Make a fresh start in #KpopTwitter: How to delete your Kpop video tweets?

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Wanna make a fresh start in #KpopTwitter and Stan Twitter? Sometimes it may be much better to do some cleaning in your Twitter account via deleting your fancam or video tweets. How? Then, let’s check the details below!

What is Kpop in Brief?

Kpop (short for Korean pop) is a genre of pop music originating in South Korea. Various other genres and styles around the world, from R&B, Jazz, and Reggae to traditional folkloric Korean music. influenced Kpop. Thus, a more modern of different genres have mixed throughout the early 1990s and emerged as a contemporary genre as Kpop.

The modern Kpop’ idol’ culture began in the mid-1990s, and Kpop grew into some subculture that would amass many teenagers and young adults. The “Kpop” term began to popular by the 2000s, and it has met a large audience in South Korea and at the international level.

Thanks to Korean social networking and marketing success, Kpop is now distributed throughout Southern Asia, Latin America, North Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, and the entire Western world.

K-pop reveals the rising pains of a super-saturated market (300 active girls and about 160 boys were in 2018), and not everyone can reach BTS’s (@BTS twt) worldwide record-breaking chart supremacy.

Twitter reveals that this is the perfect way to discover what is happening to Kpop and to speak to related Kpop fans worldwide. In 2019, Kpop could sustain its indispensable rise in Twitter as it succeeds in other social media platforms worldwide.

The hashtag #KpopTwitter concluded 2019 with an impressive record of 6.1 billion Tweets, which was % 15 higher than 2018’s statistics. The CEO of Twitter Korea attributes Kpop to being an important factor in reviving platform popularity in the region.

Although Kpop became famous in South Korea 25 years ago, only recently have Kpop conversations gained momentum on Twitter through millennial fans worldwide. The top 10 countries tweeting Kpop in 2019 are:

Peaks showed up in conversations at all Kpop events, as Kpop fans kept connected via tweets, sharing their love for their favorite bands and their Kpop idols. Within such a super energetic atmosphere, millions of fancam or video tweets are being sent every single day by millions of Kpop fans on Twitter. Some of those Tweets reach an even higher number of interactions, thanks to retweets and likes by the Kpop community on Twitter.

Many Kpop fans may prefer to delete their fancam or video tweets. It must be quite tough if you delete all your Kpop tweets one by one while you can delete all your fancam or video tweets in bulk.

How to Delete your Kpop Video Tweets at Once:

Circleboom offers a unique tool that lets you eliminate any form of video files from your timeline with ease. It helps you delete your fancam or video Tweets individually or in bulk, saving you a lot of time.

Steps to follow:

Step #1: First, get your archives on Twitter. You need to request your Twitter Archive from Twitter for that reason. You can find the process of how to request your Twitter Archive here.

Don’t worry; this is a simple procedure to do. You’re going to get your Twitter Archive soon.

Step #2: When you’ve got it, download and extract your Twitter Archive. Now find “tweet.js” and upload it to Circleboom. Are you still feeling lost, huh? Just keep reading.

Step #3: Now, it’s time to pick the filter you like. You can see different filter choices based on “date range” and “specific language,” etc. You can test it individually. But if you’re interested in removing only video files, for now, go to the “remove only media Tweets” filter.

Step #4: Now, you can easily delete your video Tweets as you want. You can either choose and delete them one by one, or you can quickly delete them in bulk if you want to save time and effort. What could have been more convenient than that?

Wrapping Up:

In 2021, the Kpop moments will be even more thrilling and colorful. Let’s join the #KpopTwitter conversation of today to see and speak to other Kpop fans around the world about your favorite Kpop idols and stay updated every day via the super active Kpop community on Twitter.

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