How to Run a Successful Twitter Contest

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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your post Engagement and Attract Your Audience? If Yes?

Then don’t miss out on a chance to know this new tactic of grabbing more audience that never fails and get more post engagements by rewarding your audience with giveaways and some special prizes.

So let me introduce you to this new way of marketing and grabbing audience attractions towards your work and give a new face to your brand by Twitter contest.

Twitter contest keeps the audience focused on your brand, and give them a chance to win some amazing giveaways that keep them returning to you and your content. But for this, you have to do brainstorming for bringing great creative ideas to your mind. This needs very careful planning so that people get more attracted to your brand and content.

Pro Tips For Running a Twitter Contest:

Looking for the worth of Twitter Pro Marketing tips on how to run a twitter contest for grabbing the audience on the social platform in just some easy steps? Then don’t worry and read the article to the end for knowing insight into this tactic.

1- Discern Your Goals:

Everything in this world has a certain aim and objective before it is implemented. Nothing in this world is without any reason. But when we talk about marketing on social media platforms than successful marketing starts with clear goals.

Identifying your goal of conducting a contest campaign will inform the type of content you are going to launch. And it will answer the most important question what will you get from the contest?

So before starting a campaign, every contest needs a goal that whether you want to promote new content or you just want to increase brand awareness through people’s engagement. So setting a goal before starting any contest campaign it is very important to set an objective or goal.

Because having a clear goal helps you to decide the type of content you want to run. Setting an objective or goal is the first step towards successful marketing.

2- Select Contest Type:

The trickiest step while conducting a twitter contest is selecting the content type and considering important steps and barriers in entering for the contest and how it helps to reach the major goal behind the contest. Generally, there are 4 types of the contest, but for making it successful, the one which helps the most is “Retweet and follow the contest.”

Retweet and follow contest is the best and the most effective type of Twitter contest to engage people and requires participants to follow your content page or brand page on Twitter and Retweet its original post to get an entry in the contest without any complications.

As it is the best and the most used type of contest to get a ton of entries by growing your following and make your brand known to people most quickly. You can also add one more rule into it by asking participants to tag a certain number of their friends or followers to qualify this contest and win an amazing giveaway.

3- Choose the Most Appealing Giveaway Price:

The most important step in conducting a contest is choosing the most appealing prize for your participants. Because it is the major reason behind the success of the contest, but make sure it must be something relevant to your content page or brand.

By using the strategy here that the giveaway prize must not be valuable, but it should be appealing and attractive from the participant’s point of view.

Do you have any idea how to boost your content?

So that they engage themselves with it and follow your account and instructions just to get that giveaway prize, but note it is very important to clarify the rules properly to the participants only to avoid mishaps.

4- Boost your Giveaway Contest.

If no, then there is nothing to worry about. Here are some pro tips to help you with how to boost contest content. So the most effective way to boost post is by adding creative, catchy #hashtags, slogans, and playing guessing games with the participants, or by adding giveaway prize pictures, this will increase audience engagements towards your content.

And there are many other ways to boost like you can share this link and information on other social media platforms, or it can also be done by doubling or giving more options to participants. So they can enter into the contest more than one time and interact and tag more people under the post; this will increase your brand awareness to others to.

5- Use the Right Twitter Giveaway Picker.

While conducting a contest, it is very important to avoid human biases to make it successful and provide equal opportunity to all of the participants and choose them by using Twitter giveaway picker anonymously never give the preplanned results to the participants because it is their trust towards us. So never break this trust.

There are many other types of contest picker like comment picker and random picker if you added some additional rules in the contest. But mainly for the contest type, “Retweet, post or tag “ Retweet Picker and Tweetdraw “ are the top most used for choosing giveaway winners.

We aim to provide our users with honest and accurate information. And if there any other things that you wish and want to know about the Twitter contest, then feel free to ask us about more via comments.

Final Words:

Twitter is a topmost active social platform that is not only used for communication purposes but also it is used as the best marketing platform. It also works as the top best marketing place for conducting giveaway contests as it is the best way to find your targeted audience in such a short time and win people’s trust and create brand awareness of your brand towards others. This will increase your following, post engagement, and insight into your content.

Originally published at on September 21, 2020.

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