Social Media Auto Poster for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Opting for social media auto poster like thousands of other social media managers, small business owners and digital personas?

In case you are a B2B company, possibly you have deduced the fact that TikTok or Instagram is out of your league. Yet, there are many social media trends for B2B to layout their social media strategies.

Here, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter matter for lead generation, networking, brand awareness, keeping up with what is happening in the market.

We are listing all you need to do with no intention to overwhelm you but remind you about holistically managing your social media strategy such as benefiting from a social media auto poster.

According to a recent survey on social media trends, people aged 16 to 64 spend almost 2 hours and 24 minutes on all devices in 2020. In 2020, the average social media user will have 8.6 accounts, up from 4.8 in 2014.

This trend has predominantly been reflected in business account numbers up until today.

Still, hesitating about hitting send button on a social media auto poster for different social media platforms?

Now, listen to our pitch about the idea of the auto post to all social media platforms and why you need to do it.

Automatically post to Facebook

Let’s open the discussion with why Facebook is crucial for business still against all the odds.

Although it is more difficult to develop organic reach on Facebook business pages these days, they can still help raise brand awareness and establish your company as an expert in your industry by sharing helpful advice, insights, and product news. Users will interact with the platform for longer lengths if it offers attractive options like Facebook Live and Facebook Watch.

Facebook Groups, like LinkedIn, are frequently useful resources for brands to participate in conversations and for customers to connect directly to discover suggestions and reviews. Here comes the question of how to deal with all multiple social media management works.

Hence, it is time to auto post to Facebook!

Anyone who has shared the same thing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter knows how tedious it is to copy and paste the same post on each platform.

Circleboom Publish is a social media planning tool that lets you schedule and auto post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business effortlessly.

What can the Circleboom Social Media Publisher tool accomplish for you?

  • You can auto post to all social media or schedule individual posts for each platform on the same page with this lean social media auto poster.
  • Create a bulk queue for your postings depending on date and time intervals.
  • Use Canva’s built-in tool to create your posts.
  • With Unsplash’s built-in feature, you can find stock photos for your posts.
  • On a single dashboard, you can design, organize, schedule, and manage everything.

Let us walk you through the steps.

Step #1: First, go to Circleboom Publish.

If you don’t already have one in hand, sign up for a Circleboom Publish account.

Create your account to use Circleboom Publish.

Step #2: On the first screen, you will notice options for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram accounts to initiate a social media auto poster for each platform.

Continue by logging into your Facebook accounts or pages.

Circleboom social media scheduler supports multiple platforms.

Step #3: After adding an account, you will see the dashboard for that account.

It’s simple to add new accounts here. In the Pro plan, you can have up to 5 accounts and auto post to all social media accounts.

All added accounts are listed on the “manage social media accounts” page

Step #4: Now, go to the main menu on the left.

From the dashboard’s left-hand menu, select “Create New Post.”

The post creation tab works for all social media platforms that are offered.

Step #5: Select the social media channels to which you want to post or plan posts.

You can also select which LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account that you will post on altogether.

Select the Facebook icon to auto post to Facebook on that profile.

Pro Tip: Use the “Select by Social Media Platform” option to post to all of your Facebook profiles. Consequently, selecting all Facebook pages or groups related to Circleboom Publish by clicking the Facebook icon.

Step #6: Now, call for your creative spirit.

After you’ve picked which accounts to publish to, it’s time to design and write your post.

Options are endless, design your Facebook post on Canva or upload yours.

Now you can use the built-in Canva tool to design your posts, discover stock images from Unsplash, and color your Facebook posts with Giphy gifs based on your preferences and needs.

Select the correct Facebook post image size without any doubt.

Step #7: Once you have completed writing your post, you have three options: publish it right now, schedule it for later, or put it in your queue.

In the post preview box, you will see these options.

Step #8: Click the blue “Schedule it” button to schedule your post for a later time.

Please pick the day and time you want your content to be sent to your Facebook page or group.

You are good to go!

Automatically post to Twitter

You may ask why you need Twitter for the B2B niche? Here are a few solid arguments for you:

  • For B2B brands, Twitter is one of the best ways to engage with potential buyers.
  • B2B marketers may join in active dialogues and better understand their audiences’ pain points and demands by using hashtags and current themes.
  • Many B2B companies have Twitter accounts for customer service, which supports relationships with clients and leads to more customer engagement.

