The Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Twitter Account (in 2022)

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If you google questions like how to bulk / mass remove my Twitter followers, or how to delete my old tweets, retweets, etc., the answers will be an echoing NO! What you’ll see on the top of the search result pages (SERPs) is that Twitter doesn’t allow you to bulk remove or delete your followers.

This is a serious drawback for us because there may be lots of reasons why we want to delete our tweets or followers. After all, “the only thing that is constant is change itself.”

We change our minds on certain issues along the way. We may not resonate with some followers anymore, or we want no more to keep seeing their activities on our timelines.

Or, we’ve maybe been going through tough times lately and believe a well-rounded spring cleaning on your Twitter account will help relieve and give some motivation to start it all from scratch.

Nevertheless, we’ve got a big hamper upon us while going toward a fresh start on Twitter. The relief that may come up with a full-fledged Twitter cleaning may turn into a long nightmare if you have lots of cleaning to do.

Let me explain you why this is the case.

We shall assume having 1,000 followers to delete or remove. Adding on top of that, let’s have tens of thousands of likes, retweets, tweets, mentions, and replies to get rid of.

Even though these figures may seem exaggerated to you, believe me, they are not. Simple math says having ten daily retweets, likes, etc. piles up to a thousand in just a few months!

In this hypothetical (but very likely) scenario, you’ll repeat the deleting process thousands of times, over and over again! This is a hell of a nightmare that will go on for a long time if you once jump into that.

This is because Twitter does not let you mass delete your tweets, retweets, likes, and so on.

Notwithstanding, I have good news for you. An excellent nightmare repellent is at your disposal if you get rid of all these repetitive & boring processes. Use Circleboom Twitter and quickly get rid of followers, delete old tweets (including those posted longer than one year ago), erase Twitter archives, and so on.

So to speak, the features that Circleboom Twitter offers users are amazing. It’s a perfect tool that saved me from all the troubles mentioned above. I cleaned up my entire Twitter account within ten seconds or so!

So, I thought it’d be super helpful if I explained to you each service of Circleboom Twitter in more detail and showed you how you can use the tool for yourselves.

In the rest of this article, I’ll demonstrate how you can mass remove or force unfollow followers, delete old tweets (by categories like keywords, post date), retweets, along with likes, mentions…

How to mass remove your followers using Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom Twitter Tool helps “bulk or mass unfollow” your followers. In doing so, the tool offers you two options.

First, you can remove all your followers without selecting any filter to sort your followers. This way, you’re done removing all your followers with a click.

Second, the tool allows you to sort your bot (fake/spam) followers or verified Twitter accounts. This feature is practical for many reasons.

For instance, you may not want to remove all your followers. Let’s say you want to delete only the egghead followers (with no profile pictures). Perhaps, you’d merely prefer to keep the verified (blue ticked) accounts in your follower lists.

What’s more, Circleboom Twitter saves you from inactive, ghost, or too active accounts. Whichever bothers you, you can click on the default options below, and voila — they’re history!

Or, if you have too many fake followers (i.e., bots), you can delete them all and clean your account in seconds.

Circleboom Twitter presents your follower lists and allows bulk remove your followers in seconds
Circleboom Twitter

Having said what Circleboom Twitter offers for those who want to remove their followers in mass, it’s time to show step-by-step how to use Circleboom Twitter in more detail to force unfollowing followers in mass.

Remove followers in mass using Circleboom Twitter

Step #1: Authenticate your Twitter account by logging into the Circleboom dashboard.

You should log into Circleboom Twitter and connect your Twitter account.
Connect Circleboom with Twitter

Step #2: Click the menu on the left, and select “Search”

You can review the stats of your Twitter account on Circleboom dashboard
Circleboom Twitter Dashboard

Step #3: Tap “All My Followers”

Circleboom dashboard gets you to see your follower list
Follower Review on Dashboard

Step #4: Circleboom will finally present all your follower list. You can select all or some of them (based on specific categories or one by one) and click on the “Remove Selected Accounts”

Circleboom Twitter allows mass delete followers on Twitter.
Remove Twitter followers

In a few seconds, you’ll have the mass removed or deleted all your Twitter followers.

Apart from the default follower categories that Circleboom Twitter provides, you can also filter your followers by entering your keywords. This way, you can list the followers with the same username and mass remove specifically that group of followers.

