How to Download Twitter Videos on Desktop and Mobile

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Twitter is filled with funny and interesting Twitter videos that you want to share with your friends and family. There are also videos and gifs that you wish to download and share on your other social media profiles.

Please note: The article talks about tools and sites to download social media videos. But, make sure the videos you download are not used for any commercial purposes without taking the permissions and content rights from the owner.

There’s no inbuilt Twitter tool that allows you to download Twitter videos. But, there are several tools and extensions that can make this task as easy as a click for you. All these tools and sites just require you to paste the copied Twitter link of the video and then you can download them.

Download Twitter Videos on Desktop:

To download Twitter videos on the desktop, you can follow one of the following ways:

Download using sites that enable Twitter video downloading:

There are several sites like twittervideodownloader that can help you in downloading videos. Here’s the process of using these sites:

  1. Click on the tweet that you wish to download video from and copy the URL of the tweet from the browser. You can also click on the three dots and select “copy link” to copy the link of the tweet.
  2. Once you have the copied link, you can paste the link in the site and download the video. Some sites have download quality also that you can select and download videos in the required resolution.
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Download using browser extensions:

If you download videos from Twitter often, then installing a Chrome extension is the best thing, as you can download videos in a click.

This will be a huge time saver as these extensions enable you to download videos while you’re on the Twitter app and doesn’t require any copy-paste methods.

Download Twitter Videos on Mobile:

To download Twitter videos on mobile, you can either download in your browser by using the sites that you use on the desktop. Or, if you need to download Twitter videos more than once then you can download the mobile apps.

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There are quite many Android apps on Play Store that you can use to download Twitter videos. For iPhone users, there are paid apps or apps like MyMedia in the App store that you can use to download videos.

Are you set to Download Twitter Videos?

I hope the ways above will help you in downloading videos from Twitter on your desktop and mobile. As I mentioned before, please take care of the content ownership rights before you use the video in any way.

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Originally published at on December 18, 2018.

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