How to create a viral LinkedIn post: Everything you need to know

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What does it mean to go viral on LinkedIn?

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How does the LinkedIn algorithm work?

  • DON’T use bad grammar
  • DON’T stuff your post with links, hashtags, and tags
  • DON’T post too much
  • DO check your grammar
  • DO post at the best times (We’ll get to that in more detail later)
  • DO pay attention to formatting

Tips and Tricks for going viral on LinkedIn

#1 Optimize your profile

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  • Choose a LinkedIn-friendly profile picture
  • Make sure to add a background photo
  • Add a catchy headline
  • Turn your bio into your story, authenticity matters

#2 Grow your connections

#3 Join engagement pods

#4 Choose a killer topic

  • What are some hot topics on LinkedIn?
  • What topics are relevant in your industry?
  • What is your target audience interested in?

#5 Include a story (Make it personal)

  • Talk about a professional challenge you’ve faced. What lessons did you learn from it? Try to make your content inspirational.
  • Talk about a personal accomplishment. Tell a success story. Again, the key here is to make the post inspirational.
  • Be authentic
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be honest
  • Don’t be afraid to share your hot takes and opinions.
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#6 First impressions matter

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  • Ask a question to your audience
  • Start with a big, bold claim
  • Tell a joke
  • Share a quote
  • Start with a cliffhanger

#7 Make your post reader-friendly

  • DO use white space
  • DO use short paragraphs
  • DO write short sentences
  • DO use simple, easy-to-understand words
  • DO use lists and bullet points
  • DON’T write long paragraphs
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#8 Design your post with Circleboom Publish

Circleboom offers many options.
You can also upload your domestic file to post on LinkedIn.
Circleboom provides ready-made templates for social media.
You don’t need to memorize size requirements on Circleboom.

#9 Post at the best times

  • Posting on Thursdays works well
  • Between Tuesdays and Thursdays is another option well worth considering
  • Morning, lunchtime, or early evening times are optimal
  • Between 10 am and 11 am on Tuesdays works too
Post and schedule your LinkedIn posts on Circleboom Publish.
You can post directly or schedule LinkedIn posts. Or, you can set time intervals and publish your posts automatically.

#10 End your post with a question and a call to action

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#11 Reply to comments

#12 Share a link in the first comment

#13 Use relevant hashtags

Wrapping up



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