How to Use Circleboom Smart RSS Feed Feature Effectively

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Presuming you’re on Twitter, your aim is adding your webpage’s RSS feed to your Twitter account and then driving traffic to your webpage via your Twitter account(s) automatically. You can easily connect your webpage/blog RSS feed to your Twitter account with Circleboom’s Smart Tweet module in a just few steps. After setting up, every time your webpage is updated with a new post, your Twitter feed will be auto-updated too.

How can you use Circleboom effectively for connecting your RSS Feed to your Twitter Account?

1- Login to Circleboom and click to Smart Tweets > Rss Tweets on the menu

2- Find & copy your RSS feed link and Click “+ Add an RSS Feed Now” button

If you have your own blog or webpage you can add your RSS feed or you can search and another RSS feed and get the RSS feed link.

3- Create your own RSS feed collection recipe

  1. Add Your Source RSS Feed Url
    Paste your RSS link which you have saved.
  2. Give a meaningful name to your RSS Feed.
  3. Begin with / End with texts
    You can add a hashtag or any text to your every RSS Tweets whether at the beginning of the Tweet, end of the Tweet or both. Also, you can leave these areas blank if you want to.
  4. Check Interval
    Select the time interval to check your RSS feed. You can select from 15 minutes to 24 hours. This means Circleboom will collect your RSS feed posts according to your selection and get the new updated posts to be Tweeted.
  5. Max Posts Per UpdateAfter the time interval selection, you should determine max posts you desire for posting in each RSS update time.
    Don’t bother if you select max post per update over 1 post. Even you selected more than 1 post to Tweet per update, Circleboom does not send them at once to prevent spamming. Circleboom automatically puts 2 minutes between each post per interval. For Instance, if you select 3 posts per interval, Circleboom spread your posts over 6 minutes. This automation rule will protect you from becoming a spammer.
  6. Maximum Daily Post Count
    It is default 100 posts for each RSS Feed. You can change it up to the 240 post for each RSS feed.
  7. Shorten Your Url
    Circleboom uses Google link shortener service; If you shorten your URLs, you can analyze your click stats.
  8. Active/Passive RSS Feed
    Whenever you want, you can make your RSS feed active or passive. Circleboom only switches your RSS feed automatically from active to suspended in case of corrupted RSS links. Be sure that your RSS feed URLs are up and working.

When you’re done with your recipe, just click the save button.

You can connect up to the 10 RSS Feeds to your account for pro members. Free members also can use circleboom for 1 RSS Feed and limited with 8 Tweets per day.

If you want to add another RSS Feed click again ‘’ + Add an RSS Feed Now’’ button and do it again as instructed. If you need some changes in your RSS Feed recipe, click “Edit”, change it and save it again.

4- Check your RSS Feed’s history and see how seamless we’re working.

At your RSS Feed list, you’ll see a “History” link. We keep every single Tweet we sent through your account and give you a chance to take a look.

The history page displays Tweets as Tweet-Cards. Each Tweet-Card contains some useful information;

  • Status indicator: Yellow means “Still waiting”, Green means “Sent”, and Red means “Fail”,
  • The Tweet text itself,
  • Date: Sent date or planned date,
  • Stats icon: If you activated Link Shortener for your RSS feed, you can reach detailed view & click history.
  • Globe icon: Takes you to the Tweet page,
  • Trash icon: Deletes item from your sent items. This won’t delete Tweet from your Twitter feed if it’s sent! Just some housekeeping for your Circleboom account.


  1. First; check your RSS Link if it is still valid or not.
  2. Second; check your daily limits. It is easy to exceed your daily limits. Don’t forget total daily Twitter Limits to tweet per day. You can check the updated limits
  3. If the problem still persists, wait for a while. Sometimes the problem could be related to the Twitter API itself. Circleboom checks every RSS link regularly and tries to send your Tweets within your rate limits defined by Twitter.

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network