Top 10 Conservative Influencers: Where and How to Find Them

5 min readMay 6, 2024
Political influencers on Twitter

As the U.S. presidential elections are coming close, a few days ago, I found myself reading an article in Newsweek about a woman who became a conservative influencer, or “a right-wing influencer”, as the article called it. Turns out that a video of her went viral a few months ago, and it seemed to me that she’s trying to make the most of the hype the social media gave her. Then I thought, anyone with a decent number of followers can claim to be an influencer nowadays. And numerous questions went through my mind:

· What does it take to be among “conservative influencers”?

· Where and how to find these right-wing influencers?

· How to even distinguish between fake influencers and genuine ones?

· Who would be on the list of “top 10 conservative influencers”?

Then I remembered the tool I’ve been using to effectively manage my Twitter account, Circleboom Twitter, through the features of tweet deletion, list management, follower analytics,account insights etc.

It also had a built-in influencer search engine. So Iwanted to give it a go and see what it has to offer. Where would be a better place to find conservative influencers than Twitter after all, right?

Finding Top Conservative Influencers with Circleboom

The feature basically works like this:

1. You go to “Find Influencers” under its main Twitter search feature, which is located on the left menu.

2. From there, first thing you need to do is identify some keywords that these profiles may include as the tool searches for these keywords through users’ names, bios, profiles, and tweets.

3. Then you pick the engagement levels of the accounts you’d like to list.

4. Finally, you click “search” and you can list the biggest conservative influencers before you.

Here’s what it looks like:

Find Twitter influencers

There are also many advanced search filters where you get to filter the accounts based on verification status, activity levels, join dates, follower counts, tweet counts, etc. These filters can be applied before the search is conducted, or after the results are listed.

Advanced search filters

The main challenge here is to come up with related keywords. So I gave it a few tries to see how it ends up.

Top 10 Conservative Influencers Based on Different Keywords

Keywords that came to my mind at the beginning were “Trump” and “conservative”. For each try, I also applied the following filters: Only mid-engagement and high-engagement influencers, hide fake/spam accounts and inactive accounts, and list the accounts with a minimum of 50,000 followers. Finally, I sorted the results in a descending order by the follower count and checked them.

Here are the results of my conservative influencer searches:

Keyword 1: “Trump”

Many official accounts including former and candidate government officials came up in this search, as expected. But other than these accounts and Mr. Trump’s family members, here are the top 10 conservative influencers among the results:

1. @RyanAFournier (Chair of the “Students for Trump” movement) — 1 M followers

2. @JennaEllisEsq (Former personal counsel to Mr. Trump, currently a podcast network owner) — 1 M followers

3. @RpsAgainstTrump (A movement or “pro-democracy conservatives” supporting Mr. Biden) — 634k followers

4. @GuntherEagleman(A political commentator) — 599k followers

5. @DonaldTNews — 484k followers

6. @TrumpDailyPosts — 452k followers

7. @AccountableGOP (Another anti-Trump account of republican voters) — 429k followers

8. @Travis_in_Flint — 384k followers

9. @johnrobertsFox (Co-Anchor of “America Reports”, former WH Correspondent for Trump, Bush and Clinton — not sure if he’s a conservative influencer but he surely is influential) — 285k followers

10. @TrumpStudents — (the official account of the “Students For Trump” movement) — 242k followers

List “trump”

The list was more interesting than I actually expected. Most of these were quite influential profiles, but I’m not really sure to call all of them conservative influencers.

Keyword 2: “Conservative”

Some other directly government-related accounts also popped up in this search, along with a few “animal life conserving” accounts. But other than there, I also managed to get another list of top 10 conservative influencers out of this search too. Here they are:

1. @chuckwoolery (Defines himself as “Hollywood Conservative” and “Political Activist” ) — 639k followers

2. @RepDougCollins (An “Iraq veteran” with his own podcast channel) — 561k followers

3. @JoeyMannarinoUS (A political fundraiser)– 459kfollowers

4. @ColumbiaBugle — 373k followers

5. @ProudElephantUS — 350k followers

6. @nedryun (CEO of American Majority, which trains conservative activists) — 266k followers

7. @MarinaMedvin — 244k followers

8. @AmandaLarreni — 225k followers

9. @Kloeffler (former U.S. Senator, currently defines herself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist) — 199k followers

10. @brixwe — 198k followers

List “conservative”

This list seems to include less drama and have more room for possible collaborations. But the interesting thing for me was that 2 of the people listed in this one has non-American origins. I guess the “left just doesn’t feel right” for them, as one puts into her bio.

The more interesting thing is that there are actually not many accounts which appeared in both of the searches, so I can say that the tool also helps with finding different accounts with distinctive keywords, though they are closely related.

Final Words

There can of course be many other ways of finding conservative influencers, but Circleboom seems to do the job just fine. If these two lists of top conservative influencers, making up of a total of 20,don’t answer your needs, you can also try other keywords like “patriot”, “right-wing” or “republican” on the platformto see more conservative influencers like theseand come up with your own lists. Who knows, maybe you’d even go for searching the term “’murica”.

Plus, it’s features of deleting likes and retweets may also come in handy until and even after the election.

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