Unfollow Non Followers on Twitter in One Step

Unfollow Non Followers with Circleboom:

Advantages of using Circleboom as a Twitter Unfollow Tool

  • Circleboom gives you a clear list of Twitter accounts that don’t follow back, spam/fake accounts, and eggheads. You can easily unfollow any of them using Circleboom.
  • You can create a whitelist with Circleboom to secure all those Twitter accounts you never wish to unfollow.
  • There’s also an option to create a blacklist on Circleboom of all the Twitter accounts you do not wish to see any of your searches.
  • You can hide profiles you have followed within a particular time span. You can select your time span between 1–120 days to make sure you unfollow accounts outside this time span.
  • There’s an option to search the grid so if you want to unfollow any particular accounts not following back, you can do that too. For example: if you wish to get rid of all those Twitter non followers who have “social in their names,” just search them through the grid and unfollow them.
  • Circleboom is an extremely affordable tool. The free plan allows up to 200 unfollows and their monthly plan of $4.50 allows you unlimited unfollows. The reasonably-priced corporate and business plans are excellent for SMEs and enterprises

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