Should you delete your old tweets? Learn what to delete!

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The struggle to decide whether to delete or keep that semi-embarrassing old tweet is real! We so often post tweets that we do not like when we read them later and want to get rid of them. We also come across so many other accounts who publish tweets that may not deserve to exist.

Now, to delete a tweet or not to delete a tweet is a personal choice. Your tweet could be something that might look meaningless to others but would have a great personal emotion attached to you. Similarly, there could be a tweet that has tonnes of engagement but you don’t feel the same anymore.

So, to help with your dilemma, here’s an article that can help you decide if you should delete your old tweet or not!

Keep these tweets:

These are the kind of tweets that you should probably not delete.

  • Personal value: If it’s a tweet that is close to your heart, maybe a tweet with an old image or video, or some words dedicated, then you should keep the tweet.
  • Emotional attachment: There are tweets that you could have published on your best or worst days and are good reminders of your life are worth keeping.
  • Small errors or typos: If your tweet has a minor typing mistake or some general error that’s common, you can decide to keep the tweet. This just shows you’re human and it’s ok.
  • Harmless jokes: Have you shared a joke before that looks stupid to you now? Well, if it’s not harmful, then you can keep it. It shows your funny side and better when posted.

Maybe delete these tweets:

These tweets can deserve to be on your feed depending on certain factors.

  • Old job or affair: If you’re trying to move on and build new connections, then maybe it’s better to get rid of tweets that remind you and others of your past. However, if you are happy to flaunt it, then you should keep it.
  • Repeated tweets: Have you posted the same tweet a few times? Maybe if you’re overdoing and it makes your profile look repetitive then you should delete it.
  • Out-of-context tweets: Do you usually post about financial markets, but a few times you have out-of-context tweets? If you don’t think they are important anymore, you can choose to delete them.

Delete these tweets:

Here are some tweets that definitely deserve to be deleted.

  • Insensitive tweet: Have you posted a tweet that’s offensive to people you know or some community? These tweets are better if deleted if you don’t want any trouble in the future.
  • Duplicate tweets: Are you pasting someone else’s tweets? If you’re posting duplicate content on your Twitter without credits, then these tweets are better deleted.
  • Mistaken tweets: Has anyone else posted from your Twitter account? Maybe a colleague or a friend, and now that tweet is not good enough? Good enough reason to delete.
  • False tweets: Are you using your Twitter to spread lies? If you’ve shared fake news, wrong information, or false advertisements on your Twitter, then they should be deleted.

Ready to delete?

If you’ve found enough reasons to let go of your old tweets, then use a way to quickly delete old tweets. Don’t waste hours! When you use tools like Circleboom to delete tweets, you can get rid of old tweets instantly. Learn how to delete tweets with keywords or hashtags and save your time and effort!

Originally published at on June 9, 2020.

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