Steal our chart of Pinterest Marketing strategy for 2021

Pinterest marketing statistics

  • Every month, 478 million people visit Pinterest to get inspiration for their next buy.
  • Women account for more than 60% of our global audience.
  • People in the United States with a household income of more than $100K account for 45 percent of the total population.
  • Male Pinners and Gen Z Pinners have increased by 40% in the last year.
  • Four out of five American mothers use Pinterest to look for new products and ideas. Pinterest shopping increased in 2020 significantly.
  • Pinterest shoppers increased by 50% in just the first half of 2020. It’s no wonder that Pins inspired more online purchasing because it’s a venue for exchanging ideas and inspiration.
  • Users of this platform spend 80 percent more in retail than non-Pinterest users.

How to market on Pinterest?

pinterest marketing
Pinterest-inspired aesthetics certainly got its place in our lives. Learn more about the platform for your business!
  • Pinterest Analytics is one of Pinterest for Business’s newest and most exciting features. When you confirm your account, you gain access to critical tracking data.
  • Rich Pins come in five different kinds, each packed with more detail than your usual pin for real sales potential. Real-time price and stock updates, direct links to your website, and interactive map locations are among the features.

Creating a top-notch Pinterest profile from the top on down

Step #1:Pick a cover board

Pinterest cover board example Source: Chloe West Pinterest

Step #2:Create a profile photo.

Step #3: Pinterest SEO for Bio description

For instance, Google shows Pinterest boards and profiles for wooden necklaces and related keywords

Step #4: Pinterest SEO for Pin and Board description

How to use keywords in your product and board descriptions example Source: Melyssa Griffin

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Unique Content with Amazing Visuals

Product pins are great to refer links, add product details, descriptions and high-resolution images.
Product pins are great to refer links, add product details, descriptions and high-resolution images.
  • To market your products and company, create and share branded videos.
  • If you have the resources, use Pinterest’s Promoted Video tool.
  • Create videos that are 30–90 seconds lengthy because they have been proved to work well.
  • Make a board for photographs of your company’s most useful data visualizations and infographics.

Create Blog post graphics and Infographics

Curate Articles and Design Article Covers for Pinterest

pinterest marketing
Browse the articles based on interest categories and select the ones you wanna post.
pinterest marketing strategy
Circleboom Publish’s design extensions come with ready-made templates in proper dimensions for different social media platforms

Plan and Schedule Your Content

Distribute Your Content

  • To increase your chances of getting seen and followed, share your Pins, photos, and videos on other sites to promote your Pinterest account and content. For instance, you can claim your company’s Pinterest account on Instagram and Etsy so that your followers are aware of the additional channels you’re using.
  • You can also connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Google accounts to make it easier to add and find friends, as well as share material across platforms.
  • And do not forget to re-pin, like, and comment on your fans’ content and followers’ post.
  • Joining and establishing community or group boards is another wonderful Pinterest marketing strategy for getting your content seen. Users can invite people to contribute to a board on Pinterest, and there are various boards in different niches, so spare some time to search and find the proper ones.

Pinterest affiliate marketing

Successful Pinterest marketing campaigns

Women’s Inspiration Day Pinterest campaign by Kotex
Peugeot Pinterest Jigsaw Puzzle Campaign

Wrap Up

  • Referral links to the site in the descriptions.
  • A wide range of content that is both seasonal and relevant.
  • Rich pins in terms of visuals, quality and aesthetic.
  • Locate and shine out your most popular boards at the top of the page.
  • Create a board devoted solely to your blog/product/service content.



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