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As Twitter is a fast-paced network, research says that a user can send out an average of 12 tweets per day to boost engagement on their Twitter profile. Hence, it’s a must for every busy Twitter user to use a Twitter scheduler and schedule their tweets in advance. This will make sure that you do not miss out sending important tweets at the right times.

The Circleboom publish tool is the easiest Twitter scheduler that will make sending out tweets a fun task for you. With the Circleboom publish tool, you can queue interesting articles to your Twitter account, schedule video/gif/image/text posts, and integrate several RSS feeds for automatic posting.

Let’s explore the different aspects of the publish tool to make sure you can use it to its full capability and schedule your tweets quickly:

Schedule your Tweets with Photos and Videos:

The Circleboom publish tool allows you to add photos and videos to your scheduled tweets making your tweets engaging and improving your retweets. To schedule a tweet, you can simply select the date and time when scheduling your posts and the post will be sent out.

Add GIFs and Emoticons to your Scheduled Twitter Posts:

You can easily find a GIF in the publish tool when adding your scheduled posts. This feature is unique to Circleboom thus making scheduling tweets more fun. You can also select your emoticons by clicking on the emoticon icon on the right.

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Save your Interests and Share Articles Anytime:

Do you spend a lot of time searching for articles that you can share on your Twitter feed? Circleboom has solved this problem by curating thousands of articles in your selected interests and allowing you to queue them.

You can select your interests by either typing them or shortlisting from Circleboom’s list of interests. Further, you can create your queue defining the times and post intervals your articles can be shared on your Twitter feed. If you wish to edit the caption before sharing any of the queued articles, you can also do that with the publish tool.

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Learn more about sharing articles on Twitter here.

Add Multiple RSS Feeds to your Twitter Account:

Drive traffic to your webpage by adding your website’s RSS feed to your Circleboom account and publish articles to your Twitter automatically. You can customize how RSS tweets are shared by adding hashtags or setting post intervals while setting up your RSS feed. Circleboom allows you to integrate unlimited RSS feeds and posts if you sign up with their pro plan at $5.99 per month.

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Learn more about adding RSS feeds to your Circleboom account here.

Schedule Articles at the Best Times to Tweet:

The Circleboom analytics allows you to learn your best times to tweet, thus, making Twitter scheduling more fruitful for you. You can just check which days and which times your account gets maximum engagement and set your queue times accordingly. This can definitely help you in sending out tweets when it can reach maximum people.

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Learn more about Circleboom analytics here.


The perfect Twitter scheduler does exist, you just need to begin using it. You can start with Circleboom’s free plan to plan your tweets. To schedule unlimited tweets and queue up to 150 articles, you can also upgrade to the pro plan at $5.99 per month. Learn more about the pricing and features here.

If you have any questions scheduling your tweets with Circleboom, you can let us know in the comments below.

Originally published at on July 9, 2019.

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