How to download Twitter GIFs (step-by-step guide)

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With so many interesting GIFs floating on your Twitter timeline, the temptation to download few and use them is common. You might think downloading a GIF on Twitter is the same as saving an image. But, it’s not true. While you can download an image just by right-clicking on it on Twitter and saving it, it doesn’t work the same way with GIFs.

Actually, downloading a Twitter GIF is a lot like downloading a Twitter video. This is because when someone tweets a GIF, the GIF file automatically becomes a video file. So, when you try to download it, it works like downloading a video rather than downloading an image on Twitter.

In this article, we will look at the steps you can follow to download Twitter GIF on each device.

How to download Twitter GIFs on Android devices:

You can download third-party apps on your Android devices to frequently download GIFs from Twitter. . The Twitter vidoe downloader is free that anyone can log-in and use. Here are the steps to download GIF or videos after logging-in the website.

How to Download Twitter Videos On Desktop:

Step # 1: Create your free Circleboom account. Click the “Get started” button Don’t worry the whole process is super easy and hassle-free. You just have to fill in some simple info.

Step # 2: Log in to your Circleboom account and click Twitter video Downloader. You will find it under the “publish tool” heading.

Step # 3: Copy the link of your desired video. Now go to the search field of Circleboom and paste that link here.

Step # 4: Now choose the desired size of your video from the different sizes available.

Step # 5: Right-click on the video link and select “save the Twitter video to your computer”.

How to Download Twitter Videos On mobile devices i. e Android IOS etc:

Mainly the steps are the same as above.

Step # 1: Log in to your Circleboom account from your mobile device I.e iPhone or Android phone and click “Twitter video downloader” under the “publish” tool menu from the user interface.

Step # 2: Now copy the Twitter video link from your iPhone / Android phone

Step # 3: Paste the link that you copied onto the search field and hit the download button to download your Twitter video on your mobile phone.

Step # 4: Select the size in which you want your video to be downloaded

Step # 5: Now finally long touch on the download link on your phone and select “download linked file” Once downloaded, you will find your download videos in your phones files app

So just follow these above mentioned simple steps and enjoy your videos.

Circleboom Video Downloader also supports other top social networking websites such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook.

How to download Twitter GIFs or videos on iOS devices:

For iOS devices, using a third-party app is the most feasible option too to download GIFs from Twitter. A free app that you can try is again Circleboom. The app is specially dedicated to GIFs or videos and allows you to save GIFs or videos from Twitter as well as convert videos from camera roll to GIFs. In short, the app is pretty useful for regular GIF users as weel.

The process to download GIFs or videos is the same. Copy the link from Twitter by clicking on “Copy link to tweet” and paste it on the app to save GIF files.

  1. Log-in to your Circleboom account from your iPhone or Android phone and click Twitter video downloader under the “Publish” tool menu.

2. Copy the Twitter video link from your iPhone or Android phone.

3. Paste the Twitter video link onto search field and hit the button to download Twitter video on your iPhone or android phone

4. Find the Twitter video size you want to download to your phone

5. Long touch on the download link on your phone and select download linked file. You can find the downloaded Twitter video in your phone files app once downloded.

With Circleboom Twitter Video Downloader, you can download any public video files from the other major social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

How to download Twitter GIFs on browsers:

To save Twitter GIFs from the Twitter desktop app to your browsers, you need to use sites that allow you to download GIFs. A good site that you can safely try is Circleboom. The website provides a hassle-free process to save Twitter GIFs. Here are the steps to do so:

By following these simple steps, you can easily download any number of GIFs from Twitter to your computer or device.

Final Words:

The process to download GIF or videos is the same on every device. You just need to spend some time finding the right app based on your device, location, and requirement. Once you do so, downloading GIFs and videos from Twitter should be an easy task for you.

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