How can I get more followers with Twitter Analytics in 2021

Standing out and keeping growing on Twitter is a tricky business. If you couldn’t catch an excellent growth rate by engaging your target audience on Twitter for the efforts you’ve made, it can be demotivating to continue working overtime.
Twitter Analytics lets you have quite useful information on engaging and to increase our followers and our target audience. Understanding Twitter Analytics is also rewarding in the long run once you want to create content that resonates with your audience.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics offers a pack of detailed data about the Twitter account to get more followers. However, the Twitter Analytics service generally focuses on statistics of the Twitter account you own. Therefore, it does not provide you a detailed analysis of your friends, followers, and target audience on Twitter.

Tweet Impressions

Here, you will find a list of all your tweets and the number of views in the “Tweets” section. You will also see individual Tweet performances within the recent months or a 28-day rundown of cumulative experiences.

Tweet Engagement

Twitter Analytics gives you information about the interaction of your tweets. You can check each tweet’s engagement and see how the tweet’s likes/retweets/comments have.

You can also check the clicks per tweet and see your tweets’ direct impact on your engagement rate. Tweet engagement is a valuable metric given by Twitter that any Twitter user must review for full results that allow you to get more followers on Twitter.

Top Tweets

Here, the dashboard will show your top tweets and top media tweets every month by impressions performances in “View Tweet Activity”.
Having all your top tweets every month in the same location helps you blend learning to see what they have in common.

Twitter Analytics presents you the valuable information for Twitter account management. However, it does not provide a fully effective interface with adequate tools.

Circleboom User Analytics

Circleboom’s excellent Twitter User Analytics appears to fulfill the gap that you need to fulfill via gaining engagement and getting more followers on Twitter. With Twitter User Analytics of Circleboom, you can easily define and make strategies through;

Followers Growth

Via Follower Growth Graphs of Circleboom, you can quickly get your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly follower statistics. Every change in your follower number will be presented in a daily change graph

Detecting your follower growth statistic is crucial in real meaning to understand the dynamics behind tweets. Because, if your number of followers is not increasing as you expect, or if it is decreasing, there would be a vital problem behind your Twitter marketing strategy. So, it is much better to follow your growth statistics momentarily with up-to-date graphics of Circleboom.

Herein, Circleboom Growth Graphs keeps an eye on your account. It keeps track of followers every moment to help you track your followers and revise your Twitter strategy to get more followers on Twitter.

Friends & Followers Characteristics

Do you want to know how many of your followers are inactive, overactive, verified, and most importantly, human or fake?

Suppose you do not know your follower them through their activity. In that case, you need to have a detailed and up-to-date chart like Follower Characteristics for monitoring your follower insights every moment.

It is the chart that you need to have. The smart algorithm of Circleboom checks all your friends’ and followers’ activity on Twitter to give you reliable and up-to-date statistics.

According to the check results, Circleboom will pass you on, and you can unfollow inactive accounts. Thus, you will have a better follower/following ratio, which is vital for a successful Twitter account.

Don’t forget that a good follower/following ratio always attracts others, and you can get more followers eventually.

Gender Stats

Recent gender distribution on Twitter was studied as %70 male and %30 female by October 2020.

Twitter uses its gender statistics for years to personalized its advertisement based on Twitter users’ gender status. However, Twitter does not share that statistic on Twitter Analytics.

If you have gender statistics of your followers, you can define your Twitter marketing strategy according to that data. Thus, you can appeal to your target audience directly appealing tweets to their expectations shaped around their gender identity.

Interest Cloud

Interest Cloud is the best way to know who your friends and followers are and what they’re interested in.

Via the Circleboom Interest Cloud, you will learn the areas of interest of your followers. Thus, you can quickly produce pr or marketing strategies according to your target audience’s habits.

Interest Cloud provides you the information for how your followers think and tweets via collecting data through your followers’ bios and thousands, even millions of tweets, in an up-to-date, interactive graph.

Therefore, you can view each specific keywords being used by your target audience. the up-to-date data will also be provided to you in the form of a chart to understand the distribution easily.

Via Interest Cloud, you can closely monitor and track your followers’ habits and increase your tweet engagement. And don’t forget, more engagement lets you get more followers.

Language Stats

Knowing what language your followers are referring to will help you build more spot-on tweets based on that language. Considering your followers’ language will also help you find the posts and tweets you need to make.

Language stats is a valuable measure, particularly for multinationals and companies with global customers. Hence, you can organize your tweets’ language according to your audience’s language distribution that you can get quickly with Language Stats in Circleboom.

Consider that you have followers from many countries around the world. It is better to organize specific tweets in various languages for each group. Also, you should consider the time difference between countries. How? let continue with the Best Time to Tweet below.

Best Time to Tweet

Best Time to Tweet feature of Circleboom provides one of the most important methods to assess your Twitter success. Circleboom gives you the best time to tweet, so you know which days and times are best for sharing your tweets.

Best Time to Tweet will help you organize and arrange your tweets. You will see how frequently or irregularly you post your content and what needs to be changed.

Best Time to Tweet analyzes all your followers’ tweet sending times to detect the best time to tweet statistically. Posting your tweets at the right time means getting more engagement. More engagements mean getting more followers.

So, you can consider tweeting when your followers are online based on Best Time to Tweet Graph on your Circleboom dashboard. The graph can provide the chance to get better engagement.

Tweet Stats

Tweet Stats lets you follow your Twitter account’s tweet numbers and distribution by time on up-to-date graphs of Circleboom.

By Tweet Stats, You can quickly get your daily, weekly, monthly tweet statistics. So, you will have a chance to get better organized on your possible Twitter advertisement campaigns in the future.

It helps you to learn about your distribution of Tweets. It gets all displayed through smart charts you need to focus on to stay connected with your target audience and won’t lose them.

For a successful pr or marketing campaign, engagement is almost everything. So, you need to target the highest engagement rates per tweet. To get the highest engagements, you need to address your followers’ thoughts and interests.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a smartly designed and effective Twitter Management service, Circleboom would be an excellent pick for you. Circleboom provides you complete control in every aspect of your Twitter account.
Using Circleboom User Analytics on Twitter, you will find the best data to connect to your Twitter account. Analyzing your analytics will help you learn how to build your tweets and handle your followers. Through a wholly automated and easy to run interface of Circleboom, you can get more followers on Twitter with less effort and money.

Originally published at on December 22, 2020.



Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network