How to use Twitter hashtags to find Ideal Accounts to Follow

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Twitter hashtags are often undermined, understated, and less understood element of a Twitter post. Most of the Twitter accounts are not sure on how to use Twitter hashtags and ignore them completely.

However, many Twitter statistics have confirmed and reiterated the benefits of using Twitter hashtags. Some statistics worth sharing are:

  • Hashtags improve your tweet engagement to double when compared to tweets without hashtags.
  • Using one or two hashtags show a 21% increase in Twitter engagement. On the other hand, using more than two hashtags result in a drop of engagement by 17%.

The statistics seem to be in accordance with Twitter’s tips on using hashtags.

While hashtags were officially introduced on social media via Twitter, Twitter doesn’t promote extensive use of hashtags like Instagram or other social platforms.

Nonetheless, hashtags have made a vital place on Twitter. Twitter users use hashtags to promote tweets, find accounts, discover hot topics, and follow the latest information.

Many brands use hashtags to promote their new products or marketing campaign. Audi began a campaign #WantAnR8 to promote their R8 and it was later tweeted and retweeted 75k times.

That’s the influence of Twitter hashtags.

Apart from brands, Twitter users also use hashtags to begin the social campaign. A recent #metoo campaign that’s gaining popularity all over the world is an example of how powerful Twitter hashtags are.

The everyday usage of Twitter hashtags also involves finding right Twitter accounts to follow. A good number of Twitter accounts use hashtags in their Twitter bio and tweets. This makes it easy for anyone to find related Twitter accounts to follow.

But, the process can get a bit tedious because it involves opening several accounts and checking if you want to follow them.

A tool like Circleboom can make it easier for you to use

Twitter hashtags to find accounts to follow.

How can you use Circleboom to find accounts to follow with hashtag search?

  • Go to the Circleboom dashboard and click on “Follow” icon on the left menu. Under “follow”, click on “hashtag/keyword search”
  • When you click on “hashtag/keyword search”, you will be taken to a screen like this:
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  • Type the hashtag you wish to get Twitter accounts to follow.
  • Circleboom gives you real-time search results with new tweets and new users joining to hashtag. So, every time you look for a hashtag, you will find different results based on the real-time Twitter account. You should regularly look for hashtags to get your targeted audience.
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  • Circleboom results also show the numbers of tweets that account has used the hashtag. It also helps in understanding how connected the accounts are to the topic you’re looking for.
  • You can simply follow them from the Circleboom dashboard.

Circleboom makes the entire process of following Twitter accounts using hashtags fairly simple. It also enables you to look for Twitter accounts with the help of keywords or follower list of other accounts.

Learn more on how you can increase your followers with Circleboom here.

If you have any questions or comments on how to use hashtags, please write on the comments below!

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Originally published at on November 11, 2018.

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