How to auto post to Google Business Profile: Simplified!

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Are you looking for a way to auto-post to Google Business Profile and boost your online impressions and engagements?

Many social media platforms have introduced a new status of accounts allowing businesses exist on their social media channels as professional profiles. In this way, companies could benefit from several features that can boost their performance both in the digital area and in general.

Google also has integrated businesses into its search engine. Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, gives the companies a space to exist on Google. Your brand’s photographs, information, location, services, products, etc., can be shown through this business profile.

Imagine how this free feature can assist the accomplishment of your business! Do not miss the advantages of using one of the most popular platforms on the Internet.

Your business can be found on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. If you don’t know how to add your business to Google, you can read our detailed guide here:

What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?

As mentioned above, having a Google Business Profile is a remarkably advantageous situation for your company.

Specifically, if you care about the appearance of your business on the map and want people to visit your business physically, you should pay attention. Nonetheless, it is not a necessary situation for your business to have a physical location.

Google Business posts also help SEO. You can use a proper strategy to rank your business higher in the search results. For more details, please check our article:

Brand awareness

Companies need to be known and reachable by everybody. Social media channels are instrumental in raising brand awareness and visibility. Google Business Profile is one of these platforms your brand can grow its name and increase its accessibility.

Google Business Profile makes the process of interaction with people easier and encourages the reviewers’ actions. It gives a space where significant information about your business can be shown. For instance, the people who search for your brand can see the phone number or open hours of your business.

The location of and directions to your business can be found very easily via Google Business Profile. Other than the map feature, you can upload photographs of your business.

Moreover, events and news about your company can be popularized on this platform.

Free arrangement

Google Business Profile does not require a payment for the services it facilitates.

Whether your company is a newcomer or a settled one, you can use this platform freely. Therefore, you have the same opportunities as your peer businesses. There is no such thing that those who pay more will get more effective tools.

Since Google Business Profile is free for all companies, having an account becomes almost a must and an essential digital tool. If everybody uses it, you would not want your business to miss out on some features of Google Business Profile.

Visibility on Google

Google has a vast browsing capacity. It owns more than %92 of the search engine market share.

People can be easily aware of the products or services of your business when your company is more visible on Google. Contrarily, it is a significant advantage to appear in a popular rank on Google and its other platforms. You would not want your brand’s name to fall behind this enormous data pool.

Google Business Profile can remarkably boost the ranking of your business’ search results on Google.

First impressions really matter. That’s why your Google Business logos are so important. If you need a hand to design your GMB logo, first you need to know what are the best tips for an efficient Google Business logo. You can find out in our detailed guide here:


Your Google Business Profile can provide data on the relationship between your company and your clients.

In other words, you can gain insights into how people reach your business and how they approach your products and services. Therefore, this feature would help your business design and build marketing strategies.

You can see the figures showing whether people find your brand by directly browsing, searching for the products or services, or looking for a company relevant to your business.

In addition to the data on the ways that people find your business, you can get the information on where they see your brand. There are two places your business can appear: one is in the listing on Google Search, and the other is in the listing on Google Maps.

Lastly, there is information related to people’s engagement with your business via your Google Business Profile. You can evaluate the customer actions such as calling your business, landing on your brand’s website, and messaging your business. Moreover, if you upload photographs of your business, which is suggested as a good marketing strategy, you can access the figures on the photo views.

Thus, Google Business Profile can shed light on how people get in touch with your business. And, this communication is two-sided. Reviews are the best shots you can receive from your customers. Bad ones can really hurt you but good ones help you prosper. So, it is really vital to get positive Google Business reviews.

The ways to post on Google Business Profile

You can post on your Google Business Profile both manually and automatically. The latter would be an efficient way to use social media and the Internet for your business.

Nevertheless, you may want to post content without an external social media management tool. You can follow the steps below.

Step #1: Log into your Google Business account.

Navigate your profile.

You can log into your Google Business Profile.

Step #2: Find and click on the “create post”.

Or, you can select the “posts” section in the sidebar that is on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

There are two options to navigate post creation. You can click on either “posts” or “create post”.

Step #3: A section to create a post will come to the screen.

You can design your content by adding videos, photographs, and texts to your post.

You can design your post by filling the relevant parts.

Step #4: After you finish preparing your post, you can preview it.

When you think it is ready to go, click on “publish” at the bottom of the section.

After you finish post creation you can click on publish.

Posting in an automated way

It would be gainful to have business profiles on various social media platforms as a business. In such cases, taking care of multiple social media accounts on different channels is not quite an easy job. Therefore, utilizing social media management tools is necessarily practical.

