How can I change my account’s tweet count?

4 min readJan 19, 2021

Has your tweet number begun to be trouble for you? Do you often ask yourself, “how can I change the tweet count?”

The Twitter tweet count represents the total number of tweets sent by a Twitter account. Some of us may worry about our accounts’ tweet count, especially once they want to make a fresh beginning.

There is no way to hide a Twitter tweet count, but we can change the tweet counter by deleting tweets. Twitter does not let you access and delete beyond the most recent 3,200 tweets. So, on your Twitter Timeline, neither you can view nor delete your old tweets manually to change the tweet counter.

That’s why many people may come with questions like;

  • “How can I delete tweets and change the tweet count?”
  • “How can I fix tweet count?”
  • “Why my tweet count is wrong?

However, the solution is quite simple. To delete your tweets and change the tweet number if they are more than 3,200, you will need a Twitter Archive delete tool like Circleboom’s. How to then? Let’s follow the steps below:

How can I delete tweets and change the tweet count?

Before beginning, request your Twitter archive to change the Twitter tweet count on your Twitter dashboard. If you don’t know how to download the Twitter archive, here, you can find the instruction: “ How To Download My Twitter History Archive”.

Step #1: Authenticate your Twitter account to log in to Circleboom.

If you did not authenticate your account on Circleboom yet, you could do it within seconds.

Step #2: After you have logged in, find “My Tweets” from the left menu and “Delete Twitter Archive” on the drop-menu there.

Within seconds, you will find yourself at the Twitter Archive dashboard of Circleboom.

Step #3: On the interface, go for “Start here” and then upload your Twitter archive file here.

Hence, you will be provided your old tweets that keep your tweet number higher. Via deleting them in bulk or selectively, you can change your Twitter account’s tweet count.

In case, we suggest checking your tweets with the filtering facilities of Circleboom. Thus, you can delete your old tweets more accurately and keep your beloved tweets safe.

How to Filter your old tweets before deleting them

By selecting the “Start Date” and “End Date” you can check your tweets’ dates, delete tweets within a certain time to change the tweet number.

Delete all tweets by word

You can make a shortlist of tweets containing a particular hashtag, mentions, or any word. Thus, you can specifically delete them or, you can save the tweets that you don’t want to delete accidentally.

Delete all tweets by language

Fortunately, you can also delete all tweets considering their languages with Circleboom. To do that, you should choose the Language to filter tweets you delete specifically.

We provide a unique filter to delete your media tweets as well. By choosing “remove only media tweets”, you can get rid of your Twitter media in bulk to change the tweet count.

Note: For further information about Twitter’s policy on deleting tweets and change tweet count, you may want to take a check here.

Wrapping Up

Manually deleting tweets is really a long and tiring process that can cost plenty of effort and time. Circleboom lets you also delete your retweets and Twitter likes quickly within seconds.

Moreover, Circleboom guarantees you to have a highly secured Twitter service, unlike the other third-party Twitter applications that cannot provide anything for your account security.

The security of your information and privacy is quite important to us. Circleboom has put in place safeguards to provide a secure service for your account’s management.

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