How to determine your “Best Time to Post” on Twitter!

16 min readSep 20, 2023
How to determine your “Best Time to Post” on Twitter!

Many other tools or digital marketing experts can provide general best times, as it is based on generic user stats. But only Circleboom users can access their own personalized, user-specific best times based on their followers’ exact activity analyzed hour by hour!

In the chaotic world of social media, timing is your secret weapon. And Circleboom doesn’t just understand this; it masters it. Picture this: every single one of your followers meticulously analyzed, their tweets scrutinized hour by hour. We delve into the depths of their Twitter activity, decoding when they hit that heart button or share with a retweet.

We harness this wealth of data to craft a personalized best time to tweet that’s tailored exclusively for you. No guesswork. No assumptions. Just pure precision. When you tweet, it won’t be a shot in the dark. It will be a strategic move, precisely timed to capture attention, ignite conversations, and amplify your impact.

In this article, we will understand how to determine the best time to post on Twitter to get maximum engagement. And we will also talk about how Circleboom helps you find your own best time to Tweet.”

“Your Own” Best Time to Post on Twitter with Circleboom

Timing your tweets to perfection is an art. It’s not just about when you want to share content; it’s about when your audience is most receptive. With Circleboom’s “Best Time to Tweet” you no longer have to guess. We understand the power of personalized data, which is why our tool dives deep into your Twitter followers’ activity patterns.

Circleboom harnesses the power of user-specific data gathered directly from Twitter servers. We analyze your followers’ online behavior, tracking the exact moments when they are most active. Our advanced algorithms identify the hours your followers tweet, interact with others, like or retweet, and stay online. This information forms the foundation of your personalized posting strategy.

We check each of your followers, analyze all their tweets, learn when they are shared, and also when they interact with others by liking or retweeting. All these personalized data are the real sources of your user-specific best time to post on Twitter provided by Circleboom!


Circleboom is currently the only tool available to provide you with “your own” best time to post on Twitter based on your followers’ activities.

What’s the difference? Why “my own” best times?

On social media, there’s a common misconception that one-size-fits-all solutions work wonders. But what if I told you that your Twitter game could transcend the generic and become uniquely yours? Welcome to the era of “My Own Best Times”, a chapter where your online presence meets personalized perfection.

The Circleboom Difference:

While other tools settle for broad strokes, we at Circleboom believe in the power of the individual. Imagine a tool that doesn’t just glance at geographical and demographic trends but delves into the very core of your Twitter universe. Circleboom meticulously dissects all your followers’ tweets, likes, retweets, and engagements, one by one. This isn’t just about big examples but about you, your followers, your unique interactions, and your time zone.

Your Twitter, Your Rules:

Ever wondered why your tweets sometimes vanish into the void while others soar high? It’s all about timing, but not just any timing — your timing. Circleboom deciphers the nuances of your followers’ behavior, ensuring your tweets hit the right screens at the right moments. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you tweet about, our user-specific analysis ensures your tweets find their audience, loud and clear.

Example: Unveiling the Night Owls’ Advantage:

Let’s say your followers are night owls, scrolling through Twitter’s tapestry during the silent hours. While other tools might overlook this nocturnal engagement, Circleboom embraces it. If your audience is most active and interactive at night, your personalized best times to tweet become the very hours when others sleep. Imagine the impact of your tweets resonating through the quiet of the night, capturing the attention of your engaged audience.

Seize Your Twitter Destiny:

It’s time to break free from the shackles of generic advice and step into the realm of personalization. Embrace the chapter of “My Own Best Times”, where your tweets aren’t just posts; they are strategic masterpieces. With Circleboom, you don’t follow trends; you create them.

Why should you find the “Best Time to Post” on Twitter?

Here is what to take from what is explained so far: finding or creating quality content is not enough by itself if it is not posted at the perfect time to get the highest engagement possible.

Even though your tweet has the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, it may go unnoticed without proper timing. Because a successful tweet follows such a cycle:

be viewed -> get engagement -> appear on the timelines of more users -> get more views -> get more engagements -> repeat.

And if you don’t make it through the first step and get enough engagement, the cycle of that tweet ends even before it begins.


