Track Your Twitter Unfollowers in 3 Easy Steps

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The first question is Why would you want to unfollow someone?

Typically, Users unfollow other accounts when they no longer wish to see that user’s Tweets in their timeline.

Pro Tip:
If you’re using a Twitter profile management tool like Circleboom, It would be better to create a Twitter list before unfollowing them. By doing this, you will able to take a peak to their Tweets without even following them. Circleboom Twitter list feature lets you create Twitter Lists just a few clicks. You can refer to our blog ”
How to create Twitter Lists with just a few clicks” for a quick how-to video and tutorial.

Most of the Twitter users want to grow their audience. One of the best ways is following more people. However, some users prefer that their “Twitter Friend” count be fewer. Because, Twitter Users have the sense of “if you have a greater follower/friend ratio, more popular you are.” It is the nature of being popular on Twitter (or any social media platform nowadays)

With Circleboom Twitter Unfollow Tool you can easily track your unfollowers, spammer and even inactive Twitter accounts.

Step-by-step process to Track Your Twitter Unfollowers

Step 1: Login with your Twitter to access Circleboom.
To log in, click one of the blue buttons or login button on our homepage (We don’t ask for your Twitter password)

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Step 2: Open up the menu on the left-hand side of Circleboom’s Dashboard. Click the “Unfollow” menu on it. It will immediately open up a sub-menu. Click on “Not Following Back.” The Grid will list “All Unfollowers” in a clean and easy-to-take-action way. You can track all your unfollowers on the list by using The Grid Powers search among your unfollowers.

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Step 3: If you wish to unfollow who not following you back, Click “Visit Button” button related to the user you want to unfollow on the grid.
Circleboom lets you unfollow each account individually as Twitter prohibits mass unfollowing. You can perform unfollowing/ following on Circleboom, after clicking Visit button and reviewing account on Twitter, you can decide to follow/unfollow those accounts on the Twitter window.

We created a hands-on video to demonstrate “How to Track Your Twitter Unfollowers in 3 Easy Steps”.

Update: We rolled out two brand new modules named “Search” and “Circle.” We display “the visit” button for the profiles that let you visit their profile and proceed with your follow/unfollow request on Twitter. Our tool is fully compliant with Twitter Policies and Rules now. Your account is safer against the suspension, and you can use it conveniently. We hope this version won’t be a problem in the future, and we believe it would be safer for your account.

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Originally published at on January 20, 2019.

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