In case you would like to follow these steps on our video tutorial to remove Twitter followers, here it is:

Even though Circleboom Twitter quickly & easily automates your follower delete processes, I thought it might be useful to show how you can remove your followers manually.

After all, you may prefer to take the old way. Or, you maybe don’t have that many followers and would rather check the profiles of your followers one by one before deciding to unfollow them.

If so, here you go!

Manually remove followers on Twitter:

Step #1: Sign in to your Twitter account.

You can login your Twitter account with your personal info, Google, or & Apple
Twitter Login

Step #2: Go to your Twitter menu on the left, click on “Profile” and “Followers” to open your list.

Twitter profile shows your various personal info like follower count
Twitter Profile Page

Step #3: Once your follower list opens up, you can scroll the list to look for the Twitter account that you want to remove. Once you find the account, click on that account to open their profile.

Note: Remember that the followings are the account you follow, and the followers are the accounts that follow you. So, make sure you click on the follower number to remove Twitter followers.

Your Twitter follower list shows all the accounts that follow you
Twitter Follower List

With the steps mentioned above, you can go to Twitter and remove your Twitter followers. The only drawback is that if you have thousands of followers, you would have to spend a lot of time scrolling and finding the accounts to remove before you actually do so.

Now is the time to talk about at length how to mass delete your old likes and what Circleboom Twitter offers here.

How to mass remove your old likes using Circleboom Twitter

You piled up way too many likes on Twitter that it’s become nearly impossible to handle them? If so, you’re in the right place & time. Let’s dive into how you can mass delete Twitter likes once and for all.

Let me remind you once again you surely can, unlike old likes from Twitter. However, removing your likes one by one is a pain in the head.

If you want to save your precious time from soul-draining jobs like manual unliking, Circleboom Twitter is an excellent tool, always with you!

It helps you remove all old likes from your Twitter account. You can delete all Twitter likes or filter old likes by keywords.

Enough for Circleboom hype! I’m sure you want to take some real action. Let’s move to see how to bulk delete your likes on Twitter using Circleboom. Here, we fly on!

Delete all Twitter likes (favorites) with Circleboom

Circleboom makes life easier in many aspects and getting rid of old likes in mass is just one of them. You can quickly delete all Twitter likes with a few steps on all devices.

Step #1: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard. It’s just a matter of seconds with your Twitter account.

Step #2: Once logged in, select the left-hand menu. Then tag on “My Tweets” and then “Unlike.”

Circleboom dashboard will present all your Twitter likes in seconds.

You should click on Unlike under My Tweets menu.
“My Tweets” and then “Unlike”.

Step #3: You have three options here: tag on “Unlike all”, “Unlike selected”, or filter likes by searching specific keywords (and then select what to unlike on the filtered list).

Circleboom Twitter shows you the list of your old likes
Twitter Old Like List

By the way, watch out the little remark written for you in the “Pro-tip” section: there’s no way back once you start the delete process for likes, retweets, and tweets!

In case you find it easier to follow and apply, there is a YouTube tutorial you can watch to learn how to bulk unlike Twitter likes (aka favorites). Here you go:

How to unlike old likes on Twitter

Step #1: Sign in to your Twitter account.

Step #2: Go to your Twitter menu on the left, click on “Profile” and “Likes” to open your list.

Twitter profile shows your various personal info such as old likes and tweets
Twitter Profile

Step #3: Getting to your old like list, you can scroll down the list to select the like you want to remove. Just click on the heart-shaped “unlike” and pass it to other likes you’d like to delete.

You can view your old likes and unlike them manually on Twitter
Twitter Likes

This way, you can manually unlike your old likes. However, this is a tidious process if you have numerous likes from back in old times.

It’s still a working option, if not effective. That’s why, I find it worth mentioning for those who is for taking the old road.

Let’s now move on to another time & energy saving feature of Circleboom Twitter. It’s time to talk about mass tweet delete. Ready to see what Circleboom Twitter has there for you?

Let’s dive in!

How to bulk delete your tweets using Circleboom Twitter

We can find tons of reasons why people want to get rid of their old tweets, whether they be personal, political, or whatnot.

However, Twitter makes things complicated and boring again when it comes to mass deleting tweets. You have to scroll down the tweet list on your profile and delete each one of them one by one.

Instead of dealing with these outdated methods, let’s see what you can achieve using Circleboom tweet delete.

