and social media, pay attention to how others see you first! Profile pictures play an important role in presenting you online and AI could be a game changer with AI-Powered profile picture generators!

Social media has grown to be an essential part of our lives in the current digital era.

Whether you own a business, are an influencer, or are just a frequent user of social media, having a good profile picture is crucial!

On social media, a strong profile photo can help you establish your brand identity, establish credibility, and make a positive first impression. To make a flawless profile photo, though, takes time and talent that not everyone possesses.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in this situation. You can quickly create eye-catching profile photographs that will help you stand out on social media with AI-powered tools. We’ll look at using AI to make gorgeous profile photographs for your social media profiles in this article.

Generate social media profile pictures with Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-based software that generates images from text prompts on Discord. It uses natural language processing to interpret text descriptions and turn them into visual representations.

So let’s dive into how to generate profile pictures with Midjourney! You should follow these steps:

Step#1: Open Discord and go to the Midjourney channel.

Go into any “newbies” rooms.


Step#2: Once you land in a room, type “/imagine” in the message entry at the bottom of the page.

After that, you need to write your prompt according to your requirements to generate a profile picture.

Midjourney Discord server

I used this prompt:

“boy with moustache, gucci hat, diamond necklaces, opinel in hand, behind the building of the popular districts, black tmax next to it, cartoon, cyberpunk, manga, hyperealistic, draw, manga, anime, realistic, cartoon”

Enter your prompt

You can write as detailed as you can!

Step#3: In a few seconds, you will see outputs.

You can download your images.

Let it produce the results

You can use them as your social media profile pictures and drive attention to your content.

Like your profile pictures, you can create your social media avatars with other tools.

Circleboom Publish, with its great built-in extensions, helps you create avatars for your social media posts and share them on all your social media channels at once!

On Circleboom Publish, you can create, design, share and schedule social media posts for multiple accounts.

You can generate hashtags to enrich your social media posts and boost your impressions.

Hashtag Generator

Social Media Hashtag Generator

AI-Powered Hashtag Generator helps you find and add popular, relevant hashtags for social media posts!


Midjourney is the best but not the only option! There are other alternatives. You can generate images for social media with AI by using Midjourney alternatives!

Final Words

Midjourney is a powerful tool for generating unique and engaging profile pictures for your social media accounts. With its AI-powered technology, you can easily create a personalized profile picture that reflects your personality and brand. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or social media influencer, using Midjourney can help you stand out from the crowd and attract more followers.

What sets Midjourney apart from other profile picture methods is its ability to create highly customizable images using advanced AI algorithms. You can easily tailor your profile picture to suit your individual preferences, choosing everything from the background color to the facial expression of your avatar.

Overall, Midjourney is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their social media presence with an eye-catching and memorable profile picture. It’s a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to make your profile stand out from the rest, and is sure to be a valuable tool for anyone looking to build their brand and attract more followers online.

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