Gain more Followers on Twitter with this Simple Trick!

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Even though there are 261 million Twitter accounts, gaining targeted followers on Twitter is not an easy process. When you begin your Twitter account, it’s important to get followers who would interact with your account.

There are several ways to improve your follower count. But, let’s be cautious here that gaining Twitter followers is different from buying Twitter followers. It is well suggested to avoid buying followers.

The main reason is that they do not contribute any value to your Twitter account. Secondly, the bought followers keep disappearing when Twitter decides to remove fake accounts.

So, what should you do to grow your Twitter account for real? I have a way that’s legit, easy to implement, and logical.

My simple trick is: The more relevant accounts you follow, the more accounts follow you back!

There could be a few reasons why you would be hesitant to do this process:

1. It’s a time consuming process to go on Twitter, search for profiles and follow them.

2. You need to follow accounts that are relevant to your niche and hence time required to analyze those accounts.

3. You will end up distorting your follower-following ratio, where you’re following way too many and they don’t follow back.

However, all the problems above can be solved very easily. And, you can grow your Twitter followers in a way that’s simple to follow.

Here’s how you can smartly follow many accounts on Twitter without any difficulty:

1. Go to Circleboom. Sign up with your Twitter account details.

2. Click on the Follow icon on the left and you will land on a screen that looks like this:

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3. Search for the famous Twitter accounts in your niche and look at their followers by typing their Twitter handle.

4. You can see the followers of that account along with their followers, their tweets, and friends. If you wish to follow only verified accounts, you can also select that option. If you wish to stay away from eggheads, you can select don’t show eggheads and not get their names in your list.

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5. Now you can follow these accounts directly from Circleboom. You can follow a hundreds of accounts within minutes with this feature.

Remember that every Twitter account is limited to a follow limit of 1000 per day. Also, once you have followed 5000 accounts, you cannot follow more accounts unless Twitter thinks you can.

This technical limit is important as it makes sure that Twitter doesn’t become a big follow-unfollow game. I am sure this method above is going to give you a great head start in growing your Twitter account. Just be sure to keep your strategy within limits and post engaging tweets. Because once you have followers, it’s necessary to post tweets that boosts your engagement.

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts on how this process worked for you and I would love to know your comments. Just drop your comments below and how Circleboom was effective in growing your Twitter account!


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