Utilizing Circleboom tweet, you can delete your tweets and replies in groups, dates, and completely in bulk. Cherry-pick is available as well. Quickly delete any of your tweets and replies by clicking the individual “Delete” button next to them.

What’s more, Circleboom Twitter allows filtering your tweets via keyword search. Look for tweets by usernames, various topics, and hashtags to selectively delete them by keyword!

The deleting options so far are all amazing and unique. Nevertheless, I believe the feature “delete tweets by date” is the most fascinating one. Circleboom Twitter makes your life much easier by allowing you to delete tweets & replies from a certain date.

The details of how is below.

Bulk remove old tweets with Circleboom Twitter

Step #1: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard (as always) You can log in with your Twitter account in a few seconds.

Step #2: Tag the menu on the left side, click on “My Tweets” and then “Delete Tweets”

Circleboom Dashboard shows your old tweets and helps filter them.
Circleboom Dashboard

Circleboom dashboard will present your old tweets in a few seconds.

Step #3: You can pick up three features here: tag on “Delete selected”, “Delete all Tweets”, or filter tweets by searching specific keywords (and then delete the filtred results).

Circleboom Twitter shows you the list of your old tweets
Tweet List

While deleting your Tweets, don’t forget that Twitter doesn’t allow any way to delete more than 3,200 Tweets.

Yet, Circleboom Twitter still finds a way through this handicap. It has a “Delete Twitter Archive” module that lets you delete tweets older than one year.

Here is a YouTube tutorial to learn how to bulk delete your Tweets by Circleboom Twitter. Here you go!

Speaking of which, using the “Delete Twitter Archive” module, you can select a specific time interval and delete the tweets posted only during this period. In the section, I’ll explain how this feature works in more detail.

How to delete tweets older than one year using Circleboom

You don’t need to scroll down to find your tweets! You can enter the date or a keyword mentioned in the tweet, and Circleboom will list all your searched tweets.

Normally, Twitter doesn’t allow deleting more than 3,200 Tweets. Yet, Circleboom offers a short-cut solution. All you need is to download your Twitter archive and upload it to Circleboom Twitter.

I assume you already visited the article above, successfully downloaded your Twitter archive, and finally uploaded it to Circleboom Twitter.

If so, let’s see altogether how to use the tool to delete your Tweets by date, language, and any keyword. Follow the following steps and delete your tweets in mass.

Use Twitter Archive Module to overcome limits

Twitter doesn’t allow you to delete more than 3,200 tweets. However, the answer to the question “can you delete more than 3,200 tweets” is yes if you use Twitter Archive Module of Circleboom Twitter.

Step #1: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard (first things first!). It is pretty simple to log in with your Twitter account.

Step #2: Once your Twitter archive uploaded, you can filter your tweets by date, language, and keyword. You can narrow down your list using these three criteria and delete your Tweets in bulk.

Circleboom Twitter allows filter & delete Tweets by date, keyword, and language
Filter Tweets via Circleboom Twitter

Step #3: Applying the filters, first you should click on “Delete My Archive” and then “Delete Tweets” on the pop-up window. Watch out that deleting is not recoverable!

Circleboom Twitter allows delete all tweets
Circleboom Twitter, the Tweet Deleter

This way, you can mass delete your tweets older than a year, and also you can remove your retweets, replies, likes, and Twitter media with the same method.

Here is a hands-on video guide to find out more about the “Delete Twitter Archive” module:

Having shown how you can use Circleboom Twitter to delete your tweet automatically, here is how you can remove your Tweets manually on Twitter (in case you want to take the longer path).

Up we go!

How to manually delete Tweets on Twitter

Step #1: Sign in to your Twitter account.

Step #2: Go to your Twitter menu on the left, click on “Profile” and “Tweets” to see your Tweet list.

Twitter profile shows your various personal info such as old likes and tweets
Twitter Profile

Step #3: Twitter will directly show “Tweets” on your profile. Scroll down the list to select the Tweets you want to remove. Just click on the three-dot and “Delete” the Tweets as you move along.

You can view your old likes and unlike them manually on Twitter
Tweet example

Scrolling through your profile, you can delete your old Tweets one by one. Despite being pretty tiresome and boring, manual deleting is still an option. And you can follow the steps above to clean your Twitter account manually.

Now is the time to talk about the last (but not least) time-saving feature of Circleboom Twitter. It’s the turn of mass retweet delete. Ready to see what Circleboom Twitter has there for you?