Now, let’s talk about auto post Twitter options in the market.

Circleboom Publish also works for scheduling tweets and also for bulk auto post Twitter tasks. And it also comes with additional features like posting RSS feeds to social media and auto-posting articles & blogs to your profiles.

Jump in now!

Step #1: After logging into the Circleboom account, find the Twitter logo.

And sync your Twitter profile.

Likewise, sync your Twitter account to create and schedule Tweets.

Step #2: Choose the “Create a Post” option again.

And proceed with your account.

Create post option also works for writing and posting tweets.

Step #3: In order to auto-post to Twitter, select the Twitter icon from the accounts menu.

Select the Twitter account from all visible accounts added.

Step #4: Now, you can go up and continue to exact steps as of Step 4 to create and schedule Twitter posts.

Pro Tip: Besides, here we can explain another feature of the Circleboom publish tool, which is ideal for Twitter as it is the fastest information distribution medium. RSS Feed Automation!

This feature allows you to post RSS feed as posts and tweets to social media. Ideal for quick information updates, auto post to Twitter is widely used in this context.

RSS feed works as short and quick updates for your audience when auto-posted consistently.

RSS feeds can be accessed through your website or other relevant information sources for your industry.

At the Circleboom social media auto poster interface, enter the URL of the source and the number of updates, also the feed intervals at which you want to check the feed.

Add information source link as RSS URL here

Automatically post to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where go you go big for your business, brand, and personal influencer profile as a founder, executive, or entrepreneur. And millions of others do that too. So, how to streamline your LinkedIn content management to become an outlier?

  • Most trendy content activities include industry news, thought leadership articles, polls, and career guidance.
  • LinkedIn has also proven to be a useful tool for employees to develop personal brands and share company knowledge.
  • Another efficient strategy to get leads is joining LinkedIn groups in your sector or areas where you have expertise.

What about the auto-post to LinkedIn?

Step #1: Click on LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Group option when you are at the Circleboom dashboard.

You can connect both of them too.

Log in with your LinkedIn company page or profile.

Step #2: You can start creating your LinkedIn post here at Create a Post option again.

The process will be the same.

Create your posts, design on Canva, and schedule them!

And design LinkedIn banners in proper size with built-in Canva templates.

Enjoy aesthetic templates created for countless themes and subjects.

Step #3: When you finish on Canva, select Publish on the top right.

Now you can schedule your LinkedIn post from the preview pane and select time and date.

Auto post to LinkedIn for later!

Final Pro Tip: Add Posts to Your Queue and Auto Post to social media

Circleboom Publish is more than just a social media auto poster. With its “Article Curator,” you may also find relevant articles to your themes. In a few minutes, select your language and interest areas from among Circleboom’s 300 categories.

Step #1: On Circleboom’s dashboard, go to the left-hand menu and select “Discover Articles.”

This option will lead you to the interest category page before you choose the auto post to LinkedIn feature.

Step #2: Click the “Manage Your Interests” button above to choose your interest.

Choose from the featured topics or type a term in the search field to find something that interests you or your business area.

Click the “Save Your Interests” button once you’ve made your decision.

Step #3: Now, you will see hot articles on the topics of your choice on your personalized news page.

By selecting the little square box in the top right corner of articles, you can select your favorites.

Check the boxes of your favorite articles and add to your post queue

A blue box will appear on the top right of the page once you have made your choice. Select “Add Selected Articles to Queue” from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: In order to set your queue settings, follow the prompts and select your desired time intervals to auto-post.

For first post queuing, it is necessary; and will work as you set up until you want to make a change.

Or, you can also see and manage Time Setting in the top bar and navigate to the same page if you need to change settings of auto post to LinkedIn options.

Optimize your queue settings, time zone or switch to a more detailed and advanced plan.

Wrap Up

As you may have figured, Circleboom Publish is a multi-account social media auto poster and planner with a plethora of options for finding, curating, and designing content, as well as the pleasure of scheduling posts days in advance.

When compared to the old-fashioned method of doing things, you can do a lot more for your social media strategy with the ability to plan posts on Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages and Groups. Auto-post to social media is what is going on and what will be in the future.

Don’t be late to the party, and check out Circleboom plans now!

Originally published at on September 15, 2021.




Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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