Twitter Spaces 101: How to start Twitter Spaces on any device!

Twitter introduced a new project called Twitter Spaces to bring a layer of connectivity to Twitter which is often lost in the text.

How do Twitter Spaces work?

Twitter Spaces Safety and Security

You can block and report other users, or you can report on Twitter Space.

How to start Twitter Space?

#1 Start Twitter Spaces like a Tweet

#2 Start Twitter Spaces like a Fleet

Hosting Twitter Spaces — A Quick Guide

  • When you start Twitter Spaces, keep in mind that you will be muted by default once you are in, you need to turn it on by clicking the mic icon.
  • Twitter Spaces are public events, so anyone can join as a Listener, even those who do not follow you. Listeners can join Twitter Spaces via an invitation link. You can share this link by Tweeting, DMing or posting it on other platforms.
  • You can add up to 10 people (excluding you as the host) as speakers to your Twitter Space, and there is no limit on the number of listeners.
  • If you have a topic, you can name your Space when creating a new Twitter Space. We suggest you add a short and to-the-point description of your topic.
  • When your Twitter Space is live, you as the host can send requests to Listeners to become Speakers by clicking on the people icon on the menu. If a Listener wants to speak, he/she can request permission from the host by clicking on the Request icon under the Mic.
  • As the host, you are in control of captions. As you allow the captions, people can follow along with the conversation more easily. Listeners have the option to turn off the captions if they do not need them. They can turn them off by clicking the View Captions in Spaces settings.
Image: James Futhey

How to end Twitter Spaces?

How to join Twitter Spaces?

Image: @wongmjane

What is next for Twitter Spaces?

Ticketed Spaces

Hosts will be able to set a ticket price and how many tickets are available for this exclusive Ticketed Space.

Schedule and set reminders

To catch up with our faves, the users will be able to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Twitter Spaces in the coming weeks.

Co-hosting a Twitter Space

Better Accessibility

Wrapping Up



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