Find Inactive Twitter Accounts In 3 Easy Steps

5 min readDec 30, 2018
Remove inactive Twitter followers

One effective way to grow your Twitter followers is to follow others.

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However, to get significant engagements, you should follow active users on Twitter (X). Otherwise, they will be just a ‘number’ on your profile.

According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 44% of Twitter users have never sent a tweet.

Inactive accounts do not engage on Twitter anymore, and even they do not retweet your tweets.

Because of that, following an inactive user on Twitter expands your Twitter following/followers ratio for no reason.

Circleboom Twitter is a Twitter Management Tool that helps you manage your Twitter account by finding accounts that are not following back, spammers, fake, talkative, and inactive.

If someone has not tweeted for more than 30 days, Circleboom marks them as inactive accounts, so you may want to identify them.

Circleboom Twitter

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Why can’t I remove followers on Twitter?

There can be several reasons why you may not be able to remove followers on Twitter:

  1. You don’t have permission to remove followers: If you are not the Twitter account owner, you may not have permission to remove followers. Only the account owner can remove followers.
  2. Technical issues: Sometimes, Twitter experiences technical issues that can prevent you from removing followers. If you encounter an error message while trying to remove followers, the issue may be temporary and resolved by trying again later.
  3. The follower has protected their account: If a follower has protected their Twitter account, you won’t be able to remove them from your follower list unless they decide to stop following you.
  4. You have reached the following limit: Twitter has limits on the number of accounts you can follow, and if you have reached this limit, you won’t be able to remove followers until you unfollow some accounts.

If you are still unable to remove followers on Twitter and none of the above reasons apply, you may want to contact Twitter support for assistance.

Here are three easy steps to list inactive Twitter users

Step #1: Log in to the Circleboom.

You can log in by authenticating your Twitter account within a few seconds.

Step #2: On the dashboard, click on the “Followers” tab, and from the top-down menu, select “Inactive Followers.”

Circleboom Twitter will list all your inactive followers to filter them and help you detect inactive ones.

Step #3: To filter inactive accounts, click on the “Filter Options” box at the right.

You can also filter fake, overactive, egghead, or verified Twitter followers. Also, you can use keywords to narrow down your results. You can create Twitter lists with these accounts or visit their Twitter profiles.

Step #4: Once they are listed, you can select some or all of them.

After that, you only need to click on the “Add To Whitelists” button.

If you are sure to separate these inactive followers, click the “List Followers” buttons and finish the process.

What are the advantages of listing inactive Twitter accounts?

Spotting and listing inactive Twitter followers can have several advantages, including:

  1. Improved engagement rate: When you have many inactive followers, your engagement rate can be negatively affected. By listing inactive followers, you can improve your engagement rate by ensuring that your followers are genuinely interested in your content and more likely to engage with it.
  2. Improved Twitter analytics: Inactive followers can skew your Twitter analytics by artificially inflating your follower count. By spotting inactive followers, you can get a more accurate picture of your audience and track your Twitter performance more effectively.
  3. Improved credibility: Having a high number of inactive followers can make your account appear less credible to other Twitter users. By identifying inactive followers, you can make your account appear more authentic and trustworthy.
  4. More targeted audience: By spotting inactive followers, you can focus on building a more targeted audience of engaged followers who are more likely to be interested in and engaged with your content.

Listing inactive Twitter followers can help you improve your Twitter performance, credibility, and engagement rate and build a more targeted and engaged audience. It’s always a good idea to regularly review your followers and detect and list inactive accounts or those that don’t align with your brand or goals.

Final Words

In conclusion, managing your Twitter followers is essential to building a successful Twitter presence, and identifying and listing inactive followers can have many benefits.

With Circleboom, managing inactive Twitter followers has never been easier. The powerful filters and analytics provided by Circleboom allow you to quickly identify inactive or irrelevant accounts and focus on building a more targeted and engaged audience.

Whether you’re an individual user, a business owner, or a social media manager, Circleboom can help you streamline your Twitter management, improve your engagement rate, and achieve your Twitter goals. So, give it a try and take control of your Twitter presence today!

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