Social Media Post Design: All you need to know in advance!

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Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are wonderful places for businesses to interact directly with the real people that support them.

It’s where you make connections with your audience with entertaining content that promotes brand awareness. Social media is extremely valuable, but it is also extremely competitive, which makes social media post design a matter of concern.

When you create engaging social media posts, it becomes part of an ongoing stream of information that competes with other businesses’ content and the platform’s ranking system.

Only the strong survive in social media, and you can only be the strong one when you create social media graphics that catch the attention in the first sec and tell your story with the best copy.

Yet, the visual story comes first.

How to design social media posts?

Before you begin your social media graphic design, make sure you have everything you need in terms of logistics:

In terms of content strategy, keep below tried-and-true principles in mind for all social media platforms:

There’s a reason why your audience chose to follow you. Your goal is to provide the people with what they came for, whether information, entertainment, or inspiration. Similarly, the content design must be more than just visually appealing — it must also be functional.

Giving information and being visually appealing is possible!
Giving information and being visually appealing is possible!

According to a study on the impact of color on marketing, up to 90% of product judgments might be made only based on color, depending on the product.

  • Colors that take your audience through a story should be used in your social media images. And they also must remind you about the brand, logo and what you sell. Consider which colors will help to tell a certain part of the story.
  • Color theory principles are a good place to start and can be applied to create a sense of balance in your visuals.
Canva’s logo colors are everywhere!
Canva’s logo colors are everywhere!
  • Infographics that deliver information or tell a story benefit from flat design characters and colors.
  • The hand-lettered font is ideal for inspirational statements that people feel compelled to share, as well as questions that they feel compelled to respond to.
  • Photography allows you to show off real people and real goods like your customers and their experiences.
  • While videos are the favorite content across all platforms — and you have to get some of it.

And for a more streamlined process without any content deprivation or deadline chaos, follow the steps below:

  • Make weekly and monthly plans of future content
  • The content’s objective and who is the intended audience. Does the content really matter to the audience — this should be a guiding question.
  • Examples of competitor content should be reviewed regularly.
  • Which content should be expressed in which format (photograph, video, illustration, animated gif)
  • What will be the caption or text copy?
  • What is the timing for it, and who will post it?

How to design Instagram posts?

The Instagram post design is the place where you wish all eyes on you. It is the most artistic, chic, and fun place for a brand and person. Hence, you need to know social media post design or have the social media post design tools at hand.

Canva design tool is one of the top-rated social media post design tools in the market. You will see its name in almost every relevant blog, video or personal experience of individuals and brands.

Because it comes with hundreds of templates for Instagram post design and also for other social media platforms.

What matters here is that Canva understands Instagram’s spirit hence the Instagram vibes, which reflects several aesthetic Instagram post templates.

Canva has different categories for each social media platform with proper image sizes.

Here are several ways to generate and save Instagram post templates so you can have beautiful posts ready to go whenever you want.

Try Canva’s Instagram post templates for both standard and story posts, which you can customize to match your brand’s needs. You can change any section of the template, including the image, copy, and design elements.

Add shapes, lines, additional photos& videos

Furthermore, you can use Circleboom Publish’s Canva interface to design Instagram posts and then publish or schedule them later.

Circleboom Instagram scheduler comes with the built-in Canva design tool!

Choose Instagram post for correct image size, and then you can download stock photos from Unsplash with one click and continue the design on Canva.

On the same dashboard, you can keep the archive of your Canva posts and also posted & scheduled Instagram posts.

How to design Facebook posts?

Facebook post design still matters for several companies and is useful for announcing sales & discounts at Facebook groups or your business page.

Looking for Facebook post design inspirations for your products?

Here you can some of them on Canva Facebook templates ready to create Facebook posts in secs.

And they are searchable by category.

A pro tip will be here to look at Pinterest pages, boards and pins to find alternatives for creative Facebook post designs.

  • If you actually need a social media post design tool and social media planner, Circleboom is ideal for Facebook post scheduling. And this scheduler can post to Facebook pages and groups in one go.
In order to design a Facebook post to Circleboom, sync your Facebook accounts and get going!

Here you can start linking your account then use Canva’s built-in tool to help you in Facebook post design.

You can upload media, download stock images from Unsplash and Gifs from Giphy on the same Facebook post design page

And then, you can publish or schedule your post for a later but specific time and date.

Ready to post or schedule!

How to design LinkedIn posts?

You can easily get your LinkedIn Page running in no time if you’re just getting started or want to spice things up. You may have concerns about coming up with enough content to share, yet they’re all over your website, blog, articles, and client comments, to name a few places.

LinkedIn works like other social media platforms but, there are some specific tricks or trends, particularly for this B2B networking site.

  • Add photos of people, whether they’re you, your coworkers, partners, or clients. (Avoid using stock images.)
  • Publish useful and informative information that is well-written. Articles and short passages about your industry.
  • Always respond to comments — the more you respond, the more LinkedIn will notice you. And yes, this is working!
  • Make the most of your headline; the first line is crucial, and it is often the point that draws visitors to your posts.
  • Include intriguing photos.

For LinkedIn Post design, go for more simple and plain designs while highlighting your quote or sales value proposition.

Try Canva’s Linkedin post design ideas (there are templates for banners, sponsored posts and more!)
Try Canva’s Linkedin post design ideas (there are templates for banners, sponsored posts and more!)

And design, post and schedule LinkedIn posts comprehensively to ensure consistency here.

How to design tweets for better engagements?

The Twitter post design is not an exception if we talk about social media graphic design because tweets are no longer about filling the maximum number of characters and sending direct messages.

They are about memes, GIFs, viral videos, and shocking visuals & videos too!

So, how to deal with it all while you are always in need of the next engaging tweet on Twitter?

We can offer you an all-in-one solution to do that.

Circleboom Publish works as a Tweet scheduler and Twitter post design tool simultaneously. You need to sync your Twitter account and then create a post for your tweet.

After syncing your Twitter account, go straight to Create a New Post tab.

Here you can sync more than one Twitter account if you need. And utilize built-in Canva for Twitter post design.

But we want to mention about free Giphy tool integration here specifically for Twitter posts.

Wanna some great GIFs to make your tweet more retweetable?

If you are a die-hard Twitter user, then the GIFs and memes in the Twitter world are probably your daily entertainment source. So, why not using it?

Believe us; you can find some for your brand too!

Discount-related GIFs can be a great tweet update for more sales!

Announce your next big sale or campaign with funny GIFs that can be found with keywords.

Wrap Up

We tried to briefly mention social media post design concerns for mostly used social media platforms in this blog.

And aiming to take the next step, we offered some snapshots of Canva — maybe one of the most demanded social media design tools over the internet and how can you combine its social media post design tool capabilities with a social media planner.

We took this way because creating social media post design is not enough to execute social media strategy. You need to curate more content, publish them on time and do this job consistently — for all platforms!

Social media planners like Circleboom publish brings together Canva’s social media graphic design and its post scheduling & planning features on the same page.

Connect your social media accounts for once and then, create, design, plan and automate for good!

No need to log out, open a new tab or different accounts.

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