The Best Free Social media Marketing Tools in 2021

6 min readJan 4, 2021

Social media is quite a powerful medium for marketing. You can use social media to promote your products, find your target audience, and drive traffic to your main website.

Managing multiple social media accounts at the same time can be quite confusing, though. Also, it could cost plenty of time and effort.

Social media specialists always race against time to do their best for a successful social media marketing campaign. Productivity and effectiveness are nearly everything for them. At this point, social media marketing tools for social media scheduling save their day. Then, what is social media scheduling?

Social media marketing tools are perfect both for beginners, professionals in social media marketing.

Most social media professionals prefer to use social media marketing tools to automate and control multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

What is social media scheduling?

Social media marketing tools allow you to post the same updates on all your social media accounts. Some social media marketing tools give you extended capabilities like analytics, managing social media followers, etc., which can help you grow your social media accounts.

Herein, you can schedule your company’s future updates via analyzing your target audience and the best time to post to get maximum engagement. Moreover, those tools offer free plans to help small businesses and individuals to promote their business on social media.

While there are several free social media marketing tools, choosing the best social media app in 2021 is vital for your social media accounts’ growth.

With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter taking the center stage back in the 2010s, it’s important to wisely choose your social media marketing tools in 2021 to boost your social media marketing.

What are the Benefits of using Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021?

Here are some of the best free social media marketing tools in 2021:


Especially for managing your Twitter accounts, Circleboom is the perfect Twitter tool. If your strategy for 2021 is to grow your network using Twitter, you should try Circleboom. With Circleboom, you can:

For instance, if you’re interested in a specific subject in the local base, you can do geo-oriented searches using Smart Search’s location filter to find and engage your targeted audience.

Circleboom will pass you on, and you can unfollow inactive accounts. Thus, you will have a better follower/following ratio, which is vital for a successful Twitter account.

For complete social media marketing on Twitter, you need a comprehensive social media management tool in 2021 to keep your social marketing campaign under control. Herein, Circleboom’s social media publisher will provide you an excellent opportunity to schedule your social media post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

You can drive organic traffic to your website by connecting your website’s RSS feed to Circleboom. Whenever you post new content on your blog, Circleboom makes its way to Twitter without any delay.

Circleboom Interest Cloud will let you learn the insights of your followers. Hence, you can quickly produce PR or social media marketing strategies regarding your target audience’s user habits.


MobileMonkey is the best live chat software in 2021. It allows you to contact people with its unique chatbot technology. If it is the first time you’ve heard about “chatbot,” MobileMonkey presents a fast human-to-human support service through OmniChat technology by MobileMonkey.

Let’s consider you have initiated a company, and you need to establish a consumer service. Herein, MobileMonkey could interact with your consumers by answering their questions just like a human being, thanks to its unique AI algorithm.

  • Save a considerable amount of money via MobileMonkey’s live chat software, which operates 24/7. With it, you won’t need to pay for multiple employees.
  • Instantly talk to your customers on multiple channels, on your website, through the messaging app they are using, or directly with SMS text messages.
  • With Mobile Monkey’s proactive live chat, you can directly promote your sales on your website with 7/24 live, instant answers.
  • Boost your social media posts. On Facebook, you can run click-to-Messenger ads. Moreover, you can add Facebook autoresponders on all your post to engage your customer instantly.

Note: Don’t forget that effectiveness and productivity for everything for successful social media marketing. Fortunately, there is a social media marketing tool like MobileMonkey that can lighten your workload and boost your sales at the same time!


A leader in social media marketing tools for ages, Hootsuite is one of the best social media marketing tools in 2021 to manage your multiple social media accounts in one place. With Hootsuite, you can:

  • Manage Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Their free plan allows you to connect three social media accounts and schedule 30 posts.
  • You can easily schedule posts with a calendar and bulk scheduling.
  • With their paid plans, you can generate unlimited analytics reports and add team members.


Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler that’s perfect for you if you use Pinterest and Instagram for your marketing. Here are the features of Tailwind:

  • Tailwind allows you to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts with their bulk image upload, multi-board pinning, and optimization.
  • You can even use their browser extension to make scheduling posts faster and easier for you.
  • Their hashtag finder makes sure your posts reach more people and a bigger audience.


One of the oldest social media marketing tools, Buffer is still one of the best tools to manage all your social media accounts from one place. Here’s what Buffer offers:

  • With Buffer, you can schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Allows social media posting with calendar scheduling and with video and GIF posts.
  • Pablo image creator to create social media content on Buffer itself.

Wrapping Up

These are our favorite free social media marketing tools that are amazing to grow your accounts in 2021.

We also would be pleased to hear from you. What are your expectations from a social media marketing tool in 2021? Let us know your thoughts about it!

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