Let’s dive in!

How to delete Retweets in bulk

Retweeting is probably the most unique feature of Twitter. Yet, all along the years, (especially) active Twitter users may end up having a huge pile of retweets that they don’t feel relevant anymore.

This case generally leads us to looking for a simple & quick way of deleting Retweets in mass. But, Twitter doesn’t let you do so. It allows only manual Retweet delete that may take pretty long if you have thousands of retweets to delete.

The good thing is that you can delete all retweets with the same ease as you posted them. Tools like Circleboom have made it much easier to delete all retweets or tweets at once.

Following the simple steps below, you can get rid of all the old retweets effortlessly. This article will demonstrate the exact steps to help you bulk delete retweets from your Twitter account.

Delete all retweets with Circleboom Twitter in a few steps

If you want to delete all retweets that you’ve ever posted on Twitter, then you will need to download your Twitter archive and upload it on Circleboom. Circleboom’s Twitter archive eraser can delete all retweets. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Login to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account.
  • Select “My Tweets” and “Delete Retweets.”
  • You will be directed to the “Upload your archive” page. Here you have to upload the previously downloaded Twitter archive (tweet.js).
Circleboom Twitter Archive lets you delete older tweets, likes, and retweets
Circleboom Twitter Archive Upload
  • Once your archive is uploaded, on the next screen, you will see an option to select tweets, retweets, or replies. If you only want to delete retweets, then check the retweet box and uncheck other boxes.
Filter options on Twitter Archive Module lets you sort tweets by date, language, and keywords
Filter options on Twitter Archive Module
  • If you want to add additional filters like date or keywords, you can add them. Next, click on “Approve” to delete all retweets as per the filters selected.

Using the simple steps above, you can delete all retweets within seconds. Circleboom’s Twitter archive eraser is a big time-saver if you quickly want to get rid of all your retweets.

Delete Retweets group by group

If you don’t want to delete all retweets but search for selected retweets and delete them, then follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account.
  • Go to the Circleboom menu on the left and click on the drop-icon next to “My Tweets.”
  • Select “Delete RTs” from the drop-down. Your last 3,200 retweets will be listed by Circleboom.
Circleboom Twitter also lets delete retweet by groups
Partial Retweet Delete
  • To delete retweets from a specific Twitter account or person, you can enter their Twitter handle or the name in the grid power search, and all retweets will be filtered by Circleboom for you. The grid power search can be also used to filter retweets by keywords, hashtags, or date.
Circleboom has the “filter retweets by keyword” feature
Filter Retweets by Keyword
  • Select the retweets that you want to delete and at the top left, select the red icon “Delete selected RTs” to delete the selected retweets.

La fin

I know it was so easy to pile all those followers, retweets, likes, and all on your Twitter. But, you changed your mind then and want to do a well-rounded spring cleaning?

Yes, I know the feeling and the urge to get rid of Twitter followers. The bad news ,however, is Twitter doesn’t let you do this kind of a mass follower cleaning.

You’re supposed to click on each follower’s profile and select “remove followers” manually. Or, you have to scroll down through your old tweets and delete them one by one.

Life is too short anyway to bother yourself with this tedious job!

The good news is though, Circleboom Twitter tool gives you a hand to save yourself from this trouble forever. If you wish, you can mass remove or delete all your followers, tweets, replies, mentions, etc. using the tool.

Or, the tool shows the default classification groups to sort your followers. You can apply the default filters to classify your followers by different characteristics like followers’ verification or profile picture status.

Plus, you can filter tweets posted in a specific time interval and delete only them. All you need is to upload your Twitter archive to Circleboom Publish. The tool then presents you default options to sort your tweets and retweets.

Lastly, you’re kindly reminded that you can delete all your tweets, likes, retweets, and followers on your iPhone. Users can enjoy the convenience of cleaning their Twitter accounts by using Circleboom Twitter’s iOS app.

If you want a fresh start and delete all your tweets on your mobile devices, Circleboom Twitter is at your disposal!

What’s still the best thing about Circleboom Twitter is its quite affordable price plans. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Twitter management. Instead, take advantage of the unique and convenient features of Circleboom.

Circleboom Publish is also used and trusted by various big companies, like NETFLIX and NBC. So, ensure that your accounts are safe here and stay with us!

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