Circleboom’s one of the social media management products that can work very well for your professional purposes. Circleboom Publish has a tool for the management of Google Business Profile. You can automatically post content to your Google Business Profile via the scheduling tool of Circleboom Publish.

You can follow the steps that are explained below.

Step #1: Navigate the website of Circleboom.

Click on the “Circleboom | Publish” under the “Get started / Login” part.

Circleboom Publish login
Circleboom Publish login

Step #2: Log in to your Circleboom Publish account.

Enter your email address and password. Then, click on Login.

You can enter your information to log in.

Step #3: After you match your Google Business account with your Circleboom Publish account, you can begin to create posts. You can connect and manage your multiple Google Business Profile accounts in one dashboard.

Find and click on the “Create new post” or “Create Google Business Specific Post” buttons to proceed.

Create Google My Business posts.
Google Business Profile post creator

Step #4: You will arrive at the page where you create posts to publish on social media accounts. Click on the box under “select account”. Then, choose the account(s) that you want to post content to.

In this case, you can select your Google Business account and click on “Done”.

Post to multiple GMB accounts.
Select your Google My Business accounts.

Step#5: You can use built-in extensions: Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy to curate and create content with ready-made Google Business post templates.

Use ready-to-use social media post templates on Circleboom Publish.
On Circleboom, take advantage of ready-made social media post templates.

Design your GMB content on the Canva dashboard with various templates, photos, filters, effects, animations, fonts, and other kinds of materials.

Google My Business post design.
Design your Google Business Profile posts.

You can also create Google Business Profile ‘Event’ and ‘Offer’ posts. You can add CTA buttons and additional information like ‘coupon code’.

Auto-post to Google Business Profile.
Google Business Profile Specific posts.

Step #6: You can create your post to publish automatically on your Google Business Profile.

When the content is ready to be published, you can select the ways of posting. You can either choose “Add to my Queue”, “Schedule it”, or “Post”.

Google My Business scheduler, Google My Business auto-poster.
You can publish your Google posts directly or schedule them for a later time.

The queue scheduling feature allows users to set time intervals and share their posts automatically. This way, you can target different time zones and keep posting even while you are sleeping.

Google Business Profile auto-poster.
Set your intervals and automate Google Business posts.

Step#7: Another way of posting automatically to Google Business Profile is by connecting RSS Feeds to your accounts on Circleboom.

You can link multiple RSS Feeds to Google Business accounts and auto-post to them at adjusted intervals. You can automatically post from Blogger, WordPress, etc. to Google My Business accounts.

Automate your Google My Business posts.
Connect RSS Feeds to your Google Business accounts.

You can also use the ‘Discover Articles’ feature to curate related and elegant articles for your interests from globally reputable magazines and journals and share them with your audience automatically on Google Business Profile.

Curate articles on Circleboom
“Discover Articles”

You can get help from the video instruction below.

How to be good at using Google Business Profile?

To know how Google Business Profile works would bring effective results for your company. Google looks at mainly three factors when it evaluates local browsing ranking.

Relatedness: It is about to what extent the search meets with the business.

Radius: It is about the distance between the location of your business and the searcher.

Popularity: It is about the prominence of your company, which is constituted by the engagements of the people, SEO, links, reviews, etc.

You need to enter so much information about your business that Google can accurately match them with the people’s search. This would grow the visits to your business.

Do not forget to verify your location to be seen on Google Maps!

Uploading photographs would attract people who search on Google. Even you can go one step further by showcasing your business’ products on your Google Business Profile. These may seem like little actions, but they influence your business’ performance related to relevance, radius, and popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best image size and dimensions for Google My Business posts?

For Google My Business posts;

Minimum resolution: 250 px. x 250 px.

Recommended resolution: 720 px. x 720 px.

Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.

How often should I post on Google My Business?

It is recommended that at least 1 post every day. You can post up to 3 posts in a day. More could be harmful to your Google My Business accounts.

What is Google My Business marketing service?

It is a Google My Business strategy optimization consisting of SEO and post design and scheduling for marketing purposes. Businesses can boost their online impressions and engagements with proper Google My Business management services.

To sum up

Google Business Profile is one of the channels from which your business can operate digital marketing. Its features are free to utilize. Therefore, it would be a rational decision to exist in the listings on Google Search and Google Maps.

Management of Google Business Profile is only one effort for a strategy on the Internet among many. Therefore, you may need to use a management tool that will do most of the job for you. Circleboom Publish offers such tools to schedule posts and put them into the queue to be published for a later time. As a result, you can save time and energy for other works related to your business.

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