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We’ve all been tricked by Twitter bots assuming them as real people and interacted with them. Even experts can’t tell at all times if they are engaging with an actual person or a Twitter bot. Hence, it’s not surprising when out of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, 391 million accounts have zero followers.

Twitter bots are automated software accounts that tweet, retweet, like, follow, unfollow, message, like a normal human on Twitter. Their behaviors are automated and they run on some automation rules guiding their behavior. There are good bots that are created to serve specific purposes. They could be made to warn about a natural disaster or broadcast helpful information. At the same time, there are bots created to spread rumors, hype content, and misguide users.

Twitter has made several attempts to remove Twitter bots and make the platform more human. Twitter is found removing thousands of bots around elections to prevent unnecessary spamming on the platform. Trending topics are often hyped up by bots to manipulate public opinion. When Twitter detects such activity, it suspends the bot accounts.

However, it’s important at our personal level too to make sure that our Twitter accounts are clean and we are not following any bot accounts. Not following bot accounts will safeguard your account from any fake engagement and behavior on Twitter.

How to Remove Twitter Bots from your Twitter Account?

  • Go to the Circleboom dashboard -> click on the left menu -> select “The Circle”.
  • From the Circle sub-menu, select “Fake/Spam”
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  • You will get a list of all the accounts with suspicious activities of a bot in your Circleboom dashboard.
  • You can click on the red “Visit” button to visit that Twitter account and remove them from your follower list.
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  • Circleboom filter options allow you to select verified/unverified accounts too. You can use the filter “account who I paid a visit within the (10,20,30,60,120,150,180) number of days” if you want to filter accounts that you have recently verified.
  • If you want to follow selected accounts despite Circleboom listing them as bot accounts, then you can simply add them to your blacklist and they will not be shown in any of your searches.
  • To select accounts with specific keywords, you can use the grid to search for special accounts.

Once you have cleared your account of bot accounts, then just a general scan of your Circleboom dashboard will let you know if your account is clear of bot accounts or not.

Should you be More Careful?

Originally published at on September 3, 2019.

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