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It’s could be frustrating at times to see that despite your efforts, your competitor’s Twitter account has far many followers and engagement. You might often wonder about the tactics that your competitor is using to grow their Twitter account by manifolds while you’re stuck at the same growth rate.

While you can’t replicate your competitor’s social media strategies, you can definitely learn from them. You can use some of the methods they use to grow your Twitter account too. Knowing who are their friends and influencers can help you pick your social circle wisely.

In this article, we will look at some of the easy tactics that you can use to analyze your competitor’s Twitter account:

Follow them to Analyze their Tweets:

Follow your competitor’s Twitter account from a new account to just monitor their tweets. It’s crucial for you to focus on the following elements:

  • How often are they tweeting?
  • Are they tweeting at specific times? If yes, can you chart the times they are tweeting most at?
  • Content shared: are they sharing more video posts or images or gifs or texts?
  • Do they share interactive tweets like questions or polls? If yes, how often?
  • Are their tweets more funny or informative or engaging?

Learning the nature of their tweets and their frequency can help you get a good comparison of what’s missing. Maybe you’re posting too much or too little, or maybe your content is less interesting.

Check their Friends and Followers:

Are you curious about your competitor’s Twitter friends? Who are the people who they follow and are followed back? They could be friends with some accomplished influencers and celebrities that you would want to know.

You can spy at your competitor’s friends and followers with Circleboom. Circleboom’s Account Search tool can help you type any Twitter handle and get the list of their Twitter friends.

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Once you have their list of friends, you can choose to visit their accounts and follow them. Circleboom’s smart search will already remove those results that you already follow to reduce redundancy and save time.

The feature is quite useful to sort your competitor’s Twitter friends by friends-followers numbers, tweets and add them to your own Twitter lists. You can create Twitter lists directly from the Circleboom dashboard.

Learn their Twitter Strategies:

There are certain features that are unique to Twitter that your competitor might be using to grow their Twitter account. You should keep an eye on some of these common yet effective Twitter methods:

  • Twitter chat: You can look at your competitor’s tweets to know if they are hosting Twitter chats. If they do, you should also look at the topics they host Twitter chats on and how popular their Twitter chats are.
  • Hashtags: Twitter hashtags are crucial in getting your tweets discovered. If you can make a list of all the hashtags that your competitors commonly use, you will find it very useful.
  • Twitter Ads: If you follow similar accounts and tweets like your competitor, chances are you would be targeted for their Twitter ads. You should analyze their ads if you want to create your own Twitter ads too.

Final Words:

Listed above are some of the easiest ways to spy on your competitor without spending a lot of time. If you like these tips, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share your spying tips too!

Originally published at on December 22, 2019.

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