How to share links on Instagram Story: Add links to any Instagram Story!

Do you wonder how to add links to Instagram story? Suppose you are an average Instagram user, for example. In that case, if you follow a few influencer accounts and business accounts and have an audience of several hundred acquaintances or friends, you can also say that add links to Instagram stories is increasingly common.

Yet, it is still a conversion tool that works out pretty well.

You ask why?

Because we all love looking at Stories, don’t we? If you think you are not that much benefiting from the gifts of Stories, take a peak at our guide on How to Use Instagram Stories right away!

Yes, we mentioned stories are the recent hype! Some statistics below show that too.

Most popular activities on Instagram of US users as of March 2020

So why sharing links on the Instagram matter that much?


Ok, let’s get into the business then.

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How to share links on Instagram Story?

You may want to boost sales, gain more traffic or get more clicks for various reasons, and then, we should start learning how to share links on the Instagram story!

Because nowadays, stories have the most pleasing performance at all.

Besides, swipe up features and convert them to permanent highlights in your profile make it easier to show off your previous stories in an organized and visual way.

Method #1: Add Swipe Up Links to Instagram Story

You must have seen some swirling Swipe-Up Buttons all over the place. Stories are a perfect way to share links to fresh or time-sensitive material as they are so impermanent. For flash sales, limited-time deals and promotions, seasonal activities, or weekly Q&A sessions with your fans, story swipe-up links are especially useful.

After 24 hours, you might save stories with swipe-up links in your profile’s highlights area. Between your bio and photo grid, these stories will be added. Use highlights as a hub for great content, such as frequently asked questions, best-selling items, and specific events, to showcase to new followers what they have been missing.

One of the most preferred way to add links on Instagram Story is Swipe-Ups to drive traffic

How to Get the Swipe-Up Link Feature: Getting 10,000 followers takes time, and for a small local business, it might not be sufficient.

A verified account badge is only given to accounts of public interest, but anyone may apply for one. Instagram, on the other hand, is very picky about account verification.

In that case, here are the steps to add a connection to your Story:

Chain icon on story section enables you to add specific URL or IGTV video link to your Story

Method#2: Add Links to Instagram Story Via IGTV video without 10K followers

Videos on IGTV must be at least 60 seconds long, and they can be up to 60 minutes long when uploaded from a computer.

source: elisedarma

Method #3: Use Instagram Shoppable Posts to share links on Instagram Story

Another form of pretty specific link is shoppable posts. Each shopping tag only refers to one product. Shopping tags allow for the most precise conversion. But first, you need to create a product catalog on Facebook to begin using shopping tags.

You can start adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts once you have a full range of items posted, complete with shopping links, photos, and descriptions.

Once you have your store on Instagram, you can use the shopping sticker on your Story and navigate customers to the link.

Source: Asos

Method 4: Paid Advertising in Instagram Stories to Share Links

You will pay to advertise posts and stories on Instagram if you have a business profile. It does not only allow you to segment your target, but it also allows you to include clickable links in the promoted Stories.

When you post Instagram Story ads, they will appear as Sponsored content to the appropriate audience, and your Swipe-Up link will be visible without the need for 10K followers or a verified account.

source: udemy

Here, do not forget to design your Story ad with Call-to-Action Buttons or stickers to draw attention to clickable links and put relevant links related to the image. In this way, your Ad money will not be wasted with each click.

Method #5: Bio is the heaven of Instagram Links

Aside from sharing links on Instagram stories, your profile bio is the most attention-grabbing spot, and there are multiple ways to give links in bio and get the best out of it.

You can copy-paste your website or YouTube channel URL to your bio, and it becomes clickable. Also, another prevalent usage is to add your third-party shop platform links to Instagram bio as below.

Bio links should be on spot

However, if you have more than one socials or platform, why not offering people them in one go?

Using Link Services to Showcase Multiple Links on Different Platforms

There are a few different formats when it comes to sharing multiple links on Instagram. The traditional link service resembles Linktree in that it presents viewers with a list of clickable buttons like text boxes, as seen below.

Link services open up to link buttons

Optionally, you can use a service that resembles the Instagram interface too. Subscribers are provided with an Insta-style picture grid instead of text box buttons, as seen in the example below. The link service guides them to the appropriate page when they click the image that initially drew their attention.

Grid style link services are more visual

Method #6: Provide short-links or instructions to web pages in post captions

You can utilize the Instagram post captions to share links as text.

Use a link-shortening service like Bitly to make the link easy to copy or recall for users. This method necessitates a little more work from your audience, so save it for your most important material.

Also, you can navigate the audience to look at your bio by stating something similar to “Link in bio or to get the link, visit the bio.”

Using URL shorteners

URL shorteners can help you both publish multiple URLs at a time and also to track clicks on that links.

Bitly’s well-liked URL shortener has several social media marketing-friendly features. You can share both links and QR codes on social media using Bitly. is designed to be shared on social media. Like Bitly, it can monitor the traffic to your links based on many metrics, including traffic channel and system. may also calculate the social ROI (return on investment) for each campaign link.

Wrapping Up

Sharing links is pretty straightforward on many other sites, such as email or your website. People click on a live link you have put. On Instagram, though, this is not the case.

On the other hand, this challenge forces people to use designs, call-to-action buttons, stickers, and sharing areas such as stories and IGTV in a smart and reasonable intensity.

By the way, you can schedule and publish your content on multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business at once by Circleboom’s full-fledged social media scheduler!

Instagram marketing and especially affiliate link sharing are the favorite brands and marketers because the conversions are still peaking.

If you wish to learn how to use your Stories better as part of Instagram marketing, feel free to visit our “ 15 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Make Splash “ article.

Originally published at on May 10, 2021.



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