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Businesses need to improve their social media networks in order to increase their digital marketing capacity.

Twitter is one of the most interactive social media platforms. Twitter users easily connect with the other users and accounts of the businesses.

Social media marketing is not simply about publishing posts. Companies need to monitor the recent topics, how their posts resonate, and who speaks about them.

Twitter can be used as a search engine tool to look for social media marketing strategies of the other businesses, fast communication and support service, and investigating on your company, etc.

Mainly, it is crucial how you engage with the users as a business on Twitter, where the flow of communication between users is intense. It influences the brand’s character and visibility.

In other words, you need to pay attention to what is going on with your company’s networks on Twitter.

Circleboom’s Twitter follower checker is one of the valuable tools to know your business’s connections and enhance lead generation on Twitter.

Why is a Twitter follower checker beneficial?

It is essential to know how successful your posts are in actualizing the goals of your business.

Twitter follower checker shows:

1. Quantitative data

You can measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategies on Twitter according to the number of followers.

Highly followed accounts would seem credible and reach more people.

But it does not say a lot about the qualitative features of the followers on Twitter.

2. Characteristics of your networks

You need to know which posts pull followers most, who is interested in your product, and when people become your followers on Twitter.

If you know your Twitter followers well, you can reply, retweet, follow back them. As a result, it would enhance your relationship with your Twitter followers so that your company’s brand name becomes more trustworthy.

3. Deceptive data

At the same time, you can get rid of or regulate the bot followers, inactive Twitter followers, overactive Twitter followers, and fake Twitter followers, etc., by detecting them.

Circleboom Twitter is a comprehensive product involving many features that can help the social media strategies of your business remain updated.

Twitter follower checker will generate more connected and loyal follower growth.

How to use Twitter follower checker?

It is easy to manage Twitter followers by using a tool that Circleboom presents.

  • You can find the general figures of followers.
  • You can sort Twitter followers as fake, inactive, overactive, eggheads, and verified users.
  • Additionally, you can get detailed data on your Twitter followers and the other figures about your network on Twitter.

Here is the guideline to get assistance from Circleboom Twitter.

Step #1: Go to “Get Started”.

Then, click “Circleboom Twitter”.

Step #2: Log in to your account on Circleboom.

Link your Twitter account.

Step #3: Find “User Analytics” on the sidebar of the Dashboard.

There are nine sections under the “User Analytics” part. These parts can give you a general idea of your Twitter followers’ data.

1. Followers Growth

Check how many followers you have according to time.

You can change the intervals of time and followers on the axes.

Also, you can print or get the graph in the forms of PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, JSON, SVG, JPG, and PNG by clicking the three points.

You can also change the interval of time on the graph of change in Twitter followers.

2. Follower Characteristics

It is good for your business to build its social media strategies according to not only the number of followers.

A robust social media marketing strategy would require sorting vanity metrics out. There might be followers that signify nothing for your social media strategy but empty numbers.

You can be aware of the disposition of your Twitter followers’ data through Twitter follower checker.

You need to deal with the bot, fake, inactive, and overactive Twitter followers.

According to studies, less than 60 percent of social media users are real humans.

The bot and fake Twitter followers can produce likes, follows, and comments. This situation would harm the social media strategy of your business.

Notably, it matters when you pay for ads, measured by per click or likes. Your posts seem to get engaged, but there would be no substantial conversion with real human users.

Overactive and spammer Twitter followers also do not ease your social media marketing strategies. They occupy your feed too much that you cannot monitor various accounts.

You can see an example of the classification of Twitter followers.

3. Language Stats

It is possible to know the language distribution of your Twitter followers through the Twitter follower checker feature of Circleboom Twitter.

It would be good to know the distribution of your Twitter followers according to the language they speak. You can arrange your social media strategy based on these language figures.

Be sure which posts you publish on Twitter are legible and accessible to whom.

4. Gender Stats

Twitter follower checker helps your business find out groups interested in your services and products.

Investigating your buyer personas would spare time and effort to build a successful social media strategy on Twitter.

Gender is one of the features that buyer persona consists of. You can track the gender of your Twitter followers and get insight into your audience.

5. Interest Cloud

Through the Twitter interest targeting feature of Circleboom Twitter, you can collect data of keywords and topics, which your followers and friends use.

You can look for the percentage of use of the specific keywords on this Interest Cloud.

Listening to what your followers and friends speak would shape your target and social media strategies on Twitter.

Step #4: Go to “Search” on the sidebar.

Then, click “All My Followers”. Here you can find a detailed list of your followers.

Step #5: Investigate your Twitter followers list one by one. There are filters you can benefit from.

You can detect fake, spam, inactive, overactive, egghead, and the verified users who follow your account on Twitter.

Or you can use the Twitter follower checker by searching your followers with specific keywords.

Additionally, there is another feature that can be helpful to regulate the network of your account on Twitter.

We have also a hands-on video to follow all these steps together:

Bonus Feature: Not Following Back

The Not Following Back tool is under “The Circle section on the sidebar. With this feature, you do not have to identify the accounts that you do not have a reciprocal relation on Twitter one by one.

In other words, you do not need to waste time to find manually the users that do not follow you back.

Hence, you can arrange your following/followers numbers automatically to keep with a proper ratio.

We got another video tutorial for the Not Following Back feature either:

To Conclude

It is significant how you use Twitter and build social media marketing strategies on this popular platform as a business.

There are chances of direct communication with potential customers on Twitter. In other words, you can easily turn your followers into your buyers on Twitter through contact with them on a personal level.

To increase the engagements with your account and posts and drive traffic to the site you want, you need to know many features of your networks on Twitter.

Know your audience better on Twitter by being aware of your followers’ data.

Circleboom Twitter facilitates a tool, Twitter follower checker, to identify whether your followers are fake, inactive, overactive, or verified.

You can reach the language and gender metrics of your followers, too.

As a result, you can operate quality social listening, know the characteristics of followers who are interested in your account and posts, and increase engagements on Twitter.

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