How to List all My Verified Followers on Twitter

How to list all verified Twitter accounts you follow!
You can check your verified Twitter followers by using Twitter itself.
Verified Twitter accounts

List All Verified Followers on Twitter:

List your verified Twitter followers.
Authorize to access your Twitter account.
Under the ‘Search’ menu, you will see search options. Select the first one, ‘All My Followers’.
Click on the box to get only verified Twitter accounts.
Filter your followers by verification.
You can create a Twitter List to check only the news that coming from these verified Twitter accounts.
You can create Twitter lists on Circleboom Twitter.
  • If you want to further filter verified accounts by keywords & hashtags, usernames, language, or location, you can use the search filter above. Type the text in your search box and all the matching accounts will be shown.
  • If you only want to look at non-verified accounts, you can click on “Don’t show verified” and Circleboom will list all non-verified accounts.
  • To add all your verified accounts to a whitelist, you can select all of them using the checkbox to select all followers. Next, click the green icon: “Add to Whitelist.” All your verified followers will be added to the Whitelist.
  • To add all the verified accounts to the Twitter list, select them, and click the blue icon “Add to Twitter List.”

How to get Twitter verification

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