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3 min readJun 16, 2020


Deciding what to tweet can be a real hustle! But, what if we give you all the possible variations so you have multiple options when posting your tweet? This article will make scheduling tweets the easiest process for you. Check out some of our bright ideas below and use them to easily plan months of tweets.

Pro-tips are perfect if you want to establish your reputation amongst your followers and give them a reason to follow you. If your pro tips are helpful, then your followers will be eager to read and share your expert tweets. Make sure your pro tips are factually correct to avoid any embarrassment.

Share valuable content:

Don’t miss the opportunity of educating your Twitter audience by sharing valuable blog posts, meaning content with them. You can automate sharing of blog posts by integrating RSS feeds to your Twitter account with the help of Circleboom. You can also curate meaningful articles with Circleboom’s article curator and schedule months of content in advance.

Tweet positive brand news:

Your brand just got a mention in Forbes? Or are you just participating in some of the best local events? Let your Twitter audience be updated with all the positive brand news. Whether it’s a new website, new discount, or a new cat, keep sharing what your company is up to.

Retweet user-generated content:

Your customers can’t keep talking about you? Or do you have a new mention from a blogger or another influencer? Whenever someone mentions you on Twitter, maybe by sharing your products or reviewing your work, retweet their post. You can track all your mentions on Twitter analytics to make sure you don’t miss any.

Increase engagement with memes and GIFs:

Want your audience to engage more with your tweets? Find your funny bone and start tweeting funny jokes, memes, and GIFs. People love humor on Twitter and this will help you build a connection with your followers.

Ask a question/poll:

This is the ideal way to know your customers and get them to engage with your content. Asking questions on creating polls is also helpful in understanding your customer’s perception of your brand. For influencers, polls can help them create content that their audience mostly resonates with. So, set a few questions for your coming weeks.

Go live:

Go live with a Q&A session or give your followers a behind-the-scenes or maybe some form of entertainment for them. Twitter live is an interesting way to connect with your followers and let them know the human behind you.


Retweeting on Twitter is as important as sharing regular tweets. When you retweet, make sure to retweet with a comment so you can amplify your message and make your retweets interesting too.

Schedule and make Twitter easier for you

We have seen quite a lot of content that you can share on Twitter and get your Twitter account famous. However, this can be a lot of hardwork and mess if you don’t plan your tweets in advance. Using a reliable Twitter tool like Circleboom can help you schedule your tweets well in advance and plan content effectively. So, check out Circleboom publish and make Twitter easier.

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