Twitter Accounts To Follow For Genuine Coronavirus Update

4 min readMar 23, 2020

Coronavirus disease also referred to as COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus. The disease, though originated in China, has affected 192 countries and more than 353k cases so far. It has been declared as the global pandemic by WHO resulting in a complete lockdown in countries across the world.

While many countries are fighting the virus, there’s a parallel battle going on in containing the fake news around the subject. With multiple chatting apps and social media channels, the internet is filled with false news and claims on the topic. The claims have been increasing the pain and havoc amongst common people.

To fight the false news on Twitter, Twitter has agreed to remove tweets that encourage users to behave in a certain way or spread the wrong information. The movement has been supported by other platforms like Reddit and Facebook to reduce the transmission of incorrect information.

Content that increases the chance that someone contracts or transmits the virus, including:
- Denial of expert guidance
- Encouragement to use fake or ineffective treatments, preventions, and diagnostic techniques
- Misleading content purporting to be from experts or authorities

- Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) March 18, 2020

To protect you from all the fake news and updates, we have created this list of Twitter accounts with genuine information on Coronavirus. Follow them to stay updated with the right news and help spread what’s true!

World Health Organization (World Health Organization)

There’s no more trusted source than the WHO on Coronavirus updated anywhere in the world. The WHO’s Twitter account is not just a source of news but also learning how to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Follow their Twitter for a detailed account of how the world is dealing with the pandemic. This would also be the most genuine source to know and understand the disease, so trust their words over anyone else at the moment.

Amidst a bleak global scenario with job uncertainties and a looming economic downturn, some good news to cheer you up.

Walmart, Amazon and Domino’s have announced that they intend to hire 150K, 100K and 10K workers respectively to deal with surge in online orders.

- Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alerts (@coronaviruscare) March 20, 2020

Coronavirus Alerts bring daily alerts and updates from the most genuine sources like Reuters, CNN, CNBC, and more to get a holistic picture from one account. The account brings worldwide news in English for almost everyone to grasp it. It gives alert by country-wise for a clear understanding. The account has amassed more than 40k followers and is good to follow for easy and authentic information.

COVID19 (@V2019N)

Covid19 is another Twitter account posting Coronavirus information that is filtered and accurate. The account was started in January 2020 and has gained more than 118K followers in a short time. It covers all kinds of informative articles, stats, retweets, interviews on Coronavirus that people would be interested in at this time. Follow the account to get a complete picture why it’s on our list!

Contrary to its name, Covid19 Perspective is a Twitter account on real Coronavirus updates and more than just a perspective. The account shares informative tweets on how to protect and control the epidemic, along with hourly stats on the growth of the epidemic. The account is mostly catered to Coronavirus updates regarding the US and less of the worldwide news. Follow it for a clear understanding!

Final Words:

If you’re still at a safe distance from the Coronavirus disease, it would be safest to practice isolation until your country is fully recovered. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in social media but not enough to scare other people. Before you tweet or share anything, check its source, and validate it. Only tweet what you are sure about and do not be the one spreading misinformation.

We hope this article helps. We have not affiliated with any of the Twitter accounts above, and sharing them is only based on our research on the topic.

Stay safe and stay warned!

Originally published at on March 23, 2020.




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