How to get a verified Twitter account in 2021

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Twitter announced the return of Twitter verification in 2021, as we mentioned last month. As their work calendar became apparent, millions of Twitter users began to wonder about getting a verified account on Twitter. Well, how do you get verified on Twitter? For details, let’s check below!

Three years ago, Twitter suspended the Twitter verification program for general applications. For a while, they have wanted to measure the public opinion for Twitter verification. So, they aimed to raise a feedback campaign within this context during the past months. Based on those feedbacks, Twitter has updated its verification policy.

witter verification will be back by 2021. Firstly, Twitter will remove the verified badge, the so-called ‘blue thick,’ from inactive Twitter accounts automatically. Then, the company will let people apply to get a verified Twitter account in 2021.

According to the announcement of Twitter:

“We’ll begin enforcing this policy on January 20, 2021, which is also when we’ll begin automatically removing the verified badge from inactive and incomplete accounts. “

How to apply for verification in 2021

The program is starting again, but with some radical changes in it. Twitter’s fact-checking verification process has been somewhat ad hoc previously. So, that was raising doubt among Twitter users and made them uncertain about the Twitter verification method. Twitter will roll up an automatic, built-in request & verification mechanism.

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“This new policy will lay the foundation for future improvements by defining what verification means, who is eligible for verification and why some accounts might lose verification to ensure the program is more equitable.”

A “Request Verification” option will be in the redesigned Twitter account settings interface. Therefore, you won’t have to apply with a Twitter verification form anymore.

“We are excited to relaunch public applications for verification in 2021 through a new, self-serve application process that will be available on the Account Settings page on the web and in-app.”

How Twitter verification will work in 2021

Twitter declared that the elusive ‘blue tick’ or ‘blue badge’ won’t be the only sign for verified Twitter accounts. We should say the new verified account types and Twitter labels are on the way.

According to the official blog, six types of accounts might get verified;

1. Government

2. Companies, brands, and non-profit organizations

3. News

4. Entertainment

5. Sports

6. Activists, organizers, and other influential Individuals

In this regard, some significant changes are recently added to these categories for the Twitter verification process. For instance,

  • Twitter broadens its sense of ‘reference requirements’. So, they will be accepting stable Wikipedia articles about individuals to better align with the written sources likes encyclopedias to define notability and content quality.
  • Twitter updated its “News” category also to recognize journalists in a broader sense.
  • eSports are embodied in the “Sports” category.
  • Digital content creators are included in the “Entertainment” category.

Furthermore, Twitter also explained its criteria to define the cases losing the verified Twitter account status. Under the new policy, Twitter is reserving. They will be able to remove the verified Twitter account status because they violated and repeated severe actions of Twitter Policy. If you have tweets and retweets, which can make you ‘think’ about the Twitter Policy, it is time to clean them out now.

For instance, if your verified Twitter account is at risk of losing its verified status, you will receive an automated e-mail alongside some warning notifications which you will be given. Briefly, you will be declared what changes you need to conduct to avoid exposing automatic removal of verified account status, namely losing the ‘blue tick’ on Twitter.

Lastly, Twitter also accounted for those who are curious about to claim inactive Twitter usernames in 2021. They say they are not planning to automatically remove the verified Twitter account status from inactive Twitter accounts of users who are already deceased. So, it seems Twitter is working in a way to memorialize some of those accounts in 2021.

However, we know that there are millions of inactive Twitter accounts remained ‘ghost’ on Twitter. It is also expected that Twitter eventually re-open applications to claim inactive Twitter accounts soon.

Wrapping Up

It is also known that Twitter tends to carry on an ‘open’ process for Twitter verification in 2021. So, they are looking forward to cooperating with some non-governmental organizations within a pluralist atmosphere. In this sense, Twitter aims to lead the Trust and Safety Council’s creation alongside their inner cycles.

Originally published at on December 19, 2020.

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