How do Google My Business Posts help SEO? Explained in detail!

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With an optimized Google My Business profile, you can get your company free exposure on Google’s search engine.

What is Google My Business optimization?

Google’s Knowledge Graph uses verified Google Business Profile information.
Verified Google Business Profile information is also used in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

How do I use Google My Business for SEO?

You need to verify your Google Business presence.
You can verify GMB without the postcard option.
  • Fill out all of the fields on your Google My Business account.
  • Be specific with your contact details.
  • Select the primary and secondary categories of your business.
  • Identify the attributes that apply to your business.
  • Create a detailed “from the business” description.
  • Upload photos of your business. (Keep in mind that you should upload photos consistently).
  • Respond to questions.
  • Gather and respond to Google reviews. (If you want to learn how to collect positive reviews, make sure that you check our blog “5 Tips to get positive Google My Business reviews.”
  • Add your products and services.
  • Enable messaging.
  • Update your Business Profile if something changes.
  • Publish GMB posts.
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Google My Business optimization is the key to an excellent SEO.

Are Google My Business posts important?

google my business seo optimization google my business seo tips
GMB posts are one of the keys to a good SEO by increasing the contextual authority of a GMB listing.

Do Google My Business posts expire?

Does posting on Google My Business Help SEO?

  • Google My Business posts are the most visible indication you can give to Google that your company is open and willing to engage with people.
  • Through your Google My Business profile, you can direct visitors to specific landing pages on your website. You can also encourage your customers to interact with your company through questions and reviews. These will improve your website’s ranking.
  • You have the chance to collect user information by linking your Google My Business posts to forms. Getting people back to your website via a blog or newsletter will improve your SEO.
  • Since a Google My Business listing is optimized for any mobile device, it will also boost your mobile SEO.

How do I use Google My Business posts for SEO?

Google My Business updates

What should I post on Google My Business?

  • Updates to COVID-19 or Hours: This is a new type of post that Google My Business has introduced to adapt systematic business adjustments during the pandemic.
  • Offers: You can think of this as a promotional post in which you can showcase deals and offers from your company.
  • Products: You may highlight certain products in a separate “Product tab” where users can browse images, specs, and other information about your goods and services.
  • What’s new: This section contains any generic information about your company, such as images, videos, descriptions, or the announcement of new services.
  • Events: With this post category, you may share forthcoming events that your company is organizing or taking part in. Titles, start and end dates, and time information are required for all kinds of events.

How to schedule Google My Business posts?

Circleboom Publish’s Google Business post scheduler
You can publish directly or schedule your GMB posts for a later time.
Ready-made Google Business post templates
Use ready-made GMB post templates on Circleboom.
Google Business ‘Event’ and ‘Offer’ posts
Circleboom allows users to create GMB ‘Event’ or ‘Offer’ easily.
Choose a specific button and put the related URL to your GMB post on Circleboom.
Choose a specific button and put the related URL to your GMB post on Circleboom.
Circleboom Google My Business Scheduler, schedule gmb posts
Schedule your GMB posts for the future. It saves time and energy!

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