How to know if someone muted you on Twitter

8 min readJan 21, 2022

Twitter is a crowded place. As it helps us to connect with people around the globe, sometimes we may not want to get in touch with specific people or don’t want to see their updates and don’t prefer them to see our tweets.

In some cases, blocking a Twitter user can be a solution for us. As you block someone on Twitter, they won’t see your tweets even if you have a public account. But the downside is it is easy to find out if you have blocked them on Twitter.

You may have various solid reasons for keeping this a secret. Maybe the person is your co-worker, and it may damage your professional relationship with the person. Whatever the reason is, Twitter also offers its users a softer solution to avoid their tweets from your timeline.

You can mute these Twitter accounts to eliminate their tweets from your timeline without unfollowing them. As you mute these users, they will not receive any notification about your action.

But what about if you are on the receiving end of this action? What if there is a Twitter user who has me muted on Twitter? Is there a way to find out who muted you on Twitter?

In this article, we will try to help you understand how muting someone on Twitter works and how to find out who muted you on Twitter.

Can you see who muted you on Twitter?

Well, unfortunately, the direct answer to this question is NO; there is no direct way to find out who muted you on Twitter. This means that Twitter doesn’t provide an official way to find out who muted you on Twitter, as they indicate on the official Twitter Help Center.

Moreover, it was actually possible to see who muted you on Twitter by using TweetDeck. But in 2018, Twitter patched this flaw, leaving the app nearly useless for anybody looking to discover if someone has muted them.

But still, there is a way you can give a chance to find out who muted you on Twitter even though there is no guarantee.

How to tell if someone muted you on Twitter?

The simplest way to make an educated assumption about a user who has muted me on Twitter is responding with a question to numerous of their older tweets. You may be muted if you do not hear back since they won’t be notified of your replies.

Obviously, this method only works if they are an active Twitter user who usually engages with their followers. This strategy will not work if they have a large following and dismiss 90% of the responses they receive.

On the other hand, if you have noticed a significant drop in your Twitter engagement, there is a chance that you’ve been shadowbanned on Twitter. To learn more about Twitter shadowban, you can check our blog “Twitter Shadowban: All you need to know to stay safe!

What happens when you mute someone on Twitter?

In 2014, Twitter introduced the mute function, and the company is constantly exploring ways to improve it. For instance, two years later, they have added the option to mute tweets with only specific words.

As the name speaks for itself, the feature makes it possible to silence other Twitter users. Mute gives you greater control over the content you see on the Twitter timeline by allowing you to eliminate specific users’ updates. You may mute people you don’t want to hear from as much: their tweets and retweets will no longer appear on your homepage timeline, and you won’t receive any notifications about their actions.

But if the muted person engages with you by replying, mentioning, or retweeting one of your tweets, you will still be able to receive notifications. And, you can still get in touch with this person via direct message, mentions, and replies.

This will, of course, be true for the Twitter users who have muted you. At this point, many of us may wonder who has me muted on Twitter.

How to mute someone on Twitter?

It is a straightforward and quick process to mute someone on Twitter. All you have to do is open a Tweet of the user you want to mute and choose the ‘Mute’ option. Or you can visit their profile page and mute the person. You may also unmute someone following the same process.

As you mute someone on Twitter, you don’t automatically unfollow the account or block the user. The person will remain in your following list, and you can engage with them via DMs. Their tweets simply won’t appear on your timeline. You can think of the muting feature as unfollowing someone on Facebook without erasing them from your friends’ list.

If you want to mute someone on Twitter, you can follow the easy steps below.

Step #1: Log in to your Twitter account and open the user’s profile page.

You can use the search bar to find the person.

Step #2: Click the three dots next to their profile picture.

As you click it, a dropdown menu will open.

Step #3: Find and select the “Mute X” option here.

You can always undo your action by clicking “Unmute X” from the same menu.

Bonus Feature: How to spot inactive and overactive accounts on Twitter?

If you want to mute Twitter accounts that are overactive or inactive, it can be a challenging task to identify each of them. As you scroll through your Twitter timeline, you may notice one or two accounts basically tweeting every second. You can easily unfollow them or mute them one by one.

But if you want to do a proper Twitter cleaning, it may take some time to identify all the overactive and inactive users. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way to find all inactive/overactive users with just a few clicks.

One of the most comprehensive Twitter management tools, Circleboom Twitter, helps you spot all the inactive, overactive, fake, and spam users in your following and followers list.

Once you find these users, you can unfollow them, make a Twitter list, or mute them to clean your Twitter timeline.

If it sounds intriguing to you, you can check the guide below to eliminate the disturbing noises on your Twitter timeline.

Step #1: Log in to your Circleboom Twitter account.

If you don’t have an account, creating a new one takes less than a minute.

Step #2: Open the left-hand menu, and select the “The Circle” tool.

As you click it, a dropdown menu will open. Here select “Overactives.”

Step #3: In a couple of seconds, Circleboom Twitter will provide you with a list of overactive accounts.

Here you can see the date of their last tweet, how many tweets they have posted, and the number of their friends and followers.

Step #4: If you want to mute these accounts, you can visit their profile by clicking the red “Visit” button.

Or you can first make a Twitter list on Circleboom Twitter then unfollow the accounts. This method helps you follow their updates via Twitter list without following them.

If you want to follow these steps through a video tutorial, we have a short hands-on video too!

You can learn more about using Twitter List by checking our Pro Guide to Use Twitter Lists.

You can also use The Circle feature of Circleboom Twitter to identify the inactive users, spams/fakes, eggheads, and non-followers. You need to select the related option in the second step to do so. Then, you can repeat the same steps in the guide.

Twitter always continues to do its best to provide a better service to its users. As we want to engage with some people on social media platforms, it is also common not to get in touch with specific people.

There are many different ways to avoid specific users on Twitter. You can just basically remove them from your friends’ list by unfollowing them. With this method, you won’t be able to see their tweets in your timeline. But if they visit your profile, they can easily understand that you have unfollowed them.

You can also block someone on Twitter if you don’t want them to see your tweets and engage with you. But it is not hard to find out who blocked who on Twitter, too.

Thankfully, you can consider a third option: mute someone on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

As you mute someone on Twitter, they won’t receive any notification about your action. But this is still valid if someone has muted you on Twitter.

If you want to find out who muted you on Twitter, unfortunately, there isn’t any guaranteed way to do that. All you can do is post a question to their old tweets. As they won’t receive any notification about your reply if they muted you on Twitter, they won’t answer your question.

But there will always be the possibility of just not paying attention to their notifications or old tweets.

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