It is always nice to know the Twitter peak hours and increase Twitter engagement by posting during them. Let’s dive a little deeper into it.

Best Time to Post on Twitter: Twitter Peak Hours

As explained in detail above, sending out your post on Twitter during peak Twitter hours will increase your Twitter engagements and Twitter impressions even more.

Luckily, Circleboom has access to anonymous user data from thousands of customers in line with our privacy policy to keep you safe. This big data allows us to provide valuable insights into posting trends and engagement metrics of Twitter users.

So what are Twitter’s peak hours? The most and the least popular times to post on Twitter can be summarized in the chart below.

Best time to post on Twitter

On top of a weekly chart, let us also provide you Circleboom’s insights for every single day of the week in detail.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Monday

The best time to post on Twitter on Monday is 13.00–15.00 and 18.00–21.00.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Monday

Is it always the Monday syndrome with you too? It isn’t for some people it seems, but they may also be overcoming it via Tweeting. But long live the lunch break as it refreshes people for the afternoon, and good to connect back with your audience after work!

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Tuesday

The best time to post on Twitter on Tuesday is 9.00–10.00, 13.00–15.00 and 18.00–21.30.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Tuesday

You definitely need a post for Tuesday morning! The lunch and after work times keep its popularity too.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Wednesday

The best time to post on Twitter on Wednesday is 12.00–15.00 and 18.00–21.30.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Wednesday

Not much again in the morning, but better than nothing. Lunch breaks intensify, though. You might want to keep an eye on that on Wednesdays.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Thursday

The best time to post on Twitter on Thursday is 11.30–15.30 and 18.00–23.59.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Thursday

It’s almost always late nights with Thursday. People must be getting excited before the last workday of the week.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Friday

The best time to post on Twitter on Friday is 14.00–16.00 and 18.00–21.00.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Friday

You might want to take your shot sometime on a Friday morning, but the afternoon and early evening seem better.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Saturday

The best time to post on Twitter on Saturday is 11.00–12.00 and 20.00–22.00.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Saturday

Late start to the day, but definitely some moves before midday and in the evening. The rest seems to be a bit fractured. Posts during any time of the day won’t go unnoticed.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Sunday

The best time to post on Twitter on Sunday ranges between 11.00 and 23.59.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Sunday

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon like Freddie? Just post something on Twitter. There’s a good chance that it’ll get some engagements, though the timeline is not as busy as the weekdays.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Weekdays

The best days to post on Twitter are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The best times to post on Twitter on weekdays are 12.00–15.00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Weekdays

However, we can say that early afternoon and evening hours are generally good times to post on weekdays.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Weekends

The best time to post on Twitter on weekends is 11.00–12.00 on Saturday.

Best Time to Post on Twitter on Weekends

The second half of the day on Sundays might also work well, but Saturdays definitely attract more attention.

Besides the global averages, your account has its own best times when you want to post on Twitter, depending on the interests and many other variables of your follower base. That’s where Circleboom’s Twitter tool steps in to help you determine the best time to post on Twitter, tailored to your account.

How Can I See My Own Best Time to Post on Twitter with Circleboom?

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to use this feature of Circleboom:

Step #1: Go to Circleboom Twitter and log in

Don’t have a Circleboom account yet? Easily register and get yours in no time!

Twitter management tool

Step #2: Connect your account

Authorize Circleboom’s Twitter tool to access your account. Then your Twitter account will be connected to the Circleboom dashboard automatically.

Connect with Twitter

Step #3: Find “Best Time to Tweet”

While on the dashboard, navigate to the User Analytics tab on the left. Then click on the “Best Time to Tweet” button to see your tailormade results for when is the best time to post on Twitter.

“Best Time to Tweet”

Step #4: Check Your Best Times to Post on Twitter

You will be able to see The Best Time to Tweet Graph in seconds. Larger circles indicate that your posts may receive more engagement. You can also download your best time-to-tweet graphs in PNG, JPG, or PDF formats!

You now know the best time to post on Twitter, and you can redesign your strategy in line with this. Let’s take another step and talk about how knowing your own best time to post on Twitter can help you manage your accounts to drive better results.

Utilize your personalized best time to tweet with Circleboom

You know how to access your “best time to tweet” on Circleboom. But, do you know how to use it and take advantage of it!

Circleboom is your assistant again!

Now, I checked my personalized best hours to post on Twitter through Circleboom.

Personalized hour and day chart

They are the best hours that I can maximize my impressions and engagement based on Circleboom’s user-specific data:

  • Wednesday, 1 am, 2 am
  • Thursday 2 am, 4 am
  • Saturday 10 pm, 11 pm

After having this information, I go to Circleboom Publish which is the most comprehensive social media multi-accounts management, scheduling and automation tool that supports Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

The queue scheduling feature on Circleboom Publish enables us to set time intervals and auto-share your content at these hours.

I will set my queue calendar with the above-mentioned best hours of my user-specific best hours provided by Circleboom.

Queue scheduling

I will queue my tweets at my best times to post on Twitter. I added all 6 hours which are the best chances to get more views, likes, etc. for my content on the platform.

Now, my Twitter profile connected to Circleboom will automatically share my new tweets at these set hours when I create them.

You can also use Circleboom’s Twitter Scheduler to plan your tweets for the future. You can prepare your content and set it to be sent when it is needed or when is best!

You can also schedule Twitter threads on Circleboom.

Twitter Scheduler

Circleboom Twitter Scheduler

Plan, design, share, schedule, and automate your tweets for your multiple accounts in one dashboard!


Not only when but also what is an important question! If it is challenging to find what to post on Twitter. try Circleboom’s AI Tweet Generator!

Thanks to ChatGPT integration, you can easily auto-generate your future tweets and schedule them for the best times to post!

You can follow these steps to take advantage of OpenAI on Circleboom and generate tweets:

Step#1: Log into Circleboom Publish with your account.

If you don’t already have a Circleboom account, you can get one in seconds for free!

Circleboom Publish

Step#2: If this is your first time using Circleboom Publish, you will see several options for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

Select Twitter and connect your account(s). You can add multiple accounts from each platform.

Multiple platforms in one place

Step#3: You should click on the “Create New Post” button to create tweets. As you see, there are specific post options for each platform. You can choose Twitter Specific & Threads, too.

You’ll proceed to account selection.

Create New Post

Step#4: Social media image generator on Circleboom has 4 options: Canva, Unsplash, Giphy, and Google Photos. You can also upload your own files to send them directly.

Canva is where you can curate and design images as you wish. You can apply ready-made templates, filters, effects, and other kinds of elements to edit your image.

Canva dashboard

Also, you can use Unsplash to find auto-generated, high-quality images to share on your Twitter accounts.


Giphy is where you can generate high-quality GIF images for your auto-generated tweets.


Step#5: Next station is the social media text generator. Thanks to OpenAI integration, you can create auto-generated social media descriptions, captions, texts, and all kinds of texts enriched by AI-generated hashtags, emojis, and other extras like grammar checks or translations.


You can define the style of your words, warmth, etc., on Circleboom Publish.

AI Suggestions style

And, you can enrich your auto-generated tweets with extras.

AI Suggestions Extra

Step#6: You can also use Circleboom Publish’s native Twitter hashtag generator to find, create, and save relevant and popular hashtag groups for your auto-generated tweets.

Twitter Hashtag Generator

Step#7: Once you generate your tweets, you can share them immediately, Or you can schedule them for the future.

Also, you can set time intervals and automate your tweets.

Schedule tweets for the best times

Strategize Your Own Best Time to Post on Twitter with Circleboom

With all being said, let’s solidify them with different account examples all having different niches:

1- Local Restaurant in NYC:

  • Number of followers: 1,000
  • Follower base: Local foodies mostly enjoying occasional dinners outside & white-collar workers who go out to eat their lunches — all in NYC
  • Possible best time to post on Twitter: Before lunch times on weekdays, after work on Friday before the weekend hits, and around noon during weekends for dinner plans

2- Corporate Brand in the IT Industry:

  • Number of followers: 30,000
  • Follower base: Tech savvies and IT professionals in India
  • Possible best time to post on Twitter: Company updates in the mornings and interesting/engaging content during lunch times of professionals, both on weekdays

3- Fitness Influencer:

  • Number of followers: 200,000
  • Follower base: Fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers worldwide*
  • Possible best time to post on Twitter: Early mornings for workout motivation on weekdays, in the afternoon on Sundays to set the tone for the upcoming week


*If your account has followers from all around the world, it becomes even more critical to know your own best time and the interests of your followers to decide on your strategy, as some of your users might be at different local times.

Every single one of these accounts has its own niche audience. So their best time to post on Twitter is different from each other. They are all bound by the behavior and interests of their followers more than location, language, or demographics. These are only a few examples, but the case of your account is no different.

But they all have some things in common too, which are their following needs:

  • Using a social media post scheduling tool to utilize the best times to post on Twitter without missing a single spot.
  • Understanding the audience (followers in this case) in a more detailed fashion to address their interests.
  • Creating and posting appealing content in line with what the audience wants to see to drive engagement.

You’ve seen what Circleboom’s Twitter Tool can do so far. You can click on the button below if you’d like to get more details.

Learn More About Circleboom Twitter

Understanding Your Audience: Why Simply Knowing the Best Time to Tweet Isn’t Enough

Posting at the right times only gets you more impressions and increases your viewability. But you still need to be posting relevant content for your audience in order to get more likes and retweets, or in other words, increase your engagements. Remember the cycle? More engagements will bring you more and more visibility, and hopefully followers too!

Good thing that Circleboom’s Twitter tool also allows for Twitter interest targeting. Simply check the interest clouds of your followers and friends and see the increase in your Twitter engagement rates with your own eyes!

Circleboom lets you see the interests of your audiences in a cloud format.

Circleboom also analyzes the contents of Tweets, bios of the users, and the other accounts they follow; just like it does while giving you the best time to post on Twitter. This is how the interest clouds are formed.

The larger a topic, keyword, or hashtag is displayed in the cloud, the more your followers talk about and are interested in them. You may stumble upon many different interests that you’ve never thought about before, and it can give you many new topic ideas to tweet about.

So far, you found the best times, arranged your posting calendar, and generated new and more relevant ideas. Now it’s time for your content. Let Circleboom help you with that too, as it might get overwhelming over time to keep posting original content. Even if it doesn’t, there will always be room for improvement to strive for the better.

If you know your Twitter audience closer, you can be more sure when creating your content. For example, you can conduct a Twitter audit through Circleboom and find out who is fake, and inactive and who is not. This is key information to design or reshape your Twitter strategy.

You can apply various filters to your Twitter audience and get every detail about them:

Advanced filters

After all is done, you can use the Twitter user analytics feature of Circleboom’s Twitter tool to determine which tweets give the best results and how your followers are going along with your Tweets.

We hope all these help you increase your Twitter engagements and impressions, making getting Twitter followers easier. Remember, your account is unique, and so is its best time to post on Twitter.

How “Twitter Algorithm” works in 2024

Twitter’s recommendation algorithm, which is responsible for showing users the most relevant and engaging Tweets in their “For You” timeline, works in three stages.

How “Twitter Algorithm” works in 2024

1. Candidate Sourcing

This stage identifies potential Tweets to show to a user. Twitter uses various signals to do this, including the user’s followers, interests, and recent activity.

2. Ranking

This stage determines the order in which the Tweets are displayed. Twitter uses a variety of factors to rank Tweets, including the Tweet’s content, the user’s engagement with the Tweet, and the Tweet’s popularity.

3. Heuristics and Filters

This stage applies a set of rules to the ranked Tweets to remove any that are inappropriate or irrelevant.

Plus, like other social platforms, the older a post gets, the less relevant it becomes on Twitter, and as a result, it is shown less often to other users over time.

If you’d like to look deeper into how the in-network source, the out-of-network source, and the heuristics work, you can read more about Twitter’s recommendation algorithm. And you can even check the source codes of the algorithm if you’re interested.

Final Words

Timing is a crucial aspect of social media management because you can maximize your impressions and engagement by just knowing the best time to post!

Twitter is a social channel where posting at the best time can make a big difference. With Circleboom’s amazing “Best Time to Post” feature, you can find your special best times to post on Twitter. We analyze all the activities of your friends and followers and provide a nice-looking graph showing your best times to post on Twitter.

There are more on Circleboom! You can take advantage of amazing tools and features at affordable